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Simulator Solutions

Coleman,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 329

Come see our state-of-the-art simulators for your program!

Simulator Solutions exists to help train your students to save lives through creating real-life scenario experiences.   Combining your quality instruction with our state-of-the-art simulators will enable your students to perform their best when seconds count.  We infuse the latest technology into every facet of our award-winning, patented Classroom Ambulance and patent-pending Rollover Simulators.

Brands: Classroom Ambulance Simulator - Open or Enclosed; Stationary or Pneumatic Movement Rollover Simulator


  • Classroom Ambulance Simulator
    Classroom Ambulance Simulators replicate the box of an ambulance in your classroom....

  • The purpose of simulation is to get as close as you can to the real thing - a real ambulance.  Our simulators replicate the back of an ambulance including the action space dimensions, correct loading and unloading height, fold up bumper, Stryker or Ferno Cot Latching System, functional O2 and suction, IV hanger, sharps box, Audio Video Packages which include four 1080P cameras, DVR, a 32" and 55" screen to view scenarios.  We offer a myriad of other options to choose from to customize your simulator.

    We offer 4 models:  Bronze (Open Concept/Stationary); Silver (Enclosed Concept/Stationary); Gold (Open Concept/Pneumatic Movement); and Platinum (Enclosed Concept/Pneumatic Movement).  Additionally, because our simulators are individually hand built, we can customize your simulator to your specifications.  We have built simulators for clients who've requested an extra pass through door, leaded glass, longer body, etc.  We are very capable of building whatever your vision is for your simulator.

  • Rollover Simulator
    Simulator for MVA Skills...

  • Simulator Solutions is proud to unveil our latest simulator - The Rollover Simulator.  True to our dedication to provide durable, long lasting simulators, the rollover is constructed using a modular welded steel design making it easy to install in a classroom setting.

    The instructor is able to stage the rollover at any point within a 360-degree radius, it can be used on its side, upside down, or anywhere in between.  The brake ensures stability as the students work through their scenarios.  Mannequins can be placed on each of the four provided seats within the simulator and will allow students to gain practical experience in their MVA skills.

    Delivering emergency medical care, extrication, clearing airways, and putting a patient on a backboard becomes a different scope entirely if the patient is suspended above the EMT.  Realizing the value of creating a simulator to duplicate this scenario, we included four seats and a steering wheel in our design so the students are forced to deal with muliple people/injuries at a time.

  • Mobile Classroom Ambulance Simulator
    Classroom Ambulance Simulator on trailer chassis...

  • Our Mobile Ambulance Simulators are similar to our classroom model, but on a trailer chassis that allows for easy towing.  Perfect for serving multiple campuses!  Our Silver Model has a stationary base and the Platinum offers a base that moves on pneumatics.

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