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Perspecta Labs - Smarter Solutions for a Smarter Grid

Perspecta Labs, (formerly Vencore Labs) delivers visionary thinking that enables utilities, government agencies, & commercial enterprises to fully exploit technology futures by solving the most perplexing security, network & operations challenges with innovative cybersecurity, reliability, & inter-operability tools. Offering SecureSmart, the industry's first real-time wireless AMI/DA and SCADA Continuous Monitoring as a Service to quickly scrutinize relevant data to determine "ground-truth" network health. SecureSmart delivers previously unavailable situational awareness, actionable intelligence & continuous feedback with its deep packet inspection, protocol analysis, log management, wireless IDS, SCADA IPS, inter-nodal traffic profiling & GIS & logical connectivity maps with advanced filtering & heat maps. 

Brands: Smart Grid, AMI, DA, Cyber-security, SecureSmart Managed Service, FAN Analyzer, FAN IDS, Network Architecture & Design, MeshView NetAnalytics Visualization, 4-Quadrant Security Assessment Methodology


  • SecureSmart Continuous Monitoring as a Service
    SecureSmart™, the industry's first real-time wireless AMI/DA and SCADA integrated Continuous Monitoring Service provides IDS/IPS & traffic analysis for ground-truth network health, situational awareness, actionable intelligence & continuous feedback....

  • SecureSmart Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) – integrated end-to-end Smart Grid AMI and SCADA Solution:

    • Real-time network and operational anomaly detection, analysis and visualization
    • Ground-truth network health, actionable intelligence
    • Full SCADA system, substation, transmission and AMI/DA coverage: DNP3, C37.118, ICCP, 61850-GOOSE, C12.22, proprietary and standards-based protocols
    • First-of-its-kind real-time SCADA system protection, CIPv5 monitoring and log management
    • Independent, easy to deploy sensor-based architecture, scalable, easily integrated
    • Comprehensive CyberSOC services and utility threat sharing exchange

    Benefits: Utilities from coast to coast are applying SecureSmart technologies to:

    • Protect integrity of meter-to-cash process
    • Receive early warning of anomalous behavior and intrusions
    • Significantly increase operational visibility and network situational awareness
    • Understand behaviors to maximize performance
    • Complete superior risk identification, vulnerability analysis threat response
    • Perform analytics and engineering forensics
    • Leverage actionable intelligence and continuous feedback previously unavailable
    • Enrich field diagnostics to make informed decisions and reduce repair time
    • Improve protection posture and help ensure compliance with NERC CIPv5

    SecureSmart Features:

    • Continuous Monitoring: real-time 24x7, independent collection and tracking of all inter-device traffic with award-winning wireless probes and SCADA network agents.
    • Log Management: integrated AMI/DA and SCADA network device log collection and analysis for CIPv5 compliance.
    • Deep Packet Inspection: proprietary and standards-based protocol decomposition from physical through application layers.
    • Comprehensive Analysis: automated network communications anomaly and intrusion detection, daily expert traffic profiling and analysis, event notification, weekly reviews, monthly reports.
    • Operational Visualization: logical and GIS-based connectivity and inter-device routing maps, advanced filtering, heat maps and time playback.
    • Wireless Mesh and SCADA Intrusion Detection: integrated, energy-specific analysis engine, parallel multimode analysis, real-world vulnerability analytics, customized triggers, processing rules, signatures and reporting rules.
    • Traffic Profiling: independent “ground-truth” integrated AMI/DA and SCADA network view at any instant compared to baseline to quickly visualize network health.
    • SCADA System Active Protection: automated real-time protection through protocol dissectors and packet parsing, sniffing and interception, stateful model based checkers to match protocol session content against protocol behavior rules stop intrusions before they propagate.
    • Vulnerabiltiy Assessement: Comprehensive network, software, hardware/firmware, wireless (Radio) assessments and penetration testing.
    • Security Services: Supply chain integrity, policy and security architecture development, threat analysis, compliance, end-to-end cyberSOC mangement.
  • SecureSmart 4-Quadrant Assessment Methodology
    SecureSmart, the Smart Grid industry’s comprehensive cybersecurity assessment methodology....

  • SMART GRID CHALLENGES: Smart Grid deployments have dramatically increased intelligent endpoints, controls, and sensors in the electrical system such as AMI/ DA and Substation automation. Traditional security assessment approaches are not adequate for these networks as they are heterogeneous wireless networks often using proprietary protocols.

    Perspecta Labs’ 4-QUADRANT™ SECURITY ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGY: combines traditional penetration testing techniques for networks, computer systems, and applications, with a detailed embedded hardware security and unique radio communications analysis capability and focuses on four areas: wireless (Radio), network, software and embedded hardware/firmware. Perspecta Labs performs vulnerability assessments and penetration testing across enterprise networks, communications systems, utility and Smart Energy systems, Industrial Control Systems, IPTV and Protected Content systems. Perspecta Labs takes into account the embedded systems nature and deployment of intelligent electronic devices, extended traditional IT vulnerability assessment and penetration testing beyond application, operating system and networking vulnerabilities for physically secure, IP-based and web infrastructures. It validates vendor security controls and focuses on the means to exploit design, implementation and configuration weaknesses.

    The Perspecta Labs 4-Quadrant Security Assessment Methodology covers all four quadrants of the vulnerability assessment space for these systems, addressing application and management software, wireless communications, backend and tiered transportation network access controls, and embedded hardware and firmware. While the results from each quadrant individually provide deep insight, Perspecta Labs goes further linking the testing efforts and findings across each quadrant to evaluate cross-quadrant vulnerabilities. With this holistic approach, Perspecta Labs links together vulnerabilities from different quadrants into a larger operational exploit, thus exposing the true risk and potential for damage that is sometimes not apparent when looking at only one category.

    • WIRELESS (RADIO) COMMUNICATION SECURITY ASSESSMENT is a specialized capability to uncover low-level vulnerabilities in the wireless communications beginning with the modulation scheme and coding, media access control, link level properties, node announcement and control mechanisms and synchronization, routing and transport security up through application layer communication exchanges in wireless systems such as utility ad-hoc mesh and dynamic networks. Advanced knowledge of wireless modulation techniques, digital signal processing, and specialized test instrumentation is required. Network traffic analysis using custom tools to intercept and demodulate over-the-air traffic, decode bit streams, determine protocol in use, analyze communication flows, identify weaknesses and implementation flaws that could be leveraged in wireless-based attacks.

    • NETWORK PENETRATION SECURITY ASSESSMENT seeks to uncover vulnerabilities in the back-end network(s) that typically interconnect customer/end-user facing devices (and networks) with enterprise management and control applications. This focuses on perimeter and compartment defenses, edge devices, edge routers and gateways, and means to access backend compartments from FANs, internal corporate data networks, vendor remote access, emergency remote access and sometimes Home Area Network (HAN) interconnection.

    • APPLICATION AND MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SECURITY ASSESSMENT seeks to identifies vulnerabilities in both head-end management server applications and middleware that interconnects the head-end to enterprise buses and business support systems and involves assessment of web-based technologies, service oriented architectures, web services interfaces, databases, crypto servers and support components, privilege escalation, authentication and authorization controls, and known exploits and includes performing a combination of automated scans and manual testing techniques, eliminating both false positives and false negatives.

    • EMBEDDED HARDWARE AND FIRMWARE SECURITY seeks to uncover vulnerabilities related in the embedded circuitry, such as the storage and use of device credentials, memory protection and program execution, logic integrity, on-chip debugging and development functions, and low-level weaknesses. It involves reverse engineering, circuit modifications, and firmware analysis on field devices disassembling and manipulating code at the lowest level to subvert security controls, reconfigure or clone devices and install rogue code.
  • SecureSmart™ SCADA Network Assessment
    A comprehensive assessment addressing: remaining life, SCADA growth, reliability, security posture, traffic profile, device and configuration inventory, network architecture, ability to support future Smart Grid initiatives, and more....


    The Challenge: The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is one of the most important parts of a utility’s business because it directly supports the generation and delivery of power and system protection in its service area. It is critical that these SCADA networks continue to be highly reliable, secure, and cost effective.

    Although state-of-the-art when first installed, Frame Relay, SONET and private line wire services are reaching end-of-life, services are being phased out, and they are becoming expensive to retain. Many existing SCADA networks may not support the utility’s Smart Grid initiatives. Substation automation is more complex and demanding and more devices outside the substation need communications. In addition, growing cybersecurity threats dictate more robust and secure network architectures requiring further network segmentation and redundancy.

    The Solution: In response, Perspecta Labs leveraged its extensive communications network planning and design heritage with its Smart Grid operations and cybersecurity expertise to address this critical utility need. Perspecta Labs offers an unbiased equipment and vendor agnostic SCADA network assessment specifically to help a utility faced with these substantial challenges accurately determine the state of its network and its ability to meet future CIP, cybersecurity, and Smart Grid needs.

    Tools and Methodologies: Perspecta Labs performs a critical assessment of the SCADA network’s architecture and design documents, assesses its performance capabilities, survivability, network management and operations structure, and cybersecurity posture against industry standard and best practices. The strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems, processes and organizations are assessed.

    The assessment includes:

    • Potential single points of failure,
    • Adequate redundancy and network segmentation,
    • Maintainability,
    • Ability to efficiently failover to a backup control center,
    • Operations visibility and cross-organizational responsibilities,
    • Support of emerging Remote Terminal Units (RTU) functionality and increased performance to meet growing Smart Gird needs,
    • Performance requirements such as bandwidth, availability, packet loss, latency, jitter, protection switching, interoperability, and
    • Implementation of a utility’s security architecture policies.

    Understanding the current network capabilities and its potential to support future Smart Grid needs cost-effectively gives a utility the insights to make more informed decisions as it navigates the network modernization process. It can help a utility decide whether to “rip-and-replace” or migrate and transform its network. Often the assessment involves helping a utility plan a smooth and cost effective transformation introducing new technologies.

    Perspecta Labs helps utility network planners develop a systematic process to refresh their networks technology maintaining an end-to-end extensible architecture roadmap to avoid piecemeal implementations of new equipment over time.

    In addition to documentation reviews, using structured onsite interviews with a utility’s internal business partners, Perspecta Labs helps develop comprehensive vetted user and organizational requirements that look at the current and future practical needs against what’s available in the marketplace now and where the market and standards are going. This helps utilities balance budgets and capital costs against functionality and operational costs.

    There’s more to an efficient SCADA network than technology.

    • Perspecta Labs reviews organizational roles and responsibilities for the various network segments and intelligent devices, demarcation points and how organizations work together
    • What institutional knowledge exists, who holds it, and how employees access it are reviewed.
    • Perspecta Labs reviews the state of network documentation and its secure availability to various organizations for planning and emergency use, and how it is updated and how inventory and configurations are maintained.
    • The aggregation and integration of network management capabilities and work center visibility is considered.
  • EMS Monitoring and Secondary Operations System
    Perspecta Labs introduces EMSOS, an EMS/SCADA Monitoring and Secondary Operations System for emergency operations (and black start) even when EMS and SCADA are down....

  • Perspecta Labs introduces EMSOS (EMS Monitoring and Secondary Operations System), an EMS/SCADA Monitoring and Secondary Operations System for emergency operations (and black start) even when EMS and SCADA are down.

    Utility need: Two years ago, adversaries successfully attacked utilities in Ukraine. Utilities did not know the adversary was in their OT network for at least 6 months prior to the power outages. US DHS recently alerted US utilities that Nation States have been uncovered probing and accessing US utility OT networks. It took the Ukraine utilities hours to troubleshoot and restore power by older manual means because their systems were unusable. How would your utility address this problem?

    EMSOS Features:

    • Monitor EMS/SCADA for irregularities, hidden issues and telecom performance problems
    • Reconcile/validate telemetry via Bayesian inferencing and circuit logic detection, integrating AMI and secondary telemetry sources
    • Cybersecurity protection against sophisticated OT attacks
    • Support emergency operations with an independent, secondary telemetry HMI

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