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Welcome to Weschler Instruments a Manufacturer/Distributor.

Weschler Instruments is a manufacturer and distributor of measurement and control equipment. Manufactured products include analog panel/switchboard meters, digital bargraphs and oil cooled transformer temperature monitoring.

Brands: Panel Meters, Switchboard Meters, Bargraphs and Transformer Temperature Monitoring.


  • Transformer Advantage
    Extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity and reduce maintenance costs with the Transformer Advantage - a precision temperature monitor for oil-filled power and distribution transformers. Seven models offer a range of functions and configurations.

  • The Transformer Advantage is Weschler’s third generation ETM for monitoring and control of temperatures in oil-filled transformers. With Transformer Advantage, users can extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity and reduce maintenance costs. Seven models in the Advantage line offer a wide range of functions and configurations. All use accurate and stable platinum temperature sensors (RTD) to precisely measure critical liquid temperatures. Probe options fit most popular thermowells, or magnetically mount on units without wells. Winding temperatures are determined using a simulated measurement (heated thermowell) or calculated using oil temperature, load current, and transformer parameters per IEEE guidelines. Up to 11 setpoint relays can activate alarms or multiple stages of cooling at programmed temperatures. The cooling readback function confirms proper operation of fans and pumps.

    Advantage models are optimized for installation on new transformers or retrofit on existing transformers. The rugged NEMA 4X metal case mounts directly on the transformer or inside the control cabinet. One Advantage can replace up to seven analog gauges. Milliamp analog outputs allow remote monitoring while ASCII, Modbus and DNP3.0 communications facilitate interface to utility SCADA systems. 

    Auxiliary analog and digital inputs allow the utility to monitor other devices on the transformer thru the Advantage.  The Transformer Advantage includes a Loss of Life (Insulation Aging) option. This function tracks the cumulative effect of loading and winding temperature on the transformer’s life. Expended hours, remaining hours and present rate of insulation aging are displayed. On three winding units, these values are displayed for each winding.

    All Transformer Advantage models are supported by a single Windows-compatible software program. This free software speeds installation and simplifies field maintenance.  The opening Launch Pad screen is used to access Configuration, Monitor, Logged Data and Firmware Update applications. The Weschler Transformer Advantage has been conservatively designed and stress tested to provide years of trouble-free service in the harshest environments. Thousands of units have been installed world-wide at large and small utilities. A wide variety of options tailor the Transformer Advantage to each application. Free factory setup is provided for each unit. 

  • Bargraph Meters
    Weschler Digital Bargraph Meters provide a precise digital readout and a vivid proportional display of power and process signals. These circular and edgewise meters come in a variety of sizes to directly replace popular analog switchboard instruments....

  • Weschler Digital Bargraph Meters provide a bright, easy to read display of current, voltage, frequency, power and other process parameters. These instruments combine the visual indication of an analog gauge with the precision of a digital instrument.

    Single color Bargraphs can be ordered with red, green or amber displays for easy viewing. The digital display is available with 3, 4 or 5 digit resolution. The 101 segment bar gives the operator a quick view of the measured signal and the control setpoints. Separate setpoint LEDs provide an added visual indication of control/alarm status. Signal direction is shown by two optional trend arrows. The bar can be set to display the full range of the input or just a portion of the signal range. A custom scale on each meter provides additional flexibility for legends, logos and engineering units. Order optional relay outputs for alarms or control. The analog retransmit option allows the meter to also function as a transmitter for remote monitoring.  

    Weschler TriColor BarGraphs provide the quickest way to spot problems in process control panels with bright changing colors. Each bar LED has the ability to illuminate as Red (Danger), Amber (Caution), or Green (Safe) condition. Tri-color bargraphs change bar color based on signal amplitude. Two operating modes are offered. Standard tri-color mode changes the entire bar to red, green or amber based on user-selected setpoint values. In banded mode, only the portion of the bar above (or below) the setpoint changes color. This mode allows customized applications such as the Gate Position Indicator popular in hydro-electric installations. 

    Weschler Digital Bargraphs accept a wide range of inputs. Models and sizes are available to replace most popular analog instruments.  These meters satisfy the high quality standards set forth by the utility, OEM, and process control industries, including models for nuclear safety applications. Weschler Bargraph Meters are Made in USA.
  • Analog Switchboard Meters
    Weschler analog switchboard meters offer the ultimate in reliability & performance. These Westinghouse-designed instruments are ideal for use on electric switchboards and industrial control panels. Hi-Shock versions are available for harsh environments....

  • Weschler analog switchboard meters offer the ultimate in reliability & performance. These industry standard, Westinghouse-designed instruments are ideal for use on electric switchboards and industrial control panels. They are available for direct measurement of standard electrical quantities (DCV, DCA, ACV, ACA, Watts, VARs, PF, line frequency).  Weschler switchboard meters can also be used in combination with transducers for measuring any other electrical or mechanical quantity that can be converted into a proportional electrical quantity. 

    Commercial 4½" K241 and & 8¾" K261 instruments with circular scales comply with ANSI Standard C39.1, 1% class. The 6" V252 edgewise meters are offered in both vertical and horizontal orientations. They exceed the requirements for the 2% class and may be calibrated to 1% initial accuracy. Hi-Shock models were developed to meet the special needs of U.S. Navy shipboard applications. They are also suitable for commercial, marine and industrial applications subjected to humid conditions or severe mechanical shocks. Nuclear qualified meters are rated for safety applications.

    Weschler analog meters are made in the USA. Modifications are available on request, such as white on a black dial, dual scale, special colors, illumination, special calibration and custom ranges. Synchroscopes can be ordered in either a 4½" or 8¾" size.

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