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  • Booth: 1501

Welcome to Nansen & Sanxing!

Nansen is one of the most important companies at Latin America electric meter manufacture market. A partnership was signed with Sanxing Electric a few years ago.

Operating in more than 50 countries around the world, we also have a complete line of charging stations for electric cars.

Brands: smart metering energy metering smart grid electric vehicles charging electric vehicles charger electromobility e-mobility ev charging eve chargers


  • NSXi
    The NSXi family of smart meters has been developed with highly durable materials, advanced technology and is produced with all the care of Electrostatic Discharge. The NSXi line is stable, robust and durable. Our meters have a useful life of 15 years....

  • The NSXi family of smart meters has been developed with highly durable materials, advanced technology and is produced with all the care of Electrostatic Discharge. The NSXi line is stable, robust and durable. Our meters have a useful life of 15 years.

    Historically critical electronic components, such as the LCD display, have been developed foreseeing the high temperature (85 ° C) and humidity (87% RH) variations found in several Latin American countries, always in agreement with the good practices and the latest ABNT standard dealing with this subject, NBR16078.

    Another striking innovation for the high reliability of Nansen smart meters is that electrolytic capacitors, a common component in energy meters, have been virtually eliminated in the NSXi development project. Ensuring unprecedented levels of reliability in electronic meters.

    We constantly invest in quality testing and simulation of wear and aging of meters. Always with the purpose of guaranteeing our excellence in quality and reliability. The Nansen Quality Laboratory is in compliance with all current INMETRO standards and qualified to perform inspections and tests even for other manufacturers in our segment. 



    NSX 112 i → mono phase measurement with 2 yarns
    NSX 113 i → mono phase measurement with 3 yarns
    NSX 213 i → biphasic measurement 3 yarns
    NSX 314 i → three – phase measurement 4 yarns
    NSX 324 i → poli-phase indirect measurement 

    The measurements comply with the requests of the main international and national requests:
    » INMETRO Ordinance RTM 586/2012, RTM 587/2012 and RTM 520/2014
    » ABNT NBR14519, NBR14520 and NBR16078
    » IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21 and IEC62053-61 

    Mechanic Characteristics
    Possibility of solidarity by ultrasound
    Degree of protection IP-52 
    Main cover: polycarbonate + fiber
    Block cover: polycarbonate
    Base and block: polycarbonate + fiber
    Voltage and current terminals: aluminum or tinned brass
    Dimensions (HxWxD): NSX 112i and 113i: 131,3mm x 117,1mm x 50,5 mm. NSX 213i, 314i and 324i: 263,3mm x 174,1mm x 85,1mm 

    » Measurement in 4 quadrants
    » 3-phase unidirectional registration or 4-quadrant registration » Rates of UFER and DMCR
    » 4 timetables
    » Timetables configuration tables
    » Possibility of 50 holidays
    » Summer time
    » Maximum and cumulative demand - Sliding demand or configurable block demand
    » Local or remote firmware update with digital signature
    » 1 LED for active power pulse, 1 LED for reactive power pulse
    » 1 LED for operating indication and 1 LED for relay status indication or reverse power (optional)
    » Cut / Relay for all models except the NSX 324i model 

    Local communication
    » Digital Input: 2 inputs NSX 213i, NSX 314i and NSX 324i 1 input for model NSX 112i and NSX 113i
    » Optical port (Protocol DLMS/COSEM)
    » RS-232 or RS-485 (Protocol DLMS/COSEM)
    » PIMA (Protocol COPEL ETC 3.11) 

    Remote Comunication
    » RF Mesh (Protocol DLMS/COSEM)
    » PLC
    » 3G/GPRS 

    Historic Information
    » Mass memory with 21 channels
    » Record the last 12 months of the energy and demand registers
    » Daily Self-reads: records energy, demand and timestamp registers every 24h 

    Diagnostics and Alarms
    » Diagnosis in alternative display mode: voltage and current per phase, angles per phase, angles between phases, phase sequence, harmonic distortion (% THD), power factor per phase, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active power pulse, reactive power pulse counter and firmware version
    » Configurable anti-fraud alarms 

    Energy Quality
    » Tension on permanent regime: DRP and DRC
    » Variation of short term tension (VTCD)
    OBS: Indicators according to Prodist module 8 

  • Aurium 3
    AURIUM® 3 is a fully electronic single phase electric power meter....

  • AURIUM® 3 is a fully electronic single phase electric power meter.


    AURIUM® 3 is designed for active energy measurement (kWh) and can be purchased in 120V or 240V versions, with rated current of 15A and 30A, respectively. Its communication is made through optical port.

    AURIUM® 3 follows the following international standards:

    • EN50470-1

    • EN50470-3

    • IEC62053-23

    • IEC62052-21

    • IEC62054-21


    The kWh quantity and parameters are stored in an EEPROM memory to provide greater product robustness and prevent data loss.

    If the LCD display fails to read the recorded consumption (kWh), the AURIUM® 3 allows data to be read through an optical port.

    Alarm indication: AURIUM® 3 has lid opening detection function. It counts the number of times the lid is opened and the display shows the symbol 【ALARM

    Nansen performs periodic aging tests to constantly monitor the quality of its products and ensure longer life than ANEEL has established.


    AURIUM® 3 follows the following international standards:

    • EN50470-1

    • EN50470-3

    • IEC62053-23

    • IEC62052-21

    • IEC62054-21










    15(100) A

    50 ou 60Hz

    1S (1EL/2F)

    1000 imp/KWh

    Active / Reactive

    Optical port


    30(200) A

    50 ou 60Hz

    2S (1EL/3F)

    1000 imp/KWh

    Active / Reactive

    Optical port



    Rated Voltage (Vn):

    120V (1P2W)


    240V (1P3W)

    Operation Range: 0.8 Vn ~ 1.2 Vn

    Rated Current (In):


    15A (1P2W)


    30A (1P3W)


    Max Current (Imax):


    100A (1P2W)

    Connection Type

    200A (1P3W)

    Temperature Range

    Starting Current: 0.0004 In

    50Hz or 60Hz

    Potential Circuit Consumption

    Active Energy: Class 0.5

    Current Circuit Consumption

    1.0 Wh / pulse (1000 imp / kWh)

    Record type

    LCD display:

    Degree of protection

    6 integers (000000)


    5 integers (00000)


    5 integers + 1 decimal (00000.0)


    1S (1P2W) and 2S (1P3W)

    -25 ° C to 55 ° C (normal operating temperature)

    -40 ° C to 70 ° C (storage and transport temperature)

    Voltage and current terminals

    <1 W, 10VA


    <1 VA

  • Residential Wall-Mount AC Charger
    AC Chargin Station
    Suitable for: residence, hotel, shopping mall, parking areas etc...

  • Residential Wall-Mount AC Charger
    AC Charging Station 

    • Output power level: 7kW, 22kW, 44kW, 84kW (3 phase, dual connector), etc.

    • Multiple connector type: AC Type 1, Type 2 and GB/T.

    • Network connectivity based on OCPP 1.6 or up.

    • Multiple-layer protection as: overheating, overload, overvoltage, leakage protection.

    • Enclosure: Indoor/Output IP54. 




    95~265 VAC Single-phase three-wire system (L1-L2/N - PE)


    8,16, 32A, Configurable





    95~265 VAC


    8, 16, 32 A

    Rate Power

    7 kW


    Input Overvoltage

    Phase voltage 266 VAC

    Input Undervoltage

    Phase voltage 94 VAC

    Output Overcurrent

    35.2 A

    Insulation Resistance

    >= 10 MΩ

    Leakage Current

    <= 30 A


    3” Dot Matrix LCD Display

    Display of charge information (Voltage, Current, Duration, Energy in kWh), system setting

    Delay Charge

    User can delay charge from 0, 1, 2 up to 9 hours


    Auto Restart

    Ager power failure, it will restart the charge session automatically

    RFID Card Reader

    User can tap RFID card to start/stop charging. It functions as a lock for shared parking area

    Plug and Charge

    Start/Stop charging by plug in/unplug connector

    IP Protection


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