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CDI designs, engineers, and manufactures technologically advanced pipeline pig tracking and locating equipment. With UL/CSA, ATEX, & IECEX certifications, CDI has pigging equipment appropriate for any area of the world whether it be onshore, offshore or subsea. CDI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

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  • TRAXALL Pig Location & Tracking System
    The TRAXALL is CDI's major advance in state-of-the-art pipeline pig location and tracking. Offering a range of models and features, the TRAXALL delivers on durability and reliability for all pipeline pig tracking projects....

  • CDI offers 5 models of the TRAXALL Pig Tracking and Locating System. All models feature the unique one-piece handheld design without the need for external antennas or other cabling. Trackers can detect standard Legacy 22Hz. transmitters as well as CDI's X-Series Multi-Frequency Transmitters.

    The 770 model will track up to 7 different frequencies simultaneously in addition to the Legacy 22Hz frequency and MFL Magnetizers.  The 770 is equipped with GPS position and data recording as well as Bluetooth remote control and remote viewing. The optional Satellite Radio allows the operator to receive notification of pig passages via text message and email.  The pin pointer user interface technology allows for easy pig location to within inches.

    The 620 model is a simpler and less expensive model for tracking. It can track up to 3 transmitter frequencies, and as with the 770 model offers a convenient one-piece design. Light weight and easy to operate, the 620 has eight sensitivity settings. Settings are neatly divided and labeled with their recommended use: PINPOINTING (low sensitivity), WALKING (medium sensitivity), and STATIONARY (high sensitivity). As with the 720, the Model 620 supports optional remote antenna and passage flasher.

    The TRAXALL 500 is the basic model which tracks 22Hz. frequencies. As with all other models, the 500 is durable and weatherproof, and includes a convenient carrying case.   

  • X-Series Programmable Multi-Frequency Transmitters
    CDI's X-Series Transmitters are TRAXALL-compatible electromagnetic pipeline pig-tracking devices offering both programmable frequency and power control through CDI's proprietary FieldLink wireless communications system....

  • X-Series Transmitters are available for pipelines 2" and up. They feature programmable frequency and power control to directly manage the tradeoff between the range of the transmitter versus its battery life. 

    Frequency control allows the operator to configure the transmitter to one of TRAXALL's seven colorized frequencies, or to the Legacy 22Hz frequency. Power control allows the operator to directly manage a tradeoff between range vs. battery life. For example, you can set output power to maximum for short runs/long range, or reduce output power for long runs/long battery life. 

    Each X-Series Transmitter comes with a built-in radio frequency antenna. By connecting the radio frequency USB key, any Windows PC or laptop can be used to configure a transmitter. Transmission can be configured to pulse or continuous.

    Transmitters are available in Standard, Titanium (for high pressure pipelines), and ATEX rated. Material is a durable 304 stainless steel.

  • CD52 Bandit Non-Intrusive Pig Passage Signaler
    With thousands of units in the field all over the world, the simple and reliable CD52 Bandit Pig Signaler has a proven track record. Non-intrusive and certified explosion proof, the Bandit detects both transmitter and magnet equipped pigs....

  • The CD52 Bandit provides quick and easy non-intrusive pig passage detection of any pig moving between 0.01 and 20 meters per second. Non-intrusive means less maintenance and corrosion, and no possibilities of pipeline leaks. No hot-tapping required, the Bandit can be installed in minutes by any field technician.

    The sensing means of the CD52 Bandit consists of a set of patented, non-intrusive proprietary noise-cancelling antennas invented by CDI specifically for pig passage detection. This antenna system gives the Bandit its ability to reject nearby magnetic noise and halt costly false-positive triggering. A small, safe, permanent magnet is all that is needed to put the Bandit to work.

    Two standard D-cell alkaline batteries provide a full year of service, or 24VDC power may be used for indefinite operation. When triggered, the bandit records the date and time, and holds memory of up to 10 passages. The Bandit can be used in conjunction with existing SCADA systems.

    The CD52 Bandit is available for onshore, offshore, and subsea applications. Variants include a portable unit, stainless steel, extended length, and flex cable. System certifications available are UL/CSA or ATEX/IECEx.