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Thordon Bearings will reduce your environmental impact while improving overall performance and reducing maintenance costs by providing non-polluting bearing solutions from design to install for rehabilitation and new turbine projects. We have over 30 years of experience supplying turbine guide, wicket gate, operating mechanism bearings, as well as shaft seals.

Brands: Thordon Bearings, turbine guide bearings, wicket gate bearings, linkage bearings, operating mechanism bearings, vertical pump bearings, segmented shaft seals, radial shaft seals, axial shaft seals.


  • SXL Turbine Guide Bearings
    Thordon SXL offers the lowest coefficient of friction, superior adhesive wear performance and good resistance to wear resulting from third particle abrasion....

  • Thordon Turbine Shaft Guide Bearings offer:

    • Long wear life and lower maintenance costs mean lower life-cycle costs
    • Eliminates pollution risk – no complicated oil or grease system required
    • Superior customer service means quick delivery and less downtime
    • Full-cycle technical support includes system design, machining, installation and after-sales service

    Thordon bearings can be specified as an upgrade for rubber or other non-metallic bearings in existing water-lubricated bearing systems or as a complete conversion from sealed oil or grease lubricated systems to pollution-free water lubrication.

    Although elastomeric in nature, Thordon bearings, particularly SXL are stiffer than rubber and capable of supporting higher loading. A high degree of resilience, however, is still maintained and running clearances similar to rubber are possible.

    Thordon main guide bearings are usually supplied factory-bonded into split bearing housings, or on larger diameter shafts, onto multiple segment blocks. Thordon bearings can also be supplied in stave configuration if required.

    Thordon turbine guide bearings with tapered key design offer:

    • Reduced bearing renewal time - takes hours instead of a week
    • Time and money savings from not having to re-babbitt
    • No complicated oil or grease system requirements
    • Ease of access and maintenance - shaft seal can be positioned above guide bearing
  • ThorPlas-Blue Wicket Gate Bearings
    ThorPlas-Blue is a homogeneous, self-lubricating polymer bearing capable of withstanding operating pressures up to 45 MPa (6,527 psi) that offers very low wear in non-abrasive environments with several tests showing low friction and low wear....

  • Thordon wicket gate, operating mechanism and linkage bearings operate wet or dry and eliminate the cost, maintenance and pollution risk associated with greased bearings.

    • Self-lubricating to ensure performance in limited-motion applications
    • No galling from edge loading caused by minor misalignments or gate deflections
    • Can be machined on site to accommodate dimensional inconsistencies and avoid replacement parts
    • Quick stock and custom delivery to meet demanding rehabilitation schedules

    All Thordon bearings can be easily machined and sized to final dimensions on-site prior to installation or easily line bored after installation to correct misalignment and dimensional inconsistencies encountered during turbine rehabilitation.

  • SXL Segmented Shaft Seals
    Thordon SXL has a proven track record as a segmented shaft seal material replacing carbon graphite and phenolic seal segments. Superb impact resistance - crack resistant from shaft misalignment or vibration, custom engineered, easy to install...

  • Operating parameters for Thordon SXL segmented shaft seals are generally similar to those for carbon graphite  or phenolic seals in terms of maximum interface pressure and minimum leakage rate. Thordon segmented shaft seals have been designed for shafts up to 2000 mm (80") diameter. They can be designed for use in either radial or axial sealing systems. 

    The main shaft seal of a hydro turbine usually operates under high PV-value conditions and may also be frequently exposed to abrasives in the water. Thordon segmented shaft seals are a proven solution working in both clean and abrasive laden water. 

    The shaft seal may be located below or above the turbine guide bearing depending if a water lubricated or oil lubricated bearing solution is used. 


    Thordon radial segmented shaft seals are able to operate with the maximum sealed water pressure up to 0.7 MPa (100 psi). An axial seal solution would typically be recommended for sealed water pressures greater than 0.7MPa (100 psi). 

    Depending on the shaft size, number of segments, machining precision of segments, sealed water pressure and shaft speed, the amount of leakage can vary but will be lower than an equivalent carbon graphite segmented seal. For instance, a radial segmented seal consisting of 6 segments running on a 400 mm (15.75") diameter shaft, the leakage rate would be normally in the range of  10 - 20 L/min (2.6 to 5.2 US gal./min).

    Additional advantages of the SXL segmented seal design include easy installation and replacement of all seal components without removing the shaft or disassembly of any major structural components. 

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