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Ormazabal MV Switchgear and Solutions for Smart Grids

Ormazabal is the leading provider of personalized solutions to electrical utilities, to electrical end users as well as renewable energy systems applications based on its own technology.

We encourage the development of the electrical sector towards the challenges of the future energy needs. We cooperate with the world’s leading local, regional and global companies in the electrical sector with a strong commitment to innovation towards personal safety, network reliability, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Our highly qualified and focused team of innovation-motivated professionals have developed our own products and solutions during our more than a century long consolidated history, always by establishing close relationship with our customers aimed at achieving mutual long term benefits.

Ormazabal is the origin of Velatia, a family-run, industrial, technological and benchmark global group which operates in the areas of electrical networks, electronics and communication networks.

Reliable innovation. Personal solutions

Brands: Medium Voltage metal-enclosed switchgear, Rural Substation, Padmounted transformer, Smart grid, Utility Distribution Network Solutions, Distribution Automation, Wind & PV Renewable Energy Solutions


  • cgmcosmos Medium Voltage Switchgear
    cgmcosmos system provides reliable and efficient distribution network solutions (DNS) for all kind of MV installations up to 27 kV, from electrical Utilities to infrastructures, and from wind farms to PV solar farms....

  • Ormazabal collaborates in innovative projects and provides solutions and products focused on improving the energy distribution efficiency in a continuous changing environment as driver and dynamic factor for smart grids.

    Getting its DNA from decades of experience in research, design, develop, manufacture and installation of Medium Voltage (MV) apparatus and switchgear, is now one of the world's biggest suppliers of medium voltage gas insulated switchgear (GIS). Today over 1350000 Ormazabal medium voltage functional units have been installed in the electrical networks of over 100 electrical utilities and 600 wind farms in more than 110 countries.

    Following the success of our well known ga, cgm, cgc and gae type fully metal-enclosed GIS systems, the first cgmcosmos was launched in 2000, as the most flexible modular and compact ring main unit (RMU) range for secondary distribution networks up to 24 kV. Thanks to our Spanish and German R&D teams' spirit of continuous innovation, cgmcosmos system has been continuously evolving into a more extended range with higher ratings based on our customers' demands. Being manufactured 100 % in Europe, cgmcosmos system has already been integrated into several Smart Grid applications. Currently more than 400000 cgmcosmos functional units have been in service in more than 60 countries. 

    cgmcosmos switchgear key features:

    Fully gas insulated modular and compact (RMU) system:

    • Up to 24 kV / 630 A / 25 kA 1-3 s / 50 - 60 Hz. IEC
    • Up to 27 kV / 600 A / 25 kA 1s /21 kA-3 s / 60 Hz. IEEE-ANSI

    Launched in 2000

    +400,000 units in service in +60 countries

    Main applications: DNS (Distribution Network Solutions for secondary distribution) and Renewable Energy Solutions

  • cpg Medium Voltage Switchgear - Power Substations
    cpg system is a high duty and extensible Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 38 kV. cpg system has already been integrated into several Utility, RES and industrial applications. Currently more than 7,000 units have been in service in more than 25 countries....

  • The cpg.0 & cpg.1 families are single busbar and double-busbar metal enclosed Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), consisting of medium voltage components such as circuit-breakers and disconnectors, which can be safely operated in confined spaces. This is thanks to its advance design where all active parts are contained into a stainless steel tight enclosure that ensures working conditions for its entire life.

    The product is 100% production tested to give best in class operation safety. Its modular design allows diagram extensibility to both sides without gas handling while offers frontal access for an easy installation and testing of power cables. P&C customization includes mechanical and electrical interlocks to prevent misoperation. Product robustness has been tested in case of internal arc fault.

    cpg systems provide maximum operational reliability as a prerequisite for the remote control and automation of power networks. GIS is invulnerable to pollution, vermin and atmospheric conditions. Sealed interrupters using vacuum as the dielectric medium have greatly improved life expectancy of circuit breakers while greatly reduces the need of shutdowns for maintenance.

  • cgm.3 GIS Switchgear for Wind Applications
    The cgm.3 GIS switchgear functional units can be connected together to configure the various diagrams which may be used in Rural Substations, Public and Private Distribution Network as well as Renewable Energy Solutions up to 38 kV....

  • Ormazabal is the leading provider of customized solutions to electrical Utilities, to electrical end Users as well as Renewable Energy Systems applications based on its own technology.

    Since 1995, Ormazabal has been supplying MV solutions for Wind generation. Our products and services are provided to over 50 countries around the world. With its 20 year consolidated experience in Wind Energy projects, accounting more than 1,300 Wind farms and over 32 GW installed Wind power worldwide, Ormazabal attends to the needs of each customer through a close collaboration supported by permanent innovation with an efficient use of its own technology and a solid industrial foundation.

    From the very beginning, we have been participating in offshore wind sector worldwide, and up to now, our products are protecting around 25% of the offshore wind turbines in the world (Source GWEC Jan 2017) and we are considered the World’s top 36 kV MV GIS switchgear manufacturer

    The cgm.3 system consists of a range of high voltage switchgear which uses sulfur hexafluoride SF6 as insulating medium and breaking agent (vacuum for CB). High voltage switchgear functional units can be connected together to configure the various diagrams which may be used in Rural Substations as well as Renewable Energy Solutions. They are also intended for public and private electrical distribution network up to 38 kV.

    cgm.3 key features:

    Fully gas insulated modular and compact (RMU) system:

    • Up to 40.5kV / 630 A / 20 kA 1-3 s  -  25 kA 1 s / 50 - 60 Hz. IEC standards
    • Up to 38 kV / 600 A / 21 kA 1-3 s -  25 kA 1 s / 50 - 60 Hz. IEEE-ANSI standards

    Launched in 2008

    +180,000 units in service in +35countries

    Customization for offshore wind projects

    • Vibration response test: Considering the impact of high frequency from road and sea transportation for MV switchgear, our vibration response test ensures the safe and proper performance of the products, while it is pre-installed inside the wind turbine.
    • Special treatments for anti-corrosion process. Equipment for offshore applications is designed and manufactured with a variety of coated finishes to provide resistance against severe environmental conditions and tested in our salt spray fog chamber.
    • Remote control: Control of offshore wind farms from the dispatching center with our complete MV solutions with a wide portfolio of products that include protection, control and automation functions.
    • Virtual testing laboratory: Simulation of the behaviors of the equipment under a wide range of real conditions.

    Extended operations for wind farms

    • Sequentiality: Reconnection of the wind turbines to the MV grid network following the sequentiality, avoiding any consequences from voltage dip and improving the quality of the electricity network.
    • Communication: WAN technologies for backhaul networks as well as full remote management, upgrade, and troubleshooting through the grid network operating center.
    • Partial discharge measurements: Diagnosis of the installation, Cost and time effectiveness by detecting the location of the faults.
    • Local grid code
    • Special application: Double protection curve available with self-powered protection relays designed for extreme weather conditions, i.e. hurricane or typhoon.
  • Padmounted Switchgear, Outdoor MV Substation
    Padmounted Switchgear is a prefabricated metal switching and breaking outdoor substation. Tested and supplied from the factory as a single unit, it is designed for installations in electrical Distribution Networks of rated voltage up to 27 or 38 kV....

  • Padmounted Switchgear is a prefabricated metal switching and breaking outdoor substation. Installed at ground level, small in size, tested and supplied from the factory as a single unit. It is designed for installations in electrical Distribution Networks of rated voltage up to 27 or 38 kV. Its reduced weight and dimensions enable simple handling and transport.

    Padmounted Switchgear P&C functionality can be easily adapted to every Customer needs thanks to current transformer installed on power cable bushings and voltage sensors on medium voltage connectors. It can be also supplied fully assembled with a replaceable voltage transformer HV fuse protected for LV auxiliary supply to protection relay and remote control unit.

    The Padmounted Switchgear complies with the requirements of IEEE standards:

    • IEEE C57.12.28:2014        IEEE Standard for Pad-Mounted Equipment--Enclosure Integrity
    • IEEE C57.12.29:2014        IEEE Standard for Pad-Mounted Equipment--Enclosure Integrity for Coastal Environments

    Padmounted Switchgear key features:

    Fully gas insulated switchgear system:

    • Up to 24 kV / 630 A / 25 kA 1-3 s / 50 - 60 Hz. IEC
    • Up to 27 kV / 600 A / 25 kA 1s /21 kA-3 s / 60 Hz. IEEE-ANSI
  • Padmounted Distribution and Power Transformers
    Ormazabal Transforma.pad is a complete range of MV/LV padmounted transformers. Specifically designed for underground residential distribution networks and renewable energies, with rated power up to 3,000 kVA and insulation levels up to 38 kV....

  • Our specialization in medium voltage is endorsed by the approval of our transformers in the main utilities. Currently more than 170,000 Ormazabal transforma.pad devices are installed in electric distribution networks, industry, wind farms and photovoltaic plants in more than 20 countries.

    We manufacture a complete range of power and/or distribution transformers immersed in dielectric liquid, according to all requirements of current international regulations, with a power range from 25 kVA to 10,000 kVA and insulation levels of up to 72.5 kV (IEC).

    Our close collaboration with our customers enables us to develop transformers according to their specific standards and specifications. Thus, Ormazabal has developed a complete range of three-phase power transformers, for application in padmounted solutions for underground residential distribution networks and renewable energies, with standard powers and voltages up to 3000 kVA and insulation levels up to 38 kV.



    »»High safety and ergonomics for operators whilst working on the transformer thanks to the cabinet.

    »»High safety for pedestrians without the need for enclosures or protective bars.

    »»Self-protected (Bay-O-Net type fuses and full-range current-limiting fuses, and load switch-disconnector for quick and safe power disconnection)


    »»Factory-tested product

    »»Quick and simple installation, optimised time and costs

    »»Low maintenance costs


    »»Quick and simple replacement

    »»Input/output of medium and low voltage cables through bottom access in the cabinet


    »»Minimal space requirement as it is a full compact substation

    »»Reduced volume of dielectric liquid

    »»Long service life in aggressive environmental conditions

    Construction characteristics

    »»Metal cabinet with individual access doors to the medium and low voltage operation areas

    »»Rigid metal tank with gas chamber and cooling fins

    »»Self-protected with fuses and switchdisconnector (optional)

    »»Radial or ring operation

    »»Medium voltage bushing well (200 A) or bolt bushing (600 A)

    »»Tap changer, operable without voltage

    »»Dielectric liquid: mineral oil, optional, synthetic or natural biodegradable liquid

    »»Temperature and dielectric liquid level indicators

    »»Mano-vacuum gauge

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