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Energy Services for a flexible and digital future

Uniper Energy Services supports you adapting to the market by increasing plant flexibility, enabling digital plant management and optimizing solutions for all types of energy generation projects including renewables. Independent of OEMs and with 100 years international experience we manage risk, reduce costs and improve your plant operations.

Brands: Flexible operations, digital plant management, through-life services, asset optimization, OEM independence, consultancy, engineering, software, analysis


  • Plant Flexibility
    We understand the challenges of maintaining profitability and efficiency in a changing market and have first-hand experience to help you achieve more flexible operation outside of your plant’s original design, whilst managing risks and controlling costs....

  • Based on decades of experience as an owner / operator of both gas-fired and coal-fired generation plant, our solutions enable you to meet the challenges of operating power plants flexibly, efficiently and profitably in a rapidly changing energy market.

    We provide comprehensive skills from a single source, leveraging our experience and independence of original equipment and components manufacturers to deliver the best solution for you.

    We take an individual approach to address flexibility issues which will affect your plant on an immediate, mid-term and long-term basis. Our solutions aim to deliver real world value for your business, what would the following benefits be worth for your plant?

    • Reducing start-up times by 20-50%

    • Improving ramp rate and load following by 50%

    • Increasing maximum load by 5-10% Pmax

    • Reducing minimum load by 5-10% Pmax

    • Maximizing commercial benefits

    • Reducing daily maintenance costs by 10-20%

    • Increasing major outage intervals by 20-40%

    • Reducing major component replacement costs by 20-30%

    • Avoiding downtime by gaining early warning of faults

    • Gaining new insights into networks and markets.

    The benefits of our solutions have been demonstrated by our work with clients in many countries.

    For example we improved the flexibility and commercial competitiveness of a CCGT plant by reducing its minimum load by almost 35% without need for hardware investment. Annual operating hours were increased from 2,000 to more than 6,500 hours. To deliver this improvement we combined our independent know-how as a CCGT operator with state-of-the-art process simulation so that critical process issues were identified and addressed at an early stage.

    For a fleet of gas-fired plants we carried out a detailed assessment of how a proposed OEM upgrade, aimed to reduce start-up times by 50%, would impact on the balance of plant. Our studies, which involved working closely with both the OEM and our client’s operations and engineering teams, enabled our client to understand and mitigate risks from the upgrade and to maximize the benefits.

    Our services to a coal-fired plant enabled the introduction of ultra-low-load operation to protect generation revenue in an electricity market where flexibility is a priority. Our studies into the potential impact of ultra-low-load in the water/steam cycle, on flue gas cleaning and turbine design parameters, preceded a series of trial runs. The plant’s minimum load was eventually reduced to 12% minimum, providing a safe and cost-effective alternative to short-term shutdowns.

    At another coal-fired plant, start-up times were reduced by up to 50% as part of a program of measures to deliver the competitive benefits of flexible operation. Based on our detailed analysis of plant data and procedures, we proposed a move away from the conventional start-up procedures recommended by the OEM. We were able to match the optimization of the steam generator and steam turbines, whilst also considering whole plant issues. Our operational know-how was a key element in our ability to interpret data from a series of trials.

    We have used our significant experience of inspecting and assessing power plant damage to develop an inspection strategy for plants which are operated flexibly. Our strategy, based on Equivalent Operating Hours, meets the need to optimize major outage inspection intervals on pressure systems to address the threats of damage. Optimizing outages has delivered significant cost savings and supported plant flexibility.

  • Enerlytics
    Enerlytics, a digital platform that offers 360° view of your plant or portfolio. Centralizing custom-built analytics, real-time reporting and personalized software tools, providing a vital step towards agile empowerment in a changing energy market....

  • The traditional energy sector is transforming, shaped in part by a series of rapidly emerging technologies. Uniper combines over 100 years' worth of industry and engineering expertise with smart data insights to present Enerlytics, a digital platform that offers a 360-degree view of your plant or portfolio. Centralizing custom-built analytics, real-time reporting and personalized software tools, Enerlytics provides a vital stepping stone towards agile empowerment in the face of a changing energy market.

    Offering the full end-to-end view, Enerlytics supports new build, operations and maintenance, through to market and trading activities as well as storage and demand side management. From machine-based learning that hypothesises your plant health and performance monitoring, to predictive and optimized maintenance and smart scheduling, each Enerlytics module gives you the autonomy to make better decisions for financial gain and market leadership.

    Enerlytics is a developed software solution by the proven asset owner and operator Uniper, and adheres to the same OEM-independent and plant agnostic competencies as its creators. Fostering an integrated approach to data and engineering intelligence, the platform consolidates these core elements into a single secure platform that lets you skillfully operate your business, optimise decision-making and outperform the competition.

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