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A supplier of Premium Hydraulic Generators since 1969.

Harrison Hydra-Gen is a USA based leading global manufacturer dedicated to manufacturing Hydraulic Generators of the highest quality since 1969. The most reliable hydraulic generators on the market today, THE #1 Generator in the Fire & Rescue, Aerial Work Platform, and Paving Industries.

What separates Harrison from the competition?  We have been “PROVEN UNDER PRESSURE” since 1969 in industries where loss of life or loss of lively-hood results. There is no secret to our longevity and success; it is our commitment to quality. We were the first Hydraulic Generator builder; let our experience work for you!

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  • Stinger Hydraulic Generator
    Mobile AC power to compliment your LED lighting package in a variety of ratings when 6,000 watts or less are required...

  • Do you find yourself or your customers needing LOW-COST mobile AC power, with the TRADITIONAL HARRISON QUALITY, to compliment your LED lighting package? Harrison has developed the “STINGER” generator to do just that!  The Harrison “STINGER” is IDEAL for mobile power anytime 6,000 WATTS OR LESS ARE REQUIRED.  The Harrison “STINGER”  takes aim at your needs and hits the target with REVOLUTIONARY NEW RATINGS!

    The MILITARY-GRADE CONSTRUCTION of the Harrison “STINGER” assures you will be able to “DEPLOY YOUR GENERATOR” in the most demanding environments! Choose from a family of offerings that will BEST compliment your LED lighting package:

    3.6 kW (120/240 VAC | 30/15 amps) or (120 VAC | 30 amps)

    4.8 kW (120/240 VAC | 40/20 amps)

    6.0 kW (120/240 VAC | 50/25 amps)

    The “STINGER” offers the smallest footprint available on the market today. Package that along with a remote mount reservoir option and you have the perfect generator for customers looking to take advantage of the unused spaces on their apparatus.

    The air flow pattern of the “STINGER”  makes it perfect for compartments, dunnage areas, under chassis and anywhere you have a straight thru airflow requirement.

    Like ALL Harrison Generators, the “STINGER” is built to be maintained. All maintainable parts are top accessible in under a minute; truly built with the MECHANIC IN MIND!!!

    For over 40 years, Harrison has been the one name professionals have staked their lives on; and the lives of others. Consider the competitive advantages of Harrison’s “STINGER” Hydraulic Generator.

  • 10K200 APU
    The compact 10K200 is an all-new concept in Idle Reduction Technology. It is powered by a fuel efficient T4F Kubota® diesel engine and runs both an AC Generator and the DC alternator simultaneously...

  • We didn’t just build an all-new Auxiliary Power Unit. We re-invented it! 

    The compact and light-weight Auxiliary Power Unit 10K200 is an all-new concept in Idle Reduction Technology. The 10K200 is powered by a proven fuel-efficient T4F Kubota® diesel 3 cylinder engine. The 10K200 will maintain the chassis 12-volt DC electrical system by running both the AC Generator and the DC alternator simultaneously.

    The 10K200 is designed to be started automatically when the chassis engine shuts down via the OEM provided programming. Optional HVAC capabilities for crew members comfort during summer and winter conditions are available.

    A summary of load capacities are as follows when running at an input temperature of 120 F. The 10K200 provides for the most flexible Idle Reduction Technology in the industry with 4-ratings:

    Benefits of the 10K200

    • Simple installation in new or existing applications
    • Save fuel by not using the chassis powertrain
    • Reduces DPF servicing and maintenance
    • Eliminates unnecessary idling up to 75%
    • Reduces fire apparatus (P/M) schedules Product Features
    • Ratings
      • 7000 watts AC and 200 Amps DC
      • 8000 watts AC and 150 Amps DC
      • 9000 watts AC and 80 Amps DC
      • 10000 watts AC and 0 Amps DC
    • Interface the same as the hydraulic generator; OEM provided an activation signal
    • Dual shaft driven design; no belts | VERY high reliability
    • Minimum footprint/Minimum height
    • Centralized Customer Connection Point
    • Reduction of Current Components
    • Designed to be used with an external air conditioner for the AC system
    • Noise Reducing Protective Enclosure
    • Exhaust is designed to go up or go down
    • 10-20dB Quieter Than Most Fire APUs
    • 100% Factory Pre-Tested System
    • Harrison Engineering & Service Support

    Product Options

    • Custom display for AC power

    Find out more about the 10K200 IDLE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY | AUXILIARY POWER UNIT, by Harrison; contact your Harrison Hydra-Gen Business Manager to find out more.

    Why Change, Why Harrison, Why Now

    Uncompromising Quality; you depend on your tools and equipment to help you do the job right the first time, and enable you to keep your word. That’s not something we take lightly. We let our product speak for itself; 45 years of continued business in the most demanding environments.

  • Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit
    The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit harnesses the power of the Harrison IHT-HQ system to deliver an incredibly compact package for powering up your 150 gpm water pumps in stationary or in TRUE NFPA “Pump & Roll” conditions...

  • Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit

    The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit is developed to work with the Ford F-Series chassis, factory ordered with the Ford Power Take-Off Provision (62R) and using Harrison IHT-HQ along with a Harrison Hydra-Drive and Harrison Hydra-Qube.

    Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology, featuring the Hydra-Qube, or IHT-HQ, allows you to run your on-board equipment USING HYDRAULIC MOTORS, INSTEAD OF GAS ENGINES OR ELECTRIC MOTORS. This provides enhanced performance, operation, and better packaging.


    • Provides increased reliability
    • Increases performance
    • Reduces maintenance
    • Reduces warranty costs
    • Increases the usable HP
    • Eliminates cold starts
    • Provides zero emissions

    The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit harnesses the power of the Harrison IHT-HQ system to deliver an incredibly compact package for powering up your 150 gpm water pumps in stationary or in TRUE NFPA “Pump & Roll” conditions.  Simplified operation is achieved at any speed with the flick of a switch. The Harrison Hydra-Skid Short-Bed Brush Kit also makes for the most compact apparatus imaginable!

    • 10% shorter wheelbase
    • 20% shorter box length
    • 20% lower chassis cost
    • 25% more water capacity
     Contact Harrison Hydra-Gen to find out more information! Since 1969, Harrison has been the one name professionals have staked their lives on; and the lives of others.
  • Hydra-Drive
    The Harrison “HYDRA-DRIVE” Gear Drop Box is designed to work with the Ford F-Series chassis, factory ordered with the Ford Power Take-Off Provision (62R). It drops the hydraulic pump below the forward drive shaft....

  • The Harrison “HYDRA-DRIVE” Gear Drop Box is designed to work with the Ford F-Series chassis, factory ordered with the Ford Power Take-Off Provision (62R).

    The “HYDRA-DRIVE” drops the hydraulic pump below the forward drive shaft and offers the ability to directly drive a Hydraulic Pump without the need for modifications to the transmission, thus keeping your warranty intact!


    • PTO: Chelsea 249-series output option XP
    • Input:: SAE A 2-bolt 7/8 13-Tooth spline
    • Output: SAE B 2-bolt 7/8 13-Tooth spline
    • Max Torque: 200 ft-lb (Full PTO torque rating)
    • Drop: 8” center to center
    • Ratio: 1:1
    • Pump rotation: Clockwise
    • PTO rotation: Counterclockwise
    • PTO and hydraulic pump supplied with kit
  • Integrated Hydraulic Technology IHT-HQ
    Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology, IHT allows you to run your on-board equipment using hydraulic motors, instead of gas engines, diesel engines or electric motors....

  • Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology allows you to run your onboard equipment USING HYDRAULIC MOTORS, instead of gas engines, diesel engines or electric motors. Integrated Hydraulic Technology, or IHT, will allow you to create systems you have never been able to accomplish or build before, from SIMPLE APPLICATIONS to complex APPLICATIONS, and everything in between.

    Using small, yet very powerful, hydraulic motors provides enhanced performance, operation, and better packaging by reducing the packaging sizes, ELIMINATING MULTIPLE ENGINES and driving all the onboard equipment using hydraulic motors.

    Benefits Of Integrated Hydraulic Technology | IHT

    • Decreases the size by up to 75%
    • Provides increased reliability and performance
    • Eliminates small engine maintenance issues and provides zero emissions
    • Reduces vehicle wheelbase and increases maneuverability
    • Frees up compartment space; equipment can be mounted anywhere
    • Simplifies operation; flip a switch and go to work
    • Premium Hydraulic Motor will last a lifetime

    IHT is so simple and has been used on Harrison hydraulic generators for almost 50-years. Utilizing the existing on-board power-train, rotary power is transferred from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor. THE HYDRAULIC FLUID IS THE “FUEL” for the hydraulic motor.

    Hydraulic fluid has a tremendous advantage in that it may only need to be replaced yearly, unlike gas that is consumed every time the gas engine is used. YOU MAY ONLY USE 5-GALLONS OF HYDRAULIC FLUID IN A YEAR compared to 100’s of gallons of gas in a year.

    Using gas as a fuel has many disadvantages when compared to using hydraulic oil as the fuel:

    • It can go bad in the can or in the gas tank
    • You can run out of gas or forget to fill the gas tank
    • It may not start every time
    • It must be filled up over and over again, using many gallons of gas over the lifetime
    • Gas engines will have a much shorter lifespan than a hydraulic motor
    • It is NOT environmentally friendly

    Harrison has CERTIFIED PARTNERS with many types of onboard equipment.  Shown are some of our Hydraulic Rescue Tool Pump partners and some of our Water Pump Partners.  They all offer their pumps with a variety of motors available; diesel engine, gas engine, electric motor and HYDRAULIC MOTOR.

    The operation and plumbing of the pumps do not change with the motor chosen.  The standard plumbing of reels, tools, hoses, and nozzles will remain the same.

    In addition to these CERTIFIED PARTNERS, Harrison has worked with many other product partners as well;

    • Air compressors with hydraulic motors
    • Hydraulic work tool pumps
    • Hydraulic Winches
    • Hydraulic cranes

    If you have products that could benefit from being outfitted with a hydraulic motor, contact a Harrison Regional Business Manager.

    Harrison Integrated Hydraulic Technology is available in two packages; IHT-INTEGRATED and IHT-HQ.   Which system works best will depend upon a variety of factors. Is there a Harrison Generator on board? What product are we driving with our hydraulic motor? How many PTO ports are available? What is the desired operation: at idle or at a high idle?

    The answer to these questions will determine what IHT system we will use.

    • IHT-INTEGRATED is only available on select generator models, 6-10 kW.
      • Both systems can be run off a single pump using the existing generator hydraulic system
      • Both systems can operate independently.
      • IHT-HQ provides for an Independent system so this offers the most flexibility of the two varieties of IHT.
      • If a Harrison Generator is used with it, it will operate independently from the IHT-HQ system.
    • Contact a Harrison Regional Business Manager to determine which system will work best for your application.

  • hPower Battery APU Idle Control System IRT IMS
    Harrison Hydra-Gen announces the release the exclusive battery-powered APU idle control system, specifically engineered for the Fire and Emergency segment....

  • The idle mitigation system integrates with the fire truck’s chassis engine system and multiplexing to power the warning lights, work lights and scene lights for 120 minutes or more depending on amp draw and size of the battery module. Through use of the Harrison Idle Control System, fire departments can reduce fuel costs, excessive engine wear, scene noise, while also promoting cleaner air for the environment and providing operators with cab comfort without running the vehicle’s engine.

    The benefits of the Idle Mitigation System include the following:

    • Operates in complete silence
    • Reduces fuel consumption
    • Requires no maintenance
    • Results in less frequent DPF regenerations due to reduced idling
    • Results in less wear on power train due to reduced idle time
    • Powers optional HVAC system to keep cab cool

    The benefits are beyond compelling not only in terms of improved apparatus wear and firefighter comfort but equally so with reduced emissions for the environment.  Contact your Harrison Region Business Manager for more information and stop by our booth to see the system in action.

  • resQube
    Part Harrison, part Holmatro, the resQube is an industry first collaboration that is onboard mounted Hydraulic Rescue Tool Pump....

  • One part Harrison, one part Holmatro, the resQube provides all the benefits of the Harrison Hydra-Qube with a 2-tool, 3-tool or 4-tool Holmatro Spider pump mounted in the middle.  All the benefit you have come to expect from two of the leaders in the Fire & Emergency industry in 1-convenient package.  

    The Holmatro is available in all the standard configurations integrated into the resQube.  This will be sold through the Holmatro distribution network.

    Contact your Harrison or Holmatro representative for more information on the all new resQube.

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