FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Click here to Submit an Abstract or Pre-Conference Workshop Proposal


Step-by-Step Guide for Developing and Submitting an Abstract:

Step 1:  Choose an issue/technology/project that is relevant and informative to the power generation industry, either from the list of suggestions, or propose your own industry-related topic.

Step 2:  Choose the presentation method – Paper, Panel or Pre-Conference Workshop


When submitting your abstract, please choose a first and second choice category based on the best fit for your abstract topic. Your abstract will be submitted to both subcommittees for review and consideration. POWERGEN International offers two types of session formats: individual and panel presentations. The committee will develop all sessions, choosing to make them individual or panel presentations.


The committee will choose 3 or 4 individually submitted abstracts. Individually submitted abstracts will be selected to present for 18 - 22-minutes each. It is recommended to have a primary presenter and no more than one co-presenter per individual presentation.


Abstracts submitted as a panel should include the names of a panel moderator and up to four panelists. The abstract submitter will be required to organize all panelists. Submitted panelists must be confirmed when presentation is submitted for consideration. If a panel presentation abstract is accepted, it will make up a full 90-minute session.

INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION FOR KNOWLEDGE HUBS (Presentation Theatres in the Exhibit Hall)

The committee will choose individually submitted abstracts to be presented for 20-25 minutes in the Knowledge Hubs. Each Knowledge Hub presentation will be a stand-alone session with a five-minute Q&A with the audience after the presentation is completed. 

Step 3:  Develop a well-written, concise synopsis of your proposed presentation topic that addresses all key points of issue/project/technology, not to exceed 4,000 characters including spaces in length.

Step 4:  ONLINE SUBMISSION:  Abstracts must be submitted online by the deadline, March 9, 2018.  Click here to submit your abstract.

Please fill out all appropriate fields; abstract submission process will not be completed without including all required information.  Required fields include:  Abstract title (not to exceed 200 characters including spaces); abstract text (not to exceed 4,000 characters including spaces); format of the abstract (paper); first track choice; Point of Contact's, Speaker's and Co-author's name, title, company, mailing address, phone number, email and biography (not to exceed 1,500 characters including spaces); whether or not the paper has been presented previously and where.

  • State whether the topic has been previously presented and if so, when and at what conference.
  • Indicate what topic categories the topic would best be suited.
  • Include complete name, title, company, address, telephone numbers, e-mail and biography, not to exceed 1,500 characters including spaces, for all authors, as necessary. Identify each author's role:  Speaker, Point of Contact, Co-author.

Once the abstract has been submitted, an automatic email response will be sent to confirm POWER-GEN International conference management has received it.  Please print this as well as retain the email for your records.

No abstracts will be accepted for consideration after the February 19, 2019 deadline.


  • Complimentary registration (provided to one presenter per individual presentation and up to five people per panel presentation including panel moderator.) Includes access to the conference sessions, delegate lunches, exhibit hall, exhibit hall receptions and conference proceedings.
  • Exposure to a high-level audience
  • Opportunity to share learned knowledge

  • Speakers agree to meet all deadlines provided by conference management including returning required forms and submitting biography information and presentations for the conference proceedings and moderator review. Panel presenters are not required to submit a file for the proceedings but will be required to submit a biography.
  • Speaker is responsible for travel expenses, including hotel, airfare, meals, etc.
  • *All speakers must agree to give permission for their presentation to be recorded for Clarion promotional purposes

Please note: Submitted abstracts may be selected for presentation in either the Summit (conference area) or in the Knowledge Hubs (presentation theatres located in the exhibit hall).


Jan Simpson

POWER-GEN International Conference Manager
Phone: +1-918-831-9736; Email: jan.simpson@clarionevents.com