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NuSTREEM - Modern, Proven & Reliable Hydroturbine Equipment

NuSTREEM is a hydroelectric equipment & intelligence manufacturer based in Mansfield, Connecticut, USA. Our founder recognized that future growth in the US small hydropower sector would rely on modular and intelligent generation equipment and innovative deployment platforms. Today we offer modern, proven small hydro units that use tested, patented intelligence to optimize performance.




    Dual-Regulated Kaplan design with electronically controlled, motor drive actuated wicket gates and runner blades. NuSTREEM has a patented design variant that takes full advantage of current electronics technology and intelligent control capabilities....

  • The foundation of our product offering is the NuTURBINE package itself. This is a contemporary Dual-Regulated Kaplan design with electronically controlled, motor drive actuated wicket gates and runner blades. Although its basis is founded in the tried-and- true Kaplan style turbine, NuSTREEM has a patented design variant that can take full advantage of current electronics technology and intelligent control capabilities. The NuTURBINE has several key attributes that we outline below making it the most reliable turbine in the industry.

    The NuTURBINE is designed as a highly modular system component with the intention of delivery on a single skid with connection points. Our ambition is to provide a simple point- to-point connection guide for ease of installation, simplicity, and low cost. The NuTURBINE is fully operational as delivered, without any further mount or calibration.

    Adjustment is available; however, the initial settings are provided from the factory. Everything, including the generator, is mounted to the same turbine platform and can be dropped in place.

    The generator can be sized from 75kW to 250kW depending on site needs. The mounting of the overall turbine is common to the choice of generator. We offer a standard mounting for a range of generator sizing and can, therefore, allow the user to select the generator. The modular turbine frame can accommodate generators from 75kW to 250kW in standard 404T to 449T frame sizes.

    The NuTURBINE, when used in a the NuCONTAINER has additional sizing and location considerations. The details of which are considered and resolved by NuSTREEMS’s engineers. We also can adapt to the synchronous generator operation.

    NuTURBINES’s lubrication system is water quality sensitive and uses Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants in water-sensitive locations. Food grade grease is utilized in these areas to minimize any environmental impact should a seal fail. The lubrication system is accessible using fittings on the exterior of the turbine case. Assemblies outside the water path are within sealed assemblies. This makes the NuTURBINE an environmentally friendly alternative.

    The NuTURBINE has been designed by a skilled team of machine designers with an increased focus on longevity and ease of maintenance. The ongoing maintenance costs are minimal, while the access and ease of operation provide an unusually “easy to manage” usage life.

    The expected life is forty plus years with proper maintenance and lubrication. Belt tensioning, lubrication, and external fastener tensioning is to be performed on a routine schedule. Belt tension should be checked yearly and is expected to be tensioned every few years. Lubrication should be performed every 2,500 operating hours. The NuTURBINE boasts a maintenance access cover allowing for repair to the spindle bearing or belt without removing the NuTURBINE from the powerhouse. The spindle assembly is cartridge-based, containing the shaft, bearings, seals, and other components.

    NuSTREEM is describing our Model LR-250 Dual Regulated Kaplan Turbine. Included in either Turbine system options are the following elements.

    • NuBRAKE Braking system
    • NuTECH Controller
    • Induction Generator
    • Belt drive
    • Runner Position Actuation
    • Wicket Position Actuation
    • Standard sensor package internal to the turbine system
    • SystemMount/base

    When considering the total cost of ownership of an asset, our NuTURBINE is a clear industry leader. NuSTREEM uses manufacturing techniques that focus on reliability and longevity of our offering. Our Engineers have built in modularity for ease of installation. Finally, our environmentally friendly solution makes the NuTURBINE a triple bottom line winner.

  • NuTECH Controller
    NuSTREEM’s patented NuTECH Controller provides the intelligence to tap the unused potential of any Kaplan turbine by maximizing efficiency regardless of the hydraulic or machine conditions....

  • Kaplan turbines by means of their dual regulation have the capability to provide high efficiency output over a wide range of flow and head.

    The common method to optimize the output of a Kaplan is to use combination or cam curve. Cam curves as delivered by manufacturers are typically based on either scaled model tests, simulations such as those based on computation fluid dynamics or results from both types of modeling. These methods can produce non-optimal results due to scaling effects or modeling uncertainty among other reasons. Index testing aims to improve manufacturer cam curves by characterizing the turbine in operation. Such testing typically requires expensive consultants, downtime for the unit under test, and optimizes only for one value of head.

    One aspect of the innovative design concept of the NuTECH Controller is to make cam curves and index testing a thing of the past by optimizing for each operating point. This approach ensures that any inefficiencies by operating at a different condition in which the cam curve was generated are eliminated. The monetary benefit is twofold by improving efficiency over what is typically achievable via cam curves and index testing as well as eliminating the cost associated with the index testing. The other innovation of the NuTECH Controller is to perform the optimization without requiring a measurement of the flow through the turbine. There are several advantages to optimization without a flow meter:

    1. Significant reduction in cost
    2. Significant reduction in installation effort and time
    3. Faster optimization convergence
    4. Less wear and tear on actuation hardware

    A general concept of the effect of our NuTECH Controller’s efficiency intelligence is related below. Of note is the ability of our intelligence to change and flatten the efficiency curve, allowing the turbine to generate energy over a much broader spectrum of flows efficiently. Testing was performed on a NuTURBINE in power control mode, the performance was evaluated with the NuTECH Controller. In order to have a baseline for comparison the performance of the unit was also evaluated with the original cam curve. The results show that there is an efficiency gain throughout the operating range but that it is most prominent at low flow and power.

    The NuTECH Controller is available as a complete control system when delivered with NuSTREEM’s NuTURBINE. As a standalone product the NuTECH Controller is intended to be fielded as a controls systems add-on that interfaces via a standard communications protocol to a pre-existing plant control. This approach minimizes installation effort and time as well as risk to the safety of the equipment.

    Since our control firmware is accessible for adjustment or modification either through ethernet connection or remote communication, we can adjust any feature or parameter. For example, we can slow the effective adjustment rate, limit the adjustment distance and speed for each adjustment, and change any other foreseeable variable that may help minimize wear.

    Our efficiency-enhancing control algorithm optimizes your turbines performance with any change in conditions, including flow variability, water levels, wear on turbines, blockages, and more. Our patented algorithm has seen up to a 20% increase in efficiency.

    NuSTREEM’s NuCONTAINER standard design takes advantage of industry- standard ISO shipping containers, as well as our standard NuTURBINE to provide a modular system intended to minimize installation and site costs....

  • The NuCONTAINER system is a new, novel approach to hydro site construction. Increasing modularity provides building blocks that can standardize setup and execution thereby simplifying and reducing costs of the systems.

    The NuSTREEM concept of hydro power generation is to provide remote access and control for isolated installations and to allow the minimal support staff possible. The maintenance and support can be provided through monitoring “exceptions” or “notifications” that initialize activity rather than routine periodic overview.

    The NuTECH Controller provides an automated intelligence that can be accessed remotely. This provides management of the asset, or family of assets, through a central location not necessarily co-located with the site.

    Further, we are providing overall access to the site through remote access to the main PLC. This allows overall site characteristics to be accessible.

    The modularity of the containerized system helps in providing a common element that operations staff has to “learn”, thereby supporting a quicker and easier understanding of the system for ease of maintenance of the repeated design.

    It also allows the site owner to store the common component, the turbine, in inventory and easily replace turbines requiring maintenance, refurbishment, or other non-routine events. The owner then has the option to send the original back to the factory. This provides a simple maintenance plan without specialized capabilities at the site.

    This NuCONTAINER system is easily transported to the hydro site using standard rigging methods. In addition, the container, including three turbines, could be lifted by air and placed in remote locations.

    The basic construction of the container begins with a standard forty-foot shipping container (assuming three turbines; twenty foot for a single turbine). Reinforcement to the floors and the walls are provided to ensure structural integrity. Turbines are installed at the factory with all accessories.

    Bulkhead style connections are provided at the walls of the container to allow connections to the penstock and draft tube.

    Access to the interior of the container is through the end doors as well as through a top hatch or side wall access door depending on the quantity of turbines housed.

    Passive ventilation is provided for most locations. For hot climates, mechanical systems can be utilized to regulate the internal air temperature and humidity.

    The container will have a power panel as shown below that feeds electric power to the controls distributed in various panels and enclosures. This configuration will be common across containers with the one exception being the number of NuTECH Controllers will be consistent with the number of NuTURBINE’s housed in the NuCONTAINER. Ancillary lighting is provided to ensure the internal areas are illuminated for routine maintenance or other required access to the turbines.

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