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EcoFlex delivers cost-effective petrochemical laboratory modular construction and inspection services. We're licensed, bonded, insured, and listed with ISNetworld. Known for innovative, intrinsically-safe, and energy saving solutions, EcoFlex Modular Labs provide the lowest first-cost and the lowest lifetime cost of ownership on the market.

Brands: Modular Laboratories, Petrochemical Lab Audits and Testing, Intrinsically safe fume hoods


  • EcoFlex Modular Labs
    EcoFlex Modular Labs offer a cost-effective, customized, turnkey solution to streamline construction of intrinsically-safe, energy-efficient labs for pipeline testing facilities....

  • EcoFlex Modular Labs Install Faster, Cost Less, and Deliver Long-term Savings!

    Originally developed as turnkey petrochemical testing facilities for remote locations, these labs are easily customized for your site-specific requirements.

    • An innovative and cost-effective solution for streamlining remote testing.
    • Engineering combines scientific, energy, and modular construction technologies.
    • Labs offer lower logistical and operating costs.
    • Systems compliant with all applicable regulatory codes.
    • Labs feature intrinsically-safe, energy-efficient fume hoods from TEL.

    Benefits from Modular Construction

    1. Construction Savings – 15-20% less expensive than stick-built labs largely due to stationspecific restrictions. Delivered and assembled on your site, labs are operational within days.
    2. Operational Savings – less expensive to operate because of reduced electricity costs. Efficient air management in lab environments saves a lot of money.
    3. Safety – Intrinsically-safe fume hoods provide protection that meets or exceeds all applicable codes and regulations. It provides 24/7 air supply and exhaust modulated for occupied / unoccupied ACH rates by advanced VAV system controls.
    4. Relocatable Flexibility – If demands change in the future, your EcoFlex Modular Lab will be ready. This efficient laboratory asset is “good to go.”

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