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Balmoral is the recognized innovator within its field.

Balmoral is the acknowledged market leader for buoyancy, insulation and elastomer products including drilling and distributed riser buoyancy, thermal insulation, ROV/AUV buoyancy, elastomer cable protection, bend restrictors, stiffeners and riser protection guards.

Installers and operators are seeking to deploy the latest technology to achieve efficiencies throughout the life of a project. With almost 40 years’ industry experience Balmoral is strongly positioned to advise clients on their subsea challenges.

The company’s purpose-built production facilities, subsea test centre, R&D continuous improvement programme, highly experienced HSE, engineering and commercial departments all play their part in delivering safe and successful project execution time after time on a global basis.

Brands: Balmoral Buoyancy Flotation Risers Flowlines Duraguard Cable ROV Insulation Subsea Testing VIV LDV Low drag Bend restrictors stiffeners


  • Distributed buoyancy modules
    Flexible pipe and umbilicals require the use of buoyancy modules to reduce topside or tension loads to achieve particular configurations which include lazy, steep, pliant and W-wave....

  • BOE distributed buoyancy modules generally consist of an internal clamping system and syntactic foam buoyancy elements. The buoyancy elements are supplied in two halves incorporating a moulded internal recess that is configured to transfer the forces from the buoyancy to the clamp and subsequently the riser. This recess also accommodates bending of the riser during service. The internal clamping system is fixed to the pipe and the two half modules are fastened around the clamp.

    Accredited by Bureau Veritas (BV) to API 17L standards.

  • Duraguard™ cable & flowline protection system
    Balmoral’s adaptable cable and pipeline protection system, Duraguard, provides a highly cost effective dropped object and abrasion protection service....

  • With recent development work taking place across this product range Balmoral has devised new, leaner, manufacturing techniques which allows ‘standard’ Duraguard to be produced in a streamlined fashion making the product even better value for money.

    Balmoral Duraguard™

    • Adaptable to suit cable and pipeline tolerances
    • Promptly manufactured
    • Easily and quickly installed
    • Available in a range of standard sizes
    • High in performance, low in through-life costs
    • Field proven

    Where more specialised requirements are called for Balmoral provides ‘Engineered’ Duraguard which comes with project-specific documentation, process reporting and testing.

    The full range of impact and cable protection systems includes:

    • Balmoral Duraguard™
    • Engineered Duraguard™
    • DuraguardPlus™ Hinged modules with integrated banding system
    • Duraballast™ Filler materials are added for extra stability
    • Duramat™ 3x3m mats that are ROV and diver installable


    Impact absorption

    PU is a relatively resilient material which can absorb moderately heavy impact. Reinforced options are available for extreme environments.


    Protects risers and pipelines from abrasion/gouging at touchdown points, over rough seabeds, coral or rock.


    Duraguard provides added stiffness to support cable over the seabed and/or assist in laying operations.


    Standard PU is practically neutrally buoyant in seawater. However, hollow microspheres can be added to reduce density and provide uplift ranging typically from 650-800kg/m3.

    Thermal insulation

    Lab tests have shown a significant increase in thermal insulation performance when Duraguard is fitted.


    For projects which demand cable protection with added ballast, Duraballast provides much more than straightforward abrasion and impact resistance.

    Heavy filler materials are added to the Duraguard mix to increase density and overall weight. The ballast provided gives extra on-bottom stability while the added mass improves dynamic response thus reducing the risk of clashing.

    Densities ranging from 2300-8000kg/m3 can be achieved with the Duraballast system.

  • Balmoral boltless bend restrictor*
    Bolted performance: Boltless simplicity...

  • Balmoral has extended its bend restrictor range to include a genuinely boltless restrictor.

    This innovation allows fitting times to be slashed, offering huge savings in offshore installation costs. Existing products claim to be boltless but, in reality, none of them actually are. These restrictors retain industry leading performance while offering significantly reduced installation times and costs.

    • Rapid installation means huge offshore savings
    • Revolutionary boltless interlocking system
    • Excellent temperature resistance
    • Materials and design API 17L 1&2 compliant
    • Mercury and MOCA free materials, REACH compliant

    *Patent pending

  • Balmoral Subsea Insulation
    Balmoral offers a proprietary elastomer-based product thermal insulation range of products comprising both unfilled silicone and elastomer systems....

  • Balmoral Subsea Insulation’s field application units (FAU) are effectively containerised ‘factory in a box’ solutions designed for global deployment.

    The FAU’s are fully autonomous with a minimum reliance on yard support for onshore, site-based coatings. They are equipped to apply Balmoral Elastotherm systems to meet and exceed client insulation and flow assurance requirements.

    Balmoral Subsea Insulation offers systems suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

    • Excessive depth/hydrostatic pressure, eg, >250msw for polymer syntactic polyurethane
    • High service temperature, eg, >105°C for polymer syntactic polyurethane
    • Hot/wet conditions, eg, >65°C for polymer syntactic polyurethane
    • Where constant insulation properties are required through service life
    • Where in-service fatigue or high coating strains during installation are anticipated.

    Balmoral insulation systems are suitable as ‘wet’ insulation on ‘Christmas trees’, doghouses, manifolds, jumpers, spool pieces and also in modular systems such as connectors and flange covers.

  • Balmoral bend stiffeners
    Bend stiffeners are used to support flexible pipe, umbilicals & cables when connected to rigid structures or FPSO where there is a requirement to control the bend radius of the pipe. They are usually attached at the topside or seabed connection....

  • In dynamic applications bend stiffeners require to have sufficient fatigue resistance to control the in-service bend radii and sustain the cyclic loads to the end of the specified life whereas in static applications they protect against gross over-bending.

    Stiffeners are typically conically shaped polyurethane mouldings with a cylindrical bore that slips over the pipe, umbilical or cable.

    Balmoral bend stiffeners are designed in accordance with API 17J Appendix B using specifically formulated polyurethane materials and are engineered to suit specific operational parameters.

    Accredited by Bureau Veritas (BV) to API 17L standards.

  • Balmoral Subsea Test Centre
    The Balmoral Subsea Test Centre–the industry’s most comprehensive and commercially available hyperbaric facility–represents a $25m+ investment and provides a range of test facilities to the subsea, renewables, defence, oceanographic and academic sectors....

  • Hydrostatic testing

    The facility houses 23 test vessels, 5-40tonne craneage capability and remote monitoring procedures for independent testing of all types of subsea equipment, including:

    • Long term hyperbaric testing
    • Valve testing to API 17D
    • Flexible and rigid pipe collapse tests
    • Subsea control module tests, powered and unpowered
    • Subsea cable and harness verification
    • Subsea housing and vessel water ingress proof testing
    • Integrity testing of all types of subsea components

    Ranging from 1010mm (3’3”) to 10,400mm (34’1”) in length, with internal diameters of 360mm (14”) to 2500mm (8’2”) and testing to pressure equivalents of 700bar (10,150psi), most products and components are readily accommodated.

    Standard test procedures include:

    • Uplift determination
    • Water ingress
    • Instrumented buoyancy loss
    • Hydrostatic compression and creep
    • Hydrostatic collapse
    • Bulk modulus
    • Buckle arrestment performance

    The hydrostatic vessels use air driven liquid pumps and can accommodate electric, hydraulic and instrumentation connections. Each vessel can be fitted with chart recorders, pressure and temperature data loggers to provide highly detailed results for analysis, while a computer controlled hydrostatic test system that automatically performs customised tests using high capacity intensifier pumps via touch screen is available on vessels TC1, 2 and 3. This allows pressure and temperature data to be fed back to a networked server providing remote real-time test monitoring.

    A pan and tilt subsea camera can be placed in the vessels to visually monitor tests as required.

    Mechanical testing

    The centre’s multi-purpose load rig performs the following test-types and is available for external customer use:

    • Axial and lateral slip loads to 60tonne
    • Static loading and 3-point bend to 100tonne
    • Bend restrictor/stiffener load to 10tonne
    • Bend restrictor locking radius measurement under load
    • Compression and shear testing on companion cylinders to 200tonne
    • Tensile testing to 150tonne
    • Dropped weight and swing arm impact testing
    • Lifting point/insert load testing

    Development and test laboratories

    Because of the complexities of bespoke project testing, stringent customer specifications and compliance to standards such as API 17L1, Balmoral continually invests in state-of-the-art laboratory test equipment to ensure these requirements are satisfied.

    This programme of investment ensures the company retains total control over time schedules, test conditions and methodologies used to fulfil customer requirements.

    Balmoral’s technical team now occupies new custom designed laboratories adjacent to the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre. The state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled environment is fully furnished with a suite of chemical, thermal, hydrostatic and mechanical test equipment:

    • A range of testing machines performs fatigue, tensile, compression, flexure and hydrostatic testing using a complementary pressure vessel at temperatures –70C - +350C, 10 tonnes max load
    • Dynamic fatigue equipment for testing polyurethane materials fully submerged at elevated temperatures
    • Differential scanning calorimeters for determining specific heat capacity, glass transition temperatures and oxidation induction time of polymer products
    • Lasercomp Fox 50 thermal analyser determines thermal conductivity
    • Gas pyknometers determines material densities including powders and gels
    • Temperature controlled water ageing baths
    • Hydrothermal ageing cells for long term analysis of materials up to 260C
    • Laboratory scale pressure vessels capable of operating at sub-ambient temperature to 200C and up to 700bar, 10,150psi
    • Temperature and humidity environmental cabinets
    • UV weathering cabinet
    • Karl Fischer titrator for water content determination
    • Automated titrators for quantitative analysis
    • Lab scale CNC machine for test piece preparation

    As well as providing professional in-house services, the laboratory is available for third party development and testing programmes.

    Submersion test tanks

    Three test tanks are available offering the following procedures:

    • Product weight in water and air
    • ROV submersion and functionality
    • Submersion and gas leakage
    • Underwater NDT inspection
    • Flotation
    • Riser testing
    • Abandonment and cutting tool trials
    • Stack up trials

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