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SURVICE Metrology - Our support to Hydro is Beyond Measure.

Beyond Measure - SURVICE Metrology provides dimensional inspection, 3-D modeling, and metrology technology development services to the Hydropower industry.

We employ state-of-the-art metrology equipment (3-D scanners, portable CMMs, laser trackers, photogrammetry, etc) and have extensive measurement, engineering, and modeling experience.

Brands: Inspection Alignment 3D scanning GD&T reverse engineering dimensional CAD laser tracker photogrammetry precision rotor stator turbine generator keybar Faro installation refurbishment verticality concentricity


  • Laser Tracker and Photogrammetry Measurements
    SURVICE Metrology personnel were among the first to introduce laser trackers and the first to introduce digital photogrammetry into the hydroelectric industry. SURVICE provides high-precision measurement support to all hydro site builds and rebuilds....

  • SURVICE Metrology has extensive experience in providing dimensional measurement services for hydro-electric power plants throughout the United States and Canada. This work has included verifying rotor dimensions, developing stator construction procedures, and inspecting turbine pits using our photogrammetry and laser tracking methods.

    Laser Tracker and Photogrammetry suport to hydro

    • SURVICE Metrology personnel were among the first to introduce laser trackers into the hydroelectric industry.
    • In addition, our personnel pioneered the use of photogrammetry in the industry.
    • We have a very solid reputation in the hydroelectric industry and have returned year by year to many sites until all units have been refurbished.

    Support to new construction

    • SURVICE Metrology has provided precision measurements to support the installation of serveral new hydroelectric unit installations.
    • These installations often require working outdoors; exposed to the elements, sometimes at night to minimize differential thermal expansion of the parts being installed.
    • Our personnel have provided precision measurements for the installation of several units on the Ohio River as well as the Holtwood Powerplant in southern PA.

    Support to refurbishments and upgrades

    • A SURVICE Metrology personnel are trained to efficiently and accurately measure generator components such as stators and rotors.
    • We are also highly experienced at the measurement of turbine components, including:
      • checking shaft for verticality
      • verifying wicket gate locations
      • setting of the wicket gate opening mechanism.
    • We also specialize in the measurement of turbine blades, both in and out of the unit, providing a very useful comparison with CAD if required.
    • Scan data post-processing.

    Support to stator builds and keybar installations

    • All SURVICE personnel are experienced at key bar installation.
    • SURVICE has developed a proprietary method for the keybar placement which greatly assists welders and allows for fast and efficient alignment of the keybars.
    • If you have existing procedures that have worked well for you in the past, we will work with you to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

    Photogrammetry support to hydro

    • SURVICE Metrology personnel introduced digital photogrammetry, as a supplement to laser tracker measurements, to the hydroelectric industry.
    • This measurement technique requires only a digital camera, computer, scale bars and targets. When employed by our experts, the system is capable of very similar accuracy to the laser tracker.
    • The system can be employed for any measurement but is particularly useful for the final core measurement as it is much easier to ship to remote sites than a laser tracker.

    Support to disassembly and as-found measurements

    • Once the turbine components have been removed, measurement of the remaining embedded components is often required.
    • All SURVICE Metrology personnel are experienced at capturing these component measurements both with laser trackers and photogrammetry and making sure that  the measurements are correctly aligned to gravity.
    • We will safely and efficiently work with your crane operator and man basket, if required.
  • Precision Dimensional Inspection
    SURVICE Metrology utilizes laser trackers, portable CMM arms, structured light scanners, and large volume laser scanners to inspect parts and installations....

  • SURVICE has world-class metrology facilities and technical staff with requisite training, certification, and experience to use a variety of precision dimensional inspection processes and tools to inspect, align, and certify parts, assemblies, fixtures, installations, and facilities.

    SURVICE maintains and regularly uses a comprehensive suite of portable and fixed contact and laser-scanning technologies, including FARO CMM Arms and Laser Trackers; Breuckmann structured light scanner; Mantis F5 hand-held video-based structured light scanner; Nikon large-volume/high-power x-ray computed tomography (CT) scanners; Aicon photogrammetry equipment; and Surphaser laser scanners.

    We possess the capability, personnel, and facilities to use virtually all types of metrology equipment on the market, both at our facilities and at remote sites, including Artec Evas, Faro Focus 3Ds, Total Stations and other precision scanning and surveying equipment.  Our metrology software includes industry-standard tools, such as FARO Insight and CAM2, Innovmetric PolyWorks, GeoMagic tools, Spatial Analyzer, MAGICS, FOCUS Inspection, DezignWorks, RapidForm, and Rhino 3D; and we can work with all major commercial CAD packages.  SURVICE maintains multiple seats of SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Creo/ProEngineer CAD software, and we have a proven software engineering capability to develop in-house tools to meet custom requirements.  In short, this hardware and software tool suite represents the latest and most advanced metrology technology and our staff is experienced to meet the wide variety of requirements presented in this request.

    Whether scanning a large vehicle, measuring a stator at a hydroelectric powerplant, or inspecting small parts, the most efficient tools and processes to capture the required level of detail and accuracy will be determined and applied.  In addition, SURVICE Engineering maintains a staff of approximately 350 scientists, engineers, mathematicians, analysts, technicians and administrative support staff to provide reach-back support as needed for our customers.  From data analysis and visualization to software development and finite element analysis, this comprehensive support is truly Beyond Measure™.

  • 3-D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
    SURVICE Metrology uses the latest 3-D scanning, data processing, modeling, and CAD software packages to develop detailed solid, surface, and/or hybrid 3-D models in a variety of geometric file formats....

  • SURVICE Metrology uses the latest data processing, modeling, and CAD software packages to develop detailed solid, surface, and/or hybrid 3-D models in a variety of geometric file formats.  We also have extensive experience modifying and enhancing existing models as well as converting models to other geometric formats.

    Experience Matters

    SURVICE Metrology is highly skilled in developing geometric models of complete domestic and foreign aircraft, rotorcraft, ground systems, watercraft, missiles, structures, or individual components/systems. We are experienced in using numerous modeling formats, including FASTGEN, BRL-CAD, ACAD, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Creo/ ProEngineer. In addition to the aforementioned Government and commercial CAD software, SURVICE utilizes geometric processing tools such as PolyWorks, GeoMagic, MAGICS, RapidForm, HyperMesh, Cubit, and Rhino 3-D to manipulate and convert point cloud datasets and polygon meshes to the required deliverables.

    Mechanical Design and Geometric Conversion

    Geometric models can be developed “from scratch” using a variety of data sources, including manufacturer’s line drawings, intelligence data, photographs, or other types of design data. In addition, SURVICE has a wealth of experience converting manufacturers’ CAD files into applicable formats for development of target descriptions, FEA and CFD meshes. We have also developed a number of tools for conversion, visualization, and utilization of geometric data, to include high-performance raytracing tools. Many of these tools are used by industry and government users. And when design data are not available, SURVICE can leverage its state-of-the-art 3-D coordinate measurement and laser scanning equipment and processes to collect and postprocess data from physical assets efficiently.

    Reverse Engineering Expertise

    Whether digitizing a large vehicle/asset or a small part for reverse engineering, the most efficient process to capture the level of detail and accuracy will be determined and applied.  SURVICE commonly utilizes two main reverse-engineering methods, determined by the project’s specific design and/or integration needs.  The first process (“Scan to CAD”) involves the collection of point cloud data using a 3-D scanner and subsequent post-processing or on-site asset exploitation to develop 3-D geometries and/or technical data packages. The second process (“Direct to CAD”) involves the collection of discrete point measurements using a Faro Arm and utilization of these measurements to directly produce feature-based, parametric, 3-D CAD models in commercial CAD packages such as SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer.  Both processes are supplemented with hand measurements of geometric and dimensional data where most effective and efficient.

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