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LiCAP Technologies, Inc.

Sacramento,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 946

LICAP offers long life green alternatives to batteries.

LICAP is a manufacturer of innovative ultracapacitor electrode material, ultracapacitor modules, and high quality ultracapacitors and lithium ion capacitors. The key element of our product performance is our industry leading dry electrode. LICAP’s Activated Dry Electrode combines efficiency with innovative fabrication resulting in industry leading ESR, Capacitance, and Life Cycle performance.

Brands: LICAP, Lithium Ion Capacitor, Ultracapacitor, Super Capacitor, Battery Alternative, Safe Battery, Green Battery


  • 64V 125F Grid Frequency Response Module
    LICAP ultracapacitor systems provide additional inertia buffering against sudden load changes within milliseconds. This fast response stabilizes the deviant change in frequency and bridges the time gap in bringing additional generator capacity on-line....

  •  LICAP Technologies Application Note 

    An Ultracapacitor Energy Storage System For Grid Balancing 

    Grid imbalance between generation and load is monitored and balanced by tracking changes in AC line frequency, commonly referred to as ‘frequency response’. The rotating mass of generators (spinning wire coil within a magnetic field) provide a mechanical inertia buffer to sudden changes in load demand. As load demand suddenly increases beyond this buffer capacity and the rotating mass starts to slow, line frequency decreases. If load demand suddenly decreases, frequency will increase but is typically dealt with by reducing generator output. Rapid response to a decreasing frequency event is critical in preventing a cascading loss of service. 

    Dedicated peaker generators and renewable generation resources such as wind, wave, and solar are not dependable sources to mitigate sudden peak load demand. Peakers take time to come online and renewables can exacerbate the overload condition by going off-line at an inopportune point in time. 

    LICAP ultracapacitor systems provide additional inertia buffering against sudden load changes within milliseconds. This fast response stabilizes the deviant change in frequency and bridges the time gap in bringing additional generator capacity on-line. 

    Advantage LICAP 

    • • High power density in a space 3 to 5 times smaller than a battery solution 
    • • Low maintenance compared to a lead acid battery system 
    • • Up to 1 million cycles and calendar life of 15 years 
    • • Scalable to allow for over 100MW 
    • • Extends battery life in hybrid systems by buffering high rates of discharge 

    Grid Balancing Application Considerations 

    Energy storage efficiency, or ‘round trip efficiency’ is the ratio of energy input to energy retrieved. Low efficiency requires topping off the energy storage system with real-time purchase of energy which is best avoided. 

    Lifetime of ultracapacitor energy storage systems is measured in cycles, or calendar life. Cycle life is the number of full charge/discharge cycles, while calendar life (typically associated with UPS systems with infrequent charge/discharge cycles) is primarily a function of voltage and temperature. 

    Ultracapacitors have superior life (cycle and calendar) as compared to batteries, as well as greater efficiency. Ultracapacitors are also safer and maintenance free: 

    Energy Storage Technology Comparison Characteristic 


    Lithium Ion 

    Lead Acid 



    80% - 90% 


    Cycle Life 


    500 - 1000 


    Calendar life 

    10+ years 

    5 years 

    4 years 


    Hermetically sealed, 

    non-toxic, no lead, 

    no acid 

    Considered hazardous 

    material, potential for 

    thermal runaway 

    Lead content, 

    corrosive acid, 

    explosion hazard 

    For grid balancing applications, the following points should be considered when determining ultracapacitor sizing to meet peak load requirements:

    • Maintain frequency deviation within grid operator established tolerances and time limits
    • Ultracapacitor energy storage capacity is based on 80% of initial capacity at end of life and should be compensated for as such
    • Usable energy storage of ultracapacitors is always calculated with lower voltage cut off at 50% of maximum voltage per cell
    • Power loss due to efficiency levels of bidirectional DC to DC conversion/DC to AC inverter between the ultracapacitors and grid
    • Proper cell de-rating and system cooling considerations at higher temperatures to ensure expected ultracapacitor life span

    Recommended LICAP Ultracapacitor Module

    SM0125-064ATH Specifications

    Rated capacitance

    Rated voltage


    64V DC

    ESR (DC) – typical

    8 mΩ

    Max leakage current

    6 mA

    Max continuous current

    140 A

    Max peak current

    1900 A

    Stored energy

    71 Wh

    Power density

    4000 W/kg

    Operating temp range

    -40⁰C to +65⁰C

    Scalable, rack mounted, zero maintenance

    Our Story

    LICAP Technologies, established in 2016, is a manufacturer of innovative ultracapacitor

    electrode material, high quality ultracapacitor cells and ultracapacitor modules. Our patented LICAP Activated Dry Electrode manufacturing process was developed in our California R&D laboratories. Dr. Linda Zhong, the leader in modern ultracapacitor electrode design with over forty patents in the US and abroad, is our company President. LICAP Technologies leads the way in ultracapacitor performance.

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