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Work Smarter, Safer & Efficiently with The RollNRack System!

Nothing like the RollNRack Power Roller! Drain & Roll ALL hose up to 5" LDH. Protect your firefighters from needless back strain injuries. Our GO-Pack collapses to fit in a compartment. Work smarter, safer & more efficiently with the Efficiency Package! No one rides on moving rigs to load hose. Stop by and see our non-stop demo! PROUDLY MADE IN USA 

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  • Efficiency Package
    This package saves money & includes the battery operated Power Roller, two coupling jaw sets, the GO-Pack (a collapsing, loading 'rack), and two battery packs and chargers. The system expands your crew’s capabilities and gets you back in service faster....

  • Prevent injuries & expand your valuable manpower with the RollNRack Efficiency Package. This firefighter-designed system was engineered to be easy to use, heavy-duty and to prevent unsafe practices. Drain & Roll ALL hose with the rugged Power Roller. Load hose from it or with the collapsible GO-Pack.  Load hose safely with two firefighters without lifting heavy rolls of LDH and without anyone riding on moving apparatus. The battery operated Power Roller will DRAIN and ROLL a 100’ length of LDH in less than 30 seconds! It also keeps makes your crew efficient. Capacity is 5,000' on a single battery charge. This package gets you everything most departments need and saves you money. Stop lifting hose rolls, riding on moving rigs to load, or wasting your firefighters on hose cleanup. Get your rigs back in service sooner and do it safely! Experience hose testing like you’ve only dreamed of. Our LIVE, NON-STOP DEMO shows you how we can help your firefighters immediately. MADE IN THE USA. 
  • Power Roller
    The self propelled Power Roller will let you maximize your crew at hose clean up. It traverses grass, gravel or dirt. 100' of LDH is drained & rolled in 30 seconds! Prevent injuries & work efficiently with the battery powered unit. For all hose!...

  • The rugged Power Roller helps any department work smarter, safer and more efficiently. It was designed by an injured firefighter to get rigs back in service sooner without the grueling physical work or injury potentials of the past. The Power Roller allows your firefighters to work smarter. Stop your firefighters from the dangerous and antiquated practice of riding on moving apparatus. All hose is loaded from the Power Roller with two firefighters onto stationary rigs. The unit utilizes coupling jaws that are easily swapped for the next size hose. Drain & roll up to 5,000' on a single battery charge. No LDH rolls are lifted. They're just rocked in or out of the unit. The Power Roller comes apart for transport to a scene and can also fit in a rig's compartment. The Power Roller can be purchased as part of the Efficiency Package for all your hose on all your rigs. This package saves you money, gets you a collapsible loading rack, a second coupling jaw set and also an extra battery pack and charger. Be ready for the Big One or hose testing every year. The RollNRack System exceeds the NFPA 1500 Safety Standards for hose work. Smart, Safe, Efficient hose management starts with the Power Roller. The life expectancy of the Power Roller is twenty years with minor routine maintenance. All RollNRack Tools are proudly MADE IN THE USA. Stop by our booth for a close up look and our Non-Stop Demo! Together, we can streamline safe hose management for your firefighters!

  • GO-Pack
    The RollNRack GO-Pack is a collapsible, stowable hose transporter & loader. This rugged unit stops the dangerous task of loading hose on moving rigs. All hose rolls are loaded in a min with minimal firefighters. LDH rolls are rocked in or out of the unit....

  • The GO-Pack will help streamline your hose management. As part of the RollNRack System, your firefighters can exceed NFPA 1500 Safety Standards with the GO-Pack. Load all hose Safely, with just two firefighters onto stationary rigs. This RollNRack Tool was developed by a firefighter that sustained a back injury while handling LDH. The GO-Pack prevents LDH roll lifting and also the dangerous practice of riding on top of moving apparatus to load hose. The collapsing unit is heavy duty and will help get your rigs back in service sooner and can fit in many rig compartments. LDH rolls are rocked into or out of the GO-Pack. The GO-Pack is a collapsing version of the RollNRack, a rigid frame hose transporter/loader. There's an optional LDH Drain attachment for long, straight lays that makes draining LDH fast. The GO-Pack can also be purchased as part of the Efficiency Package. Stop by the RollNRack booth and see our Non-Stop Demo! We'll show you how together, we can help your firefighters work smarter, safer and more efficiently. All RollNRack Tools are proudly, MADE IN THE USA.

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