Martin Moore-Ede MD, PhD

Circadian Light


For over 30 years, Dr. Moore-Ede has been a leading expert on human circadian clocks and their disruption by exposure to light at night in workplaces that operate 24/7. As a professor at Harvard Medical School (1975 – 1998), he led the team that located the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the circadian clock in the human brain, that controls the timing of sleep and wake, and he has published 10 books and over 150 scientific articles on circadian physiology and how the human body can safely adapt to working around the clock.

Dr. Moore-Ede’s discovery of the key spectrum that provides 3000-4000K, CRI >80 white light, while eliminating over 90% of the bio-active blue wavelengths which create circadian disruption, has enabled the development of CIRCADIAN® Light fixtures which remove the risks of light at night. CIRCADIAN® Light products provide the energy-saving and technology advantages of LED lighting without the considerable downside risks of dosing large populations of people with harmful blue wavelengths at night.


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