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Welcome to Novinium, Masters of Reliability.

Novinium is the only full-service power cable expert that partners with utility companies of all sizes to keep their networks operating at peak performance, using the most advanced, capital-efficient, environmentally friendly methods available. Novinium’s founder invented the revolutionary technology behind underground cable rejuvenation 30+ years ago, and the company continues to champion ways to keep power flowing to those who depend on it.

Novinium, a full-service technology provider for power utilities, will be demonstrating its first to market manhole event prevention system—PreVent™ Smart Vault Solution is the only manhole event suppression system that actively reduces incidents in real-time, protects the public through smart monitoring and enables effective asset management. 

Brands: Cablecure Full-Service Cable Rehabilitation PreVent™ Manhole Event Prevention

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  • Novinium, a full-service provider of electric cable rehabilitation for power utilities, will be at Distributech demonstrating how to keep underground cable system operation at peak performance while controlling costs.  Utilities frequently underestimate the true direct and indirect costs of aging cable infrastructure and replacement programs.  Novinium helps utilities proactively address their underground networks and exceed reliability goals. Novinium’s proprietary Cablecure technology rejuvenates underground cables quickly and safely, returning them to better-than-new performance.

    Key Benefits:

    • Unbeatable Reliability - 40% average savings over cable replacement
    • Capital Efficient
    • Turn Key Services – Resource and Labor Efficient
    • We offer extended warranty options
    • Minimal downtime and disruption
    • Safer for people and the environment

    Every Cablecure service begins with low-impact Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) testing to evaluate your system, identify blocked splices, pinpoint neutral corrosion, and determine which segments can be rejuvenated. Novinium then determines the optimal fluid formulations for your specific site conditions and rejuvenates as many segments as possible using Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) for maximum reliability, flowing through tricky splices where necessary using Improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation (iUPR).

    After the rejuvenation process is complete, our teams provide detailed reporting of network condition data in Knomentous, Novinium’s proprietary cable tracking system, to help you manage your network proactively moving forward. 

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    Distributech Booth #12321

  • Medium voltage underground cable is designed to be used and not seen. Pad mount electrical transformer boxes containing and connected by underground residential distribution (URD) cable are a ubiquitous sight throughout residential neighborhoods, spaced on average 330 feet apart. Consumers who live in the community are generally unaware of the jumble of cables that each box comprises, and they rarely need to consider whether the URD itself is in an adequate state of repair. Most utility providers, on the other hand, are in a constant state of responding to aging cable and the threats it represents.

    Over time, utility companies face significant challenges for addressing deteriorating URD conditions. URD cables are most commonly degraded when moisture diffuses into the cable's dielectric layer, gradually diminishing the cable's insulative properties. This condition, called water treeing because of the tree-shaped structure observed when the degraded cable is viewed microscopically, is the most common contributor to URD reliability issues. When the insulation on the cable connecting two transformers degrades to a point of failure, the lights go out in the entire neighborhood.

    Aging URD cables are a growing problem in communities around the world, disrupting customers and causing business challenges for utility providers. But in most cases, the traditional remedy for URD cable failure—taking the impacted cable out of service and putting new cable in its place—has proven to be unfeasible. When cables fail, the resulting outages and the replacement work required to restore power create logistical problems that are usually unpredictable and expensive—costs that must be absorbed by the provider, the customer, or both. Meanwhile, customers often experience multiple outages as the providers install new cable, often disrupting the customers' property and landscaping in the process.

    Cable rejuvenation: The modern go-to option for upgrading URD cable

    When rehabilitating aging URD infrastructure, many utility providers forego cable replacement and opt for rejuvenation as the proven superior method for fixing damaged cable. With cable rejuvenation, the affected cables are left undisturbed and injected with compounds that restore each cable's dielectric strength, effectively adding the same value as a new cable but without the burden of time, cost, environmental disruption, and consumer downtime associated with cable replacement. This method was first developed in 1986 and its use has steadily gained adoption and popularity in the 30 years since.

    Rejuvenation technology focuses on the injection of silane-based fluid into the strands of aging medium-voltage power cables. The fluid is injected by accessing cables through transformers or other cable termination points. Technicians typically open two adjacent transformers and de-energize cables in a way that generally does not impact power to customers. Then, specialty fittings are attached to each end of the cable to allow for fluid injection. As the fluid moves through the cable, it migrates into the conductor shield and insulation. The chemistry and the physics of the insulation are modified and the result is a cable that is returned to full dielectric strength in as little as seven days.

    The use of cable injection is approved for capitalization by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and hence does not impact tight operation and management budgets.

    Benefits of rejuvenation

    • Cost savings. On average, a rejuvenation program yields a 40 percent savings over abandon-and-replace programs. For utilities facing ever-increasing cable maintenance and management demand, rejuvenation helps address and repair more miles of cable for the same budget, compared to replacement.
    • Ecological impact. Cable rejuvenation reduces new pollution: no resources are consumed to produce new cable, no diesel fuel is spent for installation, and the environment benefits when cables are not abandoned in the ground. For every 10-mile run of cable rejuvenated, cable injection provides at least a 3,000-metric ton reduction in CO2 equivalent. Each meter of cable that is injected, rather than replaced, saves 195 grams of aluminum, 484 grams of copper, 963 grams of plastic and 1.09 gallons of diesel fuel.
    • Fewer outages. Because utilities can perform rejuvenation proactively rather than waiting for an emergency, there are fewer occasions when customers will be without power. Even during injection, customers experience a relative continuity of service, as opposed to tolerating planned outages as required for replacement.
    • Low failure rate. In the past 30 years, more than 131 million feet of cable have been rejuvenated and more than 300 utilities on five continents across the globe have used cable rejuvenation. In that time, the overall post-injection failure rate is less than 1 percent.

    With these benefits all in mind, utilities are best served to consider rejuvenation first when developing reliability programs for the URD cable they manage.

  • Eleven manholes on average have some fire-related event, every day.  And those are just the fires that are visible from the street. These events cost utilities millions of dollars in damages, repairs and outages. The problem is getting worse due to aging infrastructure. Corrosive materials such as salt from road run-off exacerbate the issue.  Salt water interacts with the aging cables in the vault, breaks down cable insulation, leads to faults, encourages surface tracking, which leads to fires, combustible gases, and explosions.

    “Fires are shockingly frequent in older secondary networks. We analyzed over a million data points at four different North American network owners over an aggregate of 64 months. There were 3.67 fires per vault per day!”, according to Glen Bertini, Chief Scientist at Plenovo. 

    Monitoring without active ventilation provides some insights into the current condition and level of combustible gases inside vaults.  Monitoring alone is prone to false alarms and does not prevent explosions.  Active ventilation exhausts combustible gasses, preventing explosions.   By combining monitoring and active ventilation, network owners benefit from systematic data insights, warnings, explosion avoidance, and actionable intelligence identifying where fires are prevalent.

    To comprehensively solve this issue Plenovo® is launching PreVent™ 2.0 at DistribuTECH 2019.  PreVent 2.0 is a complete solution with 14 patent pending technologies that deliver the only solution to predict and prevent manhole explosions.   The PreVent solution includes three components: smart cover, ventilator and monitor.

    Prevent explosions with the PreVent ventilator & smart cover

    • Active ventilation to exhaust combustible gases from vault
    • Variable fan speeds up to 800 CFM
    • Reduce vault temperature, increasing equipment life & reliability
    • Smart cover – limits vault exposure to water, salt & debris

    Predict with the Edge monitor & dashboard

    • Predict possibility of explosions in manholes
    • Measure critical gases, cable temperature & water levels 
    • Microsoft Azure IoT cloud for industrial grade security & reliability
    • Real-time actionable alerts to prioritize M & O activities
    • No guesswork dashboard
    • Improved wireless communications designed for urban environments

    The PreVent suite of products deliver safer streets, infrastructure security and management insights delivering lower operating costs.

    You can learn more by visiting Plenovo at Booth #12321 at DistribuTECH 2019 or visiting us online at

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