Serving the emergency services community, EMS Today provides professionals with a valuable
combination of progressive education, developed by industry experts and JEMS contributors,
and the latest equipment from leading manufacturers.  Emergency services personnel rely on
EMS Today to help develop their careers, create networking opportunities and provide an environment
where camaraderie, pride of service and dedication to saving lives is celebrated.

You will need to fill out a session verification form - ALL sections- and return to Sara Jones: All forms will be reviewed after the event and CEH awarded based on the information provided on the form.

If your badge is not working, please see the registration desk! 

 There are a few reasons why you may not have received CEH:

  • Entered the classroom more than 15 minutes after it started.
  • Left the class before it officially ended.
  • Too many entraces/exits- you need to be present in the room for 80% of the scheduled time to receive credit.
  • There were multiple entraces scans for different sessions, but you weren't in any of the sessions long enough to qualify to receive CEH.

If you think none of these apply to you, please see the conference desk to fill out a session verification form. Or please contact Sara Jones following the show at

 Yes. You have to stay the full length of the ceremony and the JEMS games in order to receive 1 credit hour (each). 
The program is accredited for prehospital providers only- EMTs and Paramedics. It is not accredited for nurses or physicians, however they may submit their documentation to their respective accrediting organizations to receive credit.

Continuing Education is earned on a one unit per hour basis. For example, a 1.5 hour session will give you 1.5 CEH.

However, the rules do not apply to the Keynote and JEMS Games. Since you are only receiving education for 1 hour during the 2 hour time slot, you only get 1 CEH for each. 

Your badge will be scanned at the entrance to every session you attend. If you enter the session late you will not receive CEH for that session. If you exit before its completion, you will be scanned again and will not receive CEH for that session.

PLEASE make sure you are being scanned in (or out. if you leave early) for EVERY session you attend. EMS Today strives to allow you the opportunity to receive as many continuing educaiton hours as possible. So please make sure your badges are being scanned!

No, we cannot grant partial credit for sessions- sessions are accredited for the full time and we arent able to split the credits.

In order to receive your certificate from previous years, you will need your badge number OR your receipt confirmation number. Please simply click on the URLS below and it will ask for your badge number. You will then be able to print off a PDF of your certificate. If you do not know your badge number or receipt confirmation, please contact Sara Jones

The download URLS are:

EMS Today 2019 CEH Certificates

EMS Today 2018 CEH Certificates

EMS Today 2017 CEH Certificates

EMS Today 2016 CEH Certificates

 EMS Today 2015 CEH Certificates

Please allow up to 3 weeks following EMS Today, for all CE records to be sent to CAPCE. Also, please note, it can take up to 2 additional weeks for the states to process your CEH from EMS Today. 

At this time, we have been advised that all states accept CAPCE accreditation. However, in some states, it may be up to you to submit your own CE hours. Please contact your local agency to see if this pertains to you! 

As of September 26, 2017, PennWell-EMS Today and JEMS is a CAPCE Accrediting Organization. Anything EMS Today offers (excluding co-located events), will be accredited by CAPCE. 

For questions regarding the 
conference program, please contact:
Sara Jones
Conference Coordinator
Direct: 918-831-9738


For questions regarding
exhibitor services, please contact:
Danielle McCloud 
Exhibit Service Manager
Direct: 918-831-9821


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