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Life-Saving Technology Within Reach

Defibtech LLC, is a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of automated external defibrillators and other lifesaving resuscitation products such as the design award winning Lifeline ARM, an automated chest compression device. Defibtech provides value-oriented, easy-to-use solutions with high quality and reliability.

Brands: AEDs: Lifeline AED, Lifeline AUTO, Lifeline VIEW, and Lifeline ECG; Automated Chest Compressor: Lifeline ARM


  • Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compressor
    The Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compressor is an automated and portable, battery- or AC-powered solution that provides adult SCA victims the high-quality and continuous chest compressions that AHA/ERC CPR Guidelines associate with better survival....

  • The Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) system is an automated and portable, battery- or AC-powered solution that provides adult victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) the high-quality and continuous chest compressions associated with better survival as recommended by AHA/ERC cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guidelines. 

    The Lifeline ARM delivers compressions using a state-of-the-art removable compression module which contains the software controlled compression piston, the user interface, power source, and a motor drive ensuring efficient and smooth operation as the piston moves up and down.  The modularization of the compression piston is unique and has benefits throughout every phase of the device’s use from portability to the patient’s side, deployment of the device on the patient, as well as product maintenance and serviceability.   Advanced battery technology with flexible power options allow for prolonged CPR efforts which may be beneficial.

    The compression piston is a mechanical device driven by a sophisticated software algorithm.  It assures each compression of the patient’s chest is at a proper rate and depth, with complete chest recoil in between, by compensating for patient chest resistances, which can change during the rescue.

    Structural integrity and CPR efficacy is provided by a single-piece lightweight rigid frame paired with a backboard.  It allows operation of the compression piston without undue deflection or distortion that could compromise consistent compression depth, and it accommodates a wide range of adult patient size extremes.

    The frame has self-centering and self-locking latching mechanisms that match up with, and securely snap into the backboard.   Patient lift handles and two sets of wide release levers are incorporated into each side of the frame.  These may be released together or one at a time, enabling multiple options for attaching the device, and patient accessibility throughout operation.
  • Lifeline AED & Lifeline AUTO
    Defibtech AEDs offer industry leading innovation, simplicity and elegance. Our products include a two-button semi-automatic defibrillator, and a one-button fully-automated defibrillator that analyzes heart rhythms and automatically delivers a shock....

  • Defibtech Lifeline AEDs offer industry-leading innovation and elegance. They are so easy to use, virtually anyone can use a Defibtech AED to help save a life. With speed and simplicity, Defibtech’s Lifeline AED and Lifeline AUTO lead the user through the rescue with step-by-step instructions using clear visual text guidance, brightly lit progress lights, and clear, calm voice prompts.  The highly visible yellow casing has a roomy handle, rubberized surfaces, and are lightweight, durable, and field upgradable. The Lifeline AEDs incorporate state-of-the-art digital signal processing techniques and advanced ECG analysis algorithms. This enables them to exceed the AHA performance recommendations. Deployments include workplaces, government buildings, airports and aircraft, rail stations and trains, educational institutions, malls, factories, emergency vehicles, healthcare facilities, resorts, arenas, and marine vessels. More than 400,000 units have shipped worldwide.

  • Lifeline VIEW & Lifeline ECG
    The first AEDs with a full-color interactive video display that shows step-by-step videos for saving a life. Starting with the Lifeline VIEW, and expanded to include the multi-mode Lifeline ECG, these devices make it easy to respond confidently....

  • Defibtech offers the first AEDs with a full-motion color video display that shows how to help to save a life. With your own eyes, see what you are supposed to do as step-by-step videos, with easily understandable voice instructions and text prompts, walk you through a rescue. The interactive display coaches the user through the steps of defibrillation, like applying the pads, and performing CPR. Starting with the Lifeline VIEW and expanded to include the sophisticated multi-mode Lifeline ECG unit that includes an ECG display, these devices make it easy for virtually anyone — from untrained bystanders to first responders — to respond confidently and appropriately during an emergency. Videos with corresponding text and voice instructions aid in comprehension. Rescuers simply follow the voice prompts and automated instructions. Frequent and automatic self-tests occur daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Built-in help topic videos, which can be accessed at any time, are also included. They cover subjects such as: Preparing the patient, performing CPR, and analyzing and shocking. Additional help topics provide clear guidance for maintaining the device such as replacing the battery pack or defibrillation pads. An AED Maintenance Screen has menu options designed to support upgrades and enhancements.

    Defibtech’s Lifeline ECG AED is sophisticated enough to meet the needs of the most demanding professional rescuers and health care providers. The touch of a button can change the unit’s display from AED mode to ECG waveform display with event information in real-time. Such flexibility makes the Lifeline ECG well suited for a wide variety of applications within Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Healthcare Facility environments. It is ideal for use by organizations that incorporate a public access response element, and it can reasonably and economically augment the number of defibrillators that need to be kept on hand for use by lay users, basic and advanced life support (BLS/ALS) personnel, and code team members.  An optional rechargeable battery pack is available for supported AED programs with dedicated personnel and maintenance protocols.

    The One-Touch Status Screen gives you up to the minute information regarding the device and its components. At the touch of a button – and without turning on the device itself – the device instantly communicates the operational status of the AED and its accessories:  (1) AED and battery pack status; (2) expiration dates of the pads and the battery pack; (3) unit and battery serial number; and (4) software version. Defibtech AEDs offer industry leading innovation, simplicity and elegance.

    Deployments include workplaces, government buildings, airports and aircraft (certain Lifeline VIEW and Lifeline ECG configurations come with a battery pack that has been certified for use in civil aviation), rail stations and trains, educational institutions, malls, factories, emergency vehicles, healthcare facilities, resorts, arenas, and marine vessels.

    The Defibtech tradition of excellence continues to provide superior value, award winning design, and technical innovation in products with powerful features, functions, and ease of use. The results are truly useful products for helping to save lives.

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