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Ballast Tools Equipment (BTE) supplies high-performance specialty equipment for roadways, department of transportation, pipeline and right of way maintenance.  We are the industry leader in Pipeline Undercutter design and manufacturing.  

Brands: Undercutter, Undercutting, Pipeline Undercutter, Culvert Cleaner, Brush Cutter


  • BTE Pipeline Undercutter
    The BTE Pipeline Undercutter is the perfect balance of
    performance and power. The BTE Pipeline
    Undercutter can expose a 20-foot long section of 42”
    diameter pipe in less than 10 minutes.


    and cut at the same time, clearing pipes faster by moving more material in less time!

    Your operator can easily verify the cutting clearance with BTE’s Pipeline Undercutter depth gauge, which carefully monitors the placement of the undercutter bar relative to the pipe to prevent contact.

    Combining innovative engineering, quality manufacturing, and real world experience, the BTE

    Pipeline Undercutter brings safety, productivity and flexibility to your Pipeline maintenance program.



    • 360 degrees of rotation

    • Adjustable depth gauge

    • DPE Plastic Shields prevent metal-to-metal contact with the pipe

    • Attaches easily to most Excavators



    • Lowered risk of incident by eliminating hand digging and maintaining a safe distance from the pipe during the cutting process

    • Replaces hand-digging and works fast, increasing productivity and your bottom line

    • Durable and long-lasting, saving you money over time on costly repairs

    Hydraulic hoses are protected by a built-in box, which opens easily for daily inspection

    The BTE Pipeline Undercutter cuts a smooth flat surface for ease of access for maintenance under and around the pipe

    The BTE Pipeline Undercutter is lined with HDPE Plastic for increased safety preventing metal to metal contact with the pipe

    The BTE Pipeline Undercutter has a depth gauge to provide the operator a visual aid for clearance between bottom of pipe and top of the cutter bar