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Ranger Power Quality and Fault Level Monitoring

West Sussex, 
United Kingdom
  • Booth: 1548

Come and visit Ranger Power Quality & Fault Level Monitoring

High quality, high spec Ranger Power Quality analyzers are continually improved with unique & innovative features to make troubleshooting and analysis of Power Quality problems as easy as possible.

Latest from Ranger: Real Time Fault Level Monitor accurately predicts peak & RMS short circuit current in real time, LV to 33kV, through network measurement, enabling Active Network Management based on Fault Level

Brands: Ranger Power Quality, Power Quality Troubleshooting, Short Circuit Current Measurement, Prospective Fault Level Measurement, Flicker & Harmonic Survey, 3 phase and Split phase power quality


  • Ranger PM7000 Fault Level Monitor
    PM7000FLM can predict peak & RMS prospective short circuit current up to 132kV by observing natural disturbances on the network, of as little as 0.15% on voltage.
    The PM7000 FLM (portable or panel mounted) is also a top of the range Power Quality Analyser...

  • Double finalist in the Electrical Industry Innovation Awards 2012, the Ranger PM7000FLM is the first ever commercially available instrument capable of predicting peak and RMS fault current by observing natural disturbances on the network.

    As well as predicting the network fault current during normal operation, the PM7000FLM can also measure the same Power Quality parameters as Outram’s top of the range Power Quality Analyser the Ranger PM7000S.

    The PM7000FLM can be portable or panel mounted and will work up to 132kV predicting the fault current using radial network disturbances of as little as 0.15% (on voltage).

    The larger the disturbance the greater the confidence in the answer. The Ranger FLM will give the peak and RMS Fault Level Result, the confidence weighting and a time stamp as to when the result was generated.

    Immediate Uses of the Ranger Fault Level Monitor

    • Validate your existing models. Confirm all sources of fault current are included in your predictions.
    • Give un-modelled areas a value. Obtain fault level values for areas of the network where models don’t exist or it’s difficult to obtain them, e.g. sections of the 11kV or Low Voltage network.
    • Establish local fault level. Measure the fault level at the point of common coupling (PCC) to enable accurate assessment of the impact of harmonic emissions for Engineering Recommendations such as IEEE519 and G59/2.

    Benefits of measuring the Network Fault Level

    • Health and Safety: Identify unknown problems.
      Identify and manage previously unknown conditions on the network and mitigate the risk.
    • Operational: Optimise management of network interconnections.
      Find out if it’s possible to make connections where previously thought to be restricted.
    • New Connection Possibilities: Plan for additional load with more certainty.
      Better predict the effect of harmonic emissions e.g. with respect to IEEE519.
    • Financial Rewards: Save money through improved regulatory performance.
      Use accurate monitoring to plan re-enforcement more effectively and remove perceived fault level issues.
    • Environmental: Let your equipment work longer.
      Help the environment and save money by not performing unnecessary infrastructure upgrades.
    • Environmental: Increase renewable generation connection.
      Measure the real impact on fault level enabling more and faster connection.

    Product Specifications (partial list - further spec on

    Input Voltage:4 input channels. 0-600Vac or 0-1000Vac (if internal AC power supply disconnected). Sensors: In-line shrouded 4mm banana sockets. Fused voltage leads, crocodile clip.
    Input Current: 4 input channels. Sensors: Two ranges on two types. Menu Selectable Rogowski coil 0-6000A, 0-400A, or Voltage Type 0-1 Vac. Safety BNC Socket. Phase reversal in software.
    Five distinct simultaneous Recording Systems:
    Waveform capture: High Speed sampling on all inputs.
    Troubleshooting: Utilising the patented single cycle Adaptive StoreTM to capture comprehensive detail over long recording periods on up to 32 selected parameters.
    General Parameter Analysis / Trends: > 470 parameters recorded automatically and simultaneously enabling reporting to recognised Standards.
    RMS Event Database: Monitoring for ‘official’ power quality events such as sags/surges/interruptions.
    Fault Level (optional): ½ cycle Peak Fault Level, RMS Break Fault Level at 50-100ms and ½ cycle. Results dependent on presence of abrupt voltage induced current disturbances > 0.15%. Downstream Motor Contribution.
    Configurations: Space for over 200 files. These may be used for configuration or recording sessions.
    Accuracy*: 0.2%. 0.1% in reference range 20-30°C (excluding sensors). +/-2LSB.
    Resolution: Programmable to 0.1 Vac and 0.1 Aac, 0.01V high resolution mode.
    General Parameter measurement: Records automatically. Fixed functions recorded on (selected) intervals. (1 sec to 2 hours). Voltage & Current RMS (Max, Min, Avg). THD / Harmonic Value (8 inputs), Flicker (3 Voltage inputs). Power (kW, VAR, AP, PF), Individual Harmonics 2-50 (8*50 signals on Volts and Current) or optional choice of 2-100 (4*100 on Volts or Current). Unbalance.
    Troubleshooting Maths Functions:
    AC Single Phase Installation: RMS, Stray Voltage RMS Hi Res < 35V, (line-neutral, line-line where appropriate). Real power W, Reactive Power VARS, Apparent Power VA, Power Factor PF, Displacement Power Factor, Phase Angle, Frequency, Instantaneous Flicker Sensation, Short Term & Long Term Perceptibility, Flicker Flag, Distortion Power.
    AC 2 (split) Phase Installation: Real Power, Reactive Power VARS, Apparent Power, Power Factor.
    AC 3 Phase Installation (Delta, Wye and variants): Real Power, Reactive Power VARS, Apparent Power, Power Factor, Voltage Unbalance, (Conventional & Sequential Components), Current Unbalance. Distortion Power, Positive Sequence Fundamental Real & Reactive Power (IEEE1459).
    Harmonics: Odds, Evens, Triplens, Individual Harmonics value to the 127th and % and Harmonic Direction to the 50th, K Factor, % Total Harmonic Distortion, Total Harmonic Value. Interharmonics.
    Symmetrical Components: Positive, negative, zero sequence: NPS, NPS/PPS (Voltage and Current), ZPS, ZPS/PPS (Voltage).
    Other Maths Options available
    Waveform Capture: Sample rate – up to 1.2288 Ms/s in the PM7000T (~ 20,480 samples/cycle at 60 Hz) on 8 channels. Events examined, Ranked & stored in real time.

    Selectable waveform parameters:
    Wave Retention Basis: Greatest disturbances (automatic ranking and low rank discard) and first past a threshold.
    Capture wave bracket: Wave Sets: from 20ms up to 60secs. Can be contiguous; no re-arming.
    Signals to be captured: offending wave / complementary current or voltage, All Voltages, All Currents.
    Triggers to be used: Transient, Ring, Notch, Sag, Surge, THD Volts, THD Current.

    Further spec to be found on

  • Ranger PM7000 Power Quality Analyzer
    Comprehensive, 3 phase, portable, troubleshooting Power Quality Analyzer with unique features such as Single Cycle Adaptive Store and auto Ranking Waveform Capture making customer complaint analysis much faster and easier. Online Remote Comms coming soon....

  • Key Features Include

    • Cat IV 600V Phase A powered Power Quality Analyser.
    • Flicker measurements to IEC61000-4-15: Instantaneous Flicker Sensation, Short Term and Long Term Flicker Perceptibility.
    • Single Cycle Adaptive Storage recording process provides extremely high resolution over long recording periods.
    • 32 Troubleshooting channels with single cycle detail.
    • General Parameters: Over 470 channels which record automatically for reporting to the Standards.
    • Auto-Ranking Waveform Capture: High speed waveform capture ranked for disturbance severity, 7 types of disturbance captured: Transients, falls (sags), rises (surges), rings, notches, THD, Total Harmonic Value. No thresholds need to be set.
    • Harmonics to the 50th (standard): THD and individual harmonics to the 50th as standard. As well as using the 32 detailed recording channels, record 1-50th harmonics on all voltage and current channels in General Parameters every measuring session (400 parameters).
    • Interharmonics and individual harmonics to the 127th (optional): As well as using the 32 detailed recording channels to record individual harmonics up to the 127th, record the 1-100th harmonics all at the same time on either 4 voltage or 4 current channels in General Parameters.
    • Bi-colour, status LEDs, externally visible, show recording/memory/voltage/power conditions.
    • Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, USB Flash Drive connectivity.
    • Comes with Pronto for Windows software, a highly regarded data recovery and analysis package.
    • Hook-Up Checklist with photos and reference vector diagrams to give confidence of correct hook-up whether 1st or 101st time of using the unit. 3 versions are available to distinguish between European Union, USA and Asian (Australasian) phase colours. (NB these checklists will open in a new window.)
    • Configuration Guide lists in detail the 12 pre-stored configurations in the logger and shows how to set-up the PM7000 to get live recordings in just 15 minutes.

    Remote Communication via cell modem coming soon - come and ask us about it.

    Applications include:

    Trouble shooting unknown power quality issues – Our unique recording regime Adaptive Store is especially useful for identifying and locating problems on your network, recording down to a single cycle the instant events occur without setting any thresholds. Unique precise capturing of sudden changes eg. transients, current spikes, harmonics, drop-outs and brown-outs to extremely high resolution makes detecting problems on your power distribution system easier. The PM7000 is often used when other units without this capability have failed to find a problem.

    Real time troubleshooting – Live results, harmonics, waveforms and EN50160 comparisons can all be viewed on an Android tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth comms even whilst background recording is taking place. Get a head start on your site analysis right from the word go.

    New Equipment Installation – Benchmark before and check after the installation of new equipment to ensure quality of service has been maintained.

    Power Quality Surveys – record all parameters and create necessary graphs and tables to create your own professional reports. >470 channels are measured in General Parameters to ensure nothing is missed during each recording. G5/4 reporting available from April 2016.

    Long term monitoring – Discover solutions to hard to find or intermittent problems. Record indefinitely in FIFO mode until the event occurs again. If required download each recording automatically to a hard-drive or memory stick or transfer data via Wifi/3G/4G using our PMGateway App or Ethernet. Discounts available for long term hire.

    Speed up critical equipment recovery – Monitor important equipment to capture power quality events if and when it malfunctions. Use this information to get it back online more quickly.

    Harmonics Analysis – Monitor 2-100th Harmonic on 4 voltage or 4 current channels or 2-50th on 8 channels (400 harmonics) at the same time. Make an assessment of your site conditions whilst checking compliance with the standards. IEEE519 reporting.

    Customer complaints – Solve customer complaints including voltage or flicker problems using the ability to compare any data streams on the same graph in the Outram/Ranger Software, Pronto. E.g. RMS voltage and instantaneous flicker sensation (and any others) on the same graph. Finding the problem quickly using Adaptive Store recording regime means minimum customer disruption.

    Measure in remote locations – Automatic restart when power returns if unit is being powered off voltage measured.

    Load Distortion and Imbalance

    Preventive Maintenance – keep a track on your power quality to detect any problems before they cause your equipment damage or end up in costly down time.

    Fast Transient Capture – waveform capture to 1.228MHz with automatic ranking in Pronto to help you zoom in to the most important waveforms in the recording in seconds. Sags, Surges, Transients, Rings, Notches, THD, TH Current are all triggers.

    Network Characterization – measure non-sinusoidal and unbalanced systems.

    Power Quality Software: Our comprehensive and very flexible Pronto software is the same for all Outram/Ranger Equipment so even when hiring a variety of models you will still use the same software each time.

    Recent hire applications include:

    • Troubleshooting solar farm commissioning issues
    • Solving connection problems at a grid tied Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)
    • Instability issues on wind farms
    • Effects on power quality of malfunctioning large materials handling systems/Cranes
    • Monitoring switchover from live to backup power and back again
    • Measuring either side of a UPS – Differential inputs allow simultaneous measurements to asses UPS quality
    • Determining whether power quality issues are being imported or exported
    • Measurement of capacitor switching.
  • Outram RTFLM (Real TIme Fault Level Monitor)
    Winner of the 2019 Network Innovation Award for Best Electricity Improvement, the Real Time Fault Level Monitor (RTFLM) can deliver MEASURED Prospective Short Circuit Current Results in REAL TIME at LV and MV (up to 33kV)....

  • About the RTFLM

    Winner of the 2019 Network Innovation Award for Best Electricity Improvement and shortilisted for the edie 2020 Sustainability Leaders Awards for Technological Innovation of the Year the Real Time Fault Level Monitor (RTFLM) can deliver MEASURED Prospective Short Circuit Current Results in real time at LV and MV (up to 33kV).

    Installed in network substations, the RTFLM is a standalone cubicle designed to collate prospective Short Circuit Current results generated through the measurement of a number of very small artificial disturbances over a short period. Results can be continuously available but are typically averaged over 10 seconds (selectable). The Prospective Short Circuit Current at the measurement point can be transmitted in real time over the SCADA system, making it the first compact instrument capable of generating real time measurements that can be used by those managing the network.

    The Short Circuit Current (fault level) data can either be requested from the unit when needed or will regularly and automatically be sent back through the network communication system to the relevant control centre, with a view to being used to actively manage the network based on what the Short Circuit Current actually is at the time.

    The RTFLM uses the ground breaking technology found in our Natural Disturbances Fault Level Monitor, the PM7000FLM, coupled with a built in artificial disturbance generator to remove the need for a necessary level of ‘activity’ on the network, and a radial network measurement position, to produce results. For more information on our small, portable PM7000FLM and how it works, please click here.

    Innovation sponsored by OFGEM (UK)

    The development of the Real Time Fault Level Monitor (RTFLM) has been part of an NIA (Network Innovation Allowance) Project run by SP Energy Networks (SPEN). Stage 1 of this project, successfully completed, was the installation of 2 units on the SPEN Network to accurately predict the MV (11kV and 33kV) network Prospective Fault Level in Real Time.

    Stage 2 of SPEN’s project, starting shortly, is to install a further 8-10 units around the UK up to 33kV (with confirmed participation from other UK DNOs) to explore how best to actively manage the network based on Real Time Fault Level Results.

    For more information on this project with SPEN, visit our Project Partner Page here.

    What does this mean for the future?

    We anticipate installation of these units in substations and at industrial sites worldwide to help combat problems and constraints faced due to Short Circuit Current being either too high (in more densely populated/industrial areas) or too low (in outlying regions).

    Sites have already been earmarked in the UK for RTFLM installation to facilitate new customer connections. These are locations with a believed Short Circuit Current Capacity issue, where, following connection, certain circumstances could take the Short Circuit Current over the local rating limit.

    Monitoring the Short Circuit Current, obtaining up to date information, will enable the unique situation where a customer can be disconnected when the Fault Level reaches a predetermined limit. The installation of an RTFLM and an agreement to adhere to an Active Network Management Contract of this type is likely to be a far more attractive proposition than a charge for millions of dollars ($) worth of network reinforcement.

    This technology will enable:

    • Increased network safety, reducing risk of operating above design limits
    • Validation of models to release additional firm capacity
    • Increased network operability / security. Allow greater interconnection
    • The introduction of Active Network Management based on Fault Level
    • The offering of a new connection customers the choice of a ‘Flexible Connection’. Agreeing to disconnection when Short Circuit Current reaches a pre-determined limit
    • Faster / cheaper connections for customers, increasing the uptake of Low Carbon Technology
    • Greater visibility / understanding of the network Short Circuit Current – seasonal variability and contribution from customers

    For more information please contact us.

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