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UU 103: Planning for Integration of Distributed Generation, Energy Storage and Microgrids in Smart Distribution Systems

  • Room: 214A
  • Session Number:UU 103
Monday, January 27, 2020: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Farid Katiraei
Senior Director, Advanced Technology Integration
Quanta Technology
Elli Ntakou, PhD
Advisor, Advisory Services
Quanta Technology LLC
United States
Shadi Chuangpishit
Principal Consultant
Quanta Technology


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This course provides an impartial, technology and vendor-neutral discussion on the following topics:

  • Planning and engineering analysis for integration of distributed generation, energy storage and microgrids in smart (modern) distribution systems as Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA);
  • Modeling, simulation and analysis of technical aspects of integrating distributed generation, energy storage and microgrids (AC, DC and Hybrids) to evaluate design and determine any specific technologies or new automation, control and protection schemes required to ensure reliable and successful deployment and operation,
  • Advanced studies, benefit-cost analyses for evaluation of applications of energy storage and microgrids for DER Valuations,
  • A review of real-life distribution planning case studies for integration of these technologies on distribution systems.

Attendees will learn:

  • Understand distributed generation and energy storage technologies
  • Discuss planning and engineering aspects of modern distribution systems with new technologies
  • Microgrid definition, components and types from both ownership and topology perspectives (AC, DC, and Hybrid)
  • Gaining practical knowledge of Power electronic based DER characteristics and modeling approaches including: Smart (advanced) inverter functionalities; and DER and Microgrid standards (IEEE 1547-2018, IEEE 2030.7, etc.)
  • Detailed review of cost-benefit analysis approaches for DERs and microgrids as Non-Wires Alternatives for DER valuation.

Knowledge, skills and/or capabilities that attendees should acquire through this course:

  • DER Technologies and latest development in microgrid planning, design, and implementation
  • DER and Microgrid standards, guidelines and best practices,
  • Modern distribution system planning tools and approaches, incorporating Integrated Resource Planning, Non-Wires Alternatives, and Value of DER
  • Energy Storage Systems Applications for grid support and markets
  • Cost benefit analysis of DERs and Microgrids

Who should attend this course: 

  • Electric and Gas Utilities
  • Commercial and Industrial facilities
  • Technology vendors active in the utility industry
  • Distribution engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Engineering directors
  • Business managers and executives
  • Distribution planners
  • Planning managers
  • Operations engineers
  • Operations managers

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications:



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