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OATI Powers the Grid of the Future with Grid 4.0

Connect, communicate, observe, evaluate, & react to millions of devices and data points with OATI’s webSmartEnergy suite and hardware solutions. OATI is the largest provider of solutions to the energy industry by offering the scalability, performance, and security needed to power the electric grid of the future.

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  • webSmartEnergy DERMS
    The OATI webSmartEnergy DERMS solution manages the operational and economic ramifications of a distribution grid with high DER penetration. This toolset offers situational awareness to account for and mitigate the impact of DERS on grid reliability...

  • The management of a distribution grid with high levels of DERs is one of the central issues confronting distribution utilities. OATI’s scalable and secure webSmartEnergy Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) offers utilities the ability to forecast, analyze, schedule, and control a variety of front-of and behind-the meter assets, as well as assess their impact on distribution system conditions, while providing for integration with utility operations and enterprise systems. It supports various utility programs and bilateral contracts dealing with aggregators, service providers, prosumers and consumers. It enables utilities to shift load at circuit level based on energy market prices, or to avoid overloads, manage voltage and other operating constraints, enhance supply economics, and improve grid resiliency and reliability.

    webSmartEnergy DERMS benefits include:

    • A comprehensive functionality to manage all DR/DER programs and contracts, dispatch various systems controlling DR/DER, and monitor and evaluate operational impacts
    • Manage distribution grid reliability in coordination with other utility systems
    • Deliver economic value to its customers and to the DR/DER owners through participation in grid services programs for support of both distribution, reliability, and supply economics
    • Support DER business and functional hierarchy, all while supporting various stakeholders and operational transactions

    System Capabilities

    The OATI webSmartEnergy DERMS solution brings significant capabilities to enable comprehensive monitoring and control of DER assets. Just a few of its capabilities Include:

    • Topological modeling of the distribution grid and interconnected DR and DER assets
    • Weather and other parameter-adjusted forecasting of DR and DER assets
    • Circuit loading and voltage assessment by each phase for real-time situational awareness, circuit condition forecasting, and “what-if” analysis
    • Coordinated scheduling and optimization of DER asset operations for resiliency, reliability and economic objectives
    • Active and reactive power dispatch and scheduling, phase balancing, and loss minimization
    • Supply of capacity, energy, ancillary services, and frequency regulation using DR and DER assets
    • Direct, two-way communication with DER assets to provide measurement, monitoring, control, scheduling, dispatch, settlement, and reporting

  • IoT SCADA for Data Acquisition & Asset Control
    OATI’s Data Acquisition and Control products, IoT SCADA/GridControl, are built to provide a robust, scalable and cost effective solution for real-time monitoring and control of large numbers of distributed resources and field assets...

  • Utilizing advanced technologies, OATI’s IoT SCADA product provides for a highly secure, scalable and cost effective data acquisition and control solution for DERs, distribution equipment, and demand-side assets supporting protocols, such as Modbus, DNP3.0, SEP2.0, Zigbee, and many others over internet, cellular or other IP networks. This product features OATI’s newest architecture for pub-sub communications, information processing and management with No-SQL technologies to provide scalability, high performance, and availability.

    OATI’s IoT SCADA combined with OATI’s family of GridControl field hardware products provides a full function and future proof solution for your real-time data acquisition and controls needs. This solution is composed of a SCADA Master; a patented high security communications method, GridSafe, and a family of gateways and load control solutions, GridPorts, for support of specific use cases.

    • OATI IoT SCADA/GridControl Master
      • Provides industry standard SCADA functionality for alarming, logging, trending, data processing and data management
      • Communications head end for telemetry and real-time controls in a highly scalable high performance fashion
      • Device and sensor management functions including device registration, telemetry scheduling, telemetry validation and device controls
    • OATI GridSafe
      • Provides authenticated and encrypted links between SCADA Master and the GridPort gateways.
      • Uses a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) infrastructure with 4096bit RSA & 256bit Elliptical Curve encryption
      • Provides automatic rotation of keys and gateway reputation scoring for detecting and preventing unauthorized access
    • OATI GridPort Solutions
      • Family of hardware solutions that is flexible to meet a range of environmental conditions, power requirements, I/O specifications, protocols and price points
    • GridPort – Commercial/Residential
      • Intelligent gateway device designed to facilitate sensing and control of residential grid assets, including thermostats, water heaters, pool pumps, air conditioners, electric heating units, inverters, car chargers, and more using Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, ZigBee, and RS485 for communications
    • GridPort – Industrial
      • GridPort Industrial can be used in substation, generator, pole-top/end-of-line, solar PV, energy storage, and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) applications. This best-in-breed device can talk to a wide variety of subordinate controls and sensors using utility standards including DNP3 and ModBus
    • GridPort – CTA-2045 UCM
      • Combines a GridPort Gateway and End Control Device in one consumer installable package! The OATI GridPort CTA-2045 UCM module plugs directly into the CTA-2045 compliant appliance (water heaters) without the need for additional equipment or need for installation by an electrician. When compared to traditional DR solutions, it provides more data, more controls, and more advanced DR functions that ensure customer comfort
    • GridPort Edge
      • OATI’s low cost, indoor residential GridPort to communicate to MyGrid Switches or to other existing residential control devices using industry standard protocols
    • MyGrid Switch
      • A Smart Load Control Device to work with window air conditioners and other non-hardwired residential plug loads. Provides secure telemetry data (voltage, demand) and controls back to a local GridPort for DR capabilities
  • EVolution™ - The Smart EV Charge Station Network
    EVolution™ is a turnkey solution enabling the electrification of transportation by providing a full range of smart EV charging stations, a highly secure network, owner/operator analytics, reporting tools, a dynamic driver mobile app, and 24x7 support...

  • EVolution™ — driven by OATI — brings over 20 years of experience in delivering mission-critical solutions to the energy industry. With that deep expertise, technology, and leadership, EVolution™ provides unprecedented value to customers and enables them to participate in the Electric Vehicle (EV) evolution.

    As Power Systems, Renewable Energy, and Microgrid experts, we deliver on the promise of empowering organizations to intelligently and securely aggregate, manage, and optimize EV charging demand side assets enhancing grid operations.

    EVolution™ provides a full range of EV charge station solutions for a superior EV charging experience while benefitting the electrical grid and EV/Charge Station owners by enabling supply of grid services. Additionally, the EVolution™ network software is hosted from within the NERC-CIP compliant OATI Private Cloud, built specifically for the rigors of the energy industry and powered by renewable energy resources.

    Our solution powers a variety of EV charge stations for customers, based on their objectives, including level 2 charge stations, DC fast charge stations, and bi-directional charge station Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) pilots. OATI can help organizations throughout the full cycle of their smart EV charging solution journey from start to continued support of the stations.

    EVSE Services include: 

    • Site Assessment
    • Engineering and Design
    • Installation
    • Warranty
    • Maintenance
    • 24x7 Support

    V2G Services include:

    • Real-time monitoring and control of charging operation
    • Integration with utility and energy markets
    • Dynamic price-based and time-of-use charging services
    • Forecasting and managing charging loads
    • Supply of various grid services including frequency regulation and voltage support
    • EV owner incentive programs
    • Billing and accounting

    For more information or to learn more, email EVolution@oati.net.

  • Grid of the Future Solution Portfolio
    OATI’s Grid 4.0 webSmartEnergy portfolio provides the functionality needed to manage a modernized distribution grid of the future. Built upon decades of experience serving the power industry, OATI offers advanced solutions for the evolving market needs...

  • OATI provides the industry’s leading products for management of the distribution grid, Demand Response (DR) and distributed energy resources (DER), as well as the utilization of these resources for supply economics, power system reliability, and for support associated business and operational transactions.

    OATI’s Grid Services Management solution enables DER owners, utilities and markets to realize the economic value of their assets. OATI’s webSmartEnergy provides for resource aggregation, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) creation, forecasting scheduling, and dispatch of ancillary and grid services, performance monitoring and settlements.

    OATI Distribution Grid Management solution provides utilities tools and applications for distribution grid situational awareness and reliability management, providing a three phase unbalanced power flow down to customer service delivery points, modeling various DERs, and providing for Volt/VAr and distribution constraint management, to list a few.

    Utilizing advanced technologies, OATI’s IoT SCADA provides for highly secure and cost effective data acquisition and control systems for various DERs and demand-side assets supporting industry standard protocols such as Modbus, DNP3.0, SEP2.0, Zigbee, and many others.

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