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  • Booth: 3938

Providing end-to-end managed AMI operations and analytics.

Utilismart enables utilities to digitally transform by unlocking Grid Devices to interact with utility applications and unify all disparate data into a Digtial Platform. This unlocks Power System Flexibility, Adaptive Infrastructure and Customer Control through a powerful Cloud based simulation and analytical tech with embedded Security designed into the solution (ISO 27001:2013 Certification).

Brands: Utility Data and Energy Manager (MDM), SmartMAP, Analytics, Simulation, Distribution Monitoring (DSO), DER, Engineering Analysis, Design, Consumer Engagement, Work Order, Staking, Asset, Rate Design


  • SmartMap
    SmartMap helps you build an analytic model of your system and combines that with data from smart meters, wholesale meter points and other sensors to create a sophisticated simulation of your distribution system....

  • SmartMap leverages data from electric meters in near real-time to monitor the health of an electric distribution network.  Because SmartMap maintains network relationships and contains load flow analytics it can leverage data from electric meters to simulate an electric distribution network in near real time. By combining meter data with other existing field devices, SmartMap can, besides reporting on the state and health of the network, run a load flow simulation through a network engineering/connectivity model to locate root cause of a power outage and predict network overload before executing a switching operation. Many utilities use SmartMap as an integrated solution for asset management, engineering, outage management and network operations.

    With SmartMap utilities can:

    • View the state of the entire network, down to distribution transformers and service points
    • Monitor load and voltage at feeders, distribution transformers and consumer meters
    • Automatically record load and voltage history on a graph for immediate reference
    • Receive an email alert when load or voltage exceeds a threshold
    • Detect network events, such as under voltage, over voltage and power outages
    • Determine the likely cause and its location on a map
    • Isolate the event and communicate resolution to your stakeholders on a map
    • Substantiate decisions with historical evidence
    • Define boundaries or high lows. When these boundaries are crossed an alarm is trigger and a text and/or email is sent to the defined stakeholders.
    • The ability to analyze the following, and issue alerts via email and/or text, in near real-time:
      • Power Outage
      • Under/Over Voltage
      • Transformer Load
      • Network Loss

    With SmartMap utilities can run detailed engineering analysis including:

    • Load Flow
    • Short Circuit
    • Arc Flash
    • Protection Coordination
    • Phase Balancing
    • Capacitor Optimization
    • Open Point Optimization

    With SmartMap, utilities can perform the following network operation tasks:

    • Simulate the state of the entire electric distribution network, from feeders right down to distribution transformers and service points
    • Calculate current and voltage at feeders, laterals, distribution transformers based on load data from smart meters
    • Draw temporary changes to their electric distribution network, such as additional loads and/or distributed generation, and run load flow simulation on-the-fly.
    • Automatically record load and voltage history on a graph for immediate reference
    • Utilize rich analytics to analyze past outages, assess network reliability and automatically generate a reliability indices report.
    • Receive an email alert when load or voltage exceeds a threshold
    • Detect network events, such as under voltage, over voltage and power outages
    • Determine the root cause and its location on a map
    • Isolate the event and simulate network load before executing a switching operation
    • Communicate resolution to your stakeholders on a map
    • Substantiate decisions with historical evidence
    • By combining meter data with network simulation, an electric utility can eliminate the guesswork before executing a switching operation for the following network operation scenarios:
      • Power Restoration
      • Temporary Connection
      • Emergency Load Transfer

    Many utilities use SmartMap to satisfy their Outage and Restoration Management requirements and don’t feel the need to incur the additional effort and cost to acquire a separate OMS application.

    Upon receiving as little as one outage message, either from a smart meter or a phone call, SmartMap will begin to trace the outage both upstream and downstream of the service point in question. It will do this by “pinging” (or verifying the status of) service points on the same network as the identified service point. Once the extent of the outage is verified, SmartMap identify options for minimizing the extent of the outage by evaluating alternative options for rerouting power and/or exercising protection devices. Real-time mode gives users a near real time view of the loading and voltages in the system.  These values are calculated using historical meter load data and real-time data from devices such as line sensors, RTUs and SCADA devices.

    SmartMap will evaluate alternative restoration strategies and provide a list of alternatives and their impacts. Switching options are made available to the SmartMAP users in a list prioritized based on system performance under each configuration. 

    Because SmartMap can be run near real time and runs on alternative platforms including those utilized by field personnel, these analytics can be conducted by crews in the field. This both insures that the best restoration strategies will be implemented and that a restoration implementation does not result in “islanding” and service points being out of service when the crew leaves.

    While performing network analysis due to an outage, SmartMap can also gathering data on the causes of outages. Assets can be managed to minimize outages and operating costs.

    SmartMap also keeps track of system performance including, user defined, momentary outages as well as the duration and extent of actual outages. As a result, SmartMap can also produce reliability indices outage reports.

  • Utility Data Manager
    The Utility Data Manager is the database at the heart of Utilismart’s online metering data solution. It allows utilities and other providers of energy to acquire data from various sensors and from electrical, water, and gas meters....

  • This provides valuable reporting and billing information to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, all in the cloud. It is ideal for anyone in the energy industry who requires meter data management and analysis but wishes to avoid operating and maintaining on-premise hardware and software. This robust tool collects usage and event data from smart meters, interval meters or any other sensor or device providing a stream of monitored data. It then stores, manipulates, analyzes, and serves the data out to Utilismart’s Energy Manager and Mapping applications for different end-customers, as well as other utility systems (SCADA, OMS, Design, CIS, Billing, etc.). Utility Data Manger is entirely meter and headend system agnostic – it can manage data from any device on your network – both smart meters and commercial industrial interval meters. Utilismart simply establishes a data feed between Utility Data Manger and whatever AMI or C&I head end system you have in place. We also enrich the data with other feeds such as weather and trend data. In many cases, Utilismart operates these AMI headend systems on behalf of our customer (either on Utilismart’s premises or remotely at the customer site).
  • MeridioMap
    MeridioMap is a complete mapping solution which provides utility's with the capability to build the map in the field, collect data, update, and view the map from any device in any location with accessibility to all team members at the same time....

  • MeridioMap includes the following applications:


    The Inspector is software that can be used by your field crew and runs on a rugged tablet with excellent GPS capabilities. This application is used to build maps in the field using your own standards book. This device offers accurate locations of your utility’s assets and can design new construction locations in the field. In this way, you can utilize your crew for both inspections and recording asset information. The crew can take the Inspector unit out into the field and the completed work will automatically sync when re-connected to a Wi-Fi connection.


    Designer provides a fully comprehensive planning and development system for your team. Used for approving map updates, it will typically be used by your engineers and office staff to update the map and scheduling maintenance or service orders. 


    Viewer allows all relevant staff to access the rich data contained in your GIS resource maps from any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones whether in the office or out in the field. Due to the Canmap Core integration with your billing system this data is up-to-date and accurate providing you with a comprehensive view of your entire operation.

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