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S&C: taking you from the grid you have to the grid you need.

S&C Electric Company is a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. Founded in 1911, the Chicago-based company designs and manufactures switching, protection, and control products for electric power transmission and distribution. S&C has global offices in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, the UK, and Australia.

S&C continues to advance new solutions for electric power delivery systems as the electric grid undergoes transformative changes in the 21st century. Utilities are working to integrate renewable energy sources, address peak loading issues, and manage the needs of electric vehicles. Looking at an increasingly complex and dynamic grid, S&C is working closely with it's electric utility customers to understand their electric grids and business challenges they face – then innovating solutions to address their power-delivery challenges.

Additionally, S&C offers a wide range of engineering, laboratory, testing, and field services for electric utilities and commercial and industrial power systems.

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  • S&C Microgrid Solutions
    S&C microgrid solutions go beyond the hardware, ensuring the controls, communications, and integration are all properly configured from the start - because we know that for microgrids to function properly, every piece of the puzzle must fit perfectly....

  • Microgrids require the integration of assets that were never built to work together, let alone be designed to adapt to life without a utility connection. This is where S&C’s broad range of expertise is indispensable, making microgrid projects easy and seamless while saving you money by getting it right the first time. With many of the industry’s most challenging microgrid projects under our belt, we have a unique understanding of the various types of technology and equipment to consider for your microgrid.

    The choices are vast, and S&C carefully evaluates the right mix specifically for your microgrid so it meets your goals and your budget. Choosing the right controls, DERs, switching, storage, and relays can make or break your project. S&C helps make your complex microgrids easy.

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • GridMaster® Microgrid Control System
    The GridMaster® Microgrid Control System is essential for microgrids. Without a robust control system, your microgrid could be just a collection of expensive equipment. The integrated software/hardware solution is the conductor of the microgrid symphony....

  • Simplifying the inherent complexity of a microgrid, the GridMaster Control System easily integrates and communicates with a host of different energy assets.

    The GridMaster Control System’s distributed control architecture eliminates single points of failure, thereby enhancing power system resiliency. The system is designed from the ground up with cybersecurity in mind, as a seven-layer Defense-in-Depth security protocol is built into the software and hardware. The system is the only device of its kind to receive an Authorization to Operate from the U.S. Department of Defense.

    The GridMaster Control System automatically recognizes system changes and uses control algorithms to handle unexpected events. The GridMaster Control System manages system priorities as defined by the microgrid operator. This sophisticated system is capable of handling multiple contingencies simultaneously to preserve critical loads.

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • S&C Fuse Products
    S&C was built on fuses and continues to manufacture a variety of power fuses and fuse links. Available in a wide range of voltages, S&C fuse products are designed with utility needs in mind....

  • S&C’s SMD Power Fuses provide reliable, economical protection for transformers and capacitor banks in outdoor substations through 138 kV.

    SM and SML Power Fuses are especially suited for protecting cables and medium-to-large power transformers on utility, as well as industrial, commercial, and institutional power systems through 34.5 kV.

    All SM, SML, and SMD Fuses incorporate precision-engineered nondamageable silver or nickel-chrome fusible elements with time-current characteristics that are precise and permanently accurate — assuring not only dependable performance, but also continued reliability of system coordination plans.

    Positrol® Fuse Links are designed to provide reliable protection, and they operate only when a fault occurs within the cutout’s zone of protection. With Positrol Fuse Links, you eliminate unnecessary cutout operations and thereby reduce your maintenance and operation costs. When a distribution-fuse cutout operates unnecessarily for an unknown cause, it negatively impacts your maintenance and operation costs – causing a $5 fuse-link to really cost $13 or more. The key to eliminating this impact is to remove the unnecessary cutout operations by using reliable fuse links that act only when required.

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • S&C Field Service Offerings
    S&C’s field service specialists take our expertise in electrical power systems into the real world with a comprehensive range of services to support your project needs....

  • From equipment start-up and personnel training through long-term maintenance, S&C is committed to sustaining the life of your equipment and improving your power reliability.

    S&C’s field service specialists can provide extensive training to employees of electric utilities and industrial customers in the installation, operation, troubleshooting, adjustment, and maintenance of a variety of equipment.

    S&C’s field service specialists can manage the installation of your Circuit-Switchers, switchgear, overhead distribution equipment, automation systems, and power quality equipment — performing all essential testing and commissioning procedures. Installation services range from technical assistance for your crew to complete turnkey support.

    For equipment such as automated distribution switching packages and power quality systems, our field service specialists can provide the testing necessary to ensure that the system is functioning properly.

    Additionally, S&C offers maintenance programs addressing inspection, testing, and repair – a service which can be provided as part of an ongoing asset management program or on a task-by-task basis, and upgrade programs to restore existing equipment to like-new status or upgrade it to the latest technology.

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser
    S&C’s TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Recloser can dramatically improve the way your utility response to 80% of faults on lateral lines....

  • When a fault occurs, the TripSaver® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser combines the best of fuse–saving and fuse–blowing strategies without any of the drawbacks. When a temporary fault occurs, the Smart Grid solution eliminates momentary outages for customers on the main feeder by only blinking the affected laterals. This lateral–protection strategy saves money for the utility and its customers while improving reliability for all.

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter
    S&C’s IntelliRupter PulseCloser Fault Interrupter uses PulseClosing® Technology to dramatically reduce the amount of force used during fault testing and to significantly lessen momentary outages for customers on the main feeder....

  • Conventional reclosers limit your system’s reliability, damage equipment, and cost you money. It’s time to upgrade from using 70-year-old technology. Whether you combine or replace reclosers with S&C’s IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter, S&C’s breakthrough technology offers multiple benefits that improve your system.

    The IntelliRupter® Fault Interrupter uses PulseClosing® Technology to reduce the amount of force used during fault testing and to lessen momentary outages for customers. This strategy improves reliability and reduces costs for you and your customers.

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • Remote Supervisory Vista® Underground Distribution
    S&C’s Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear provides a major advancement in operating simplicity and safety for medium-voltage switchgear....

  • Conventional elbow-connected switchgear requires that operating personnel move, test, and ground cables during routine operations. Such procedures are awkward and time consuming, and—most importantly—personnel are not fully isolated from medium voltage once a cable is removed from its bushing.

    Vista UDS introduces a new level of safety and simplicity by eliminating the need for cable handling during routine operations. It’s all made possible by Vista gear’s numerous innovations, including:

    • Simpler, safer, one-person operation. No cable handling or high-voltage exposure during switching, grounding or cable testing. Cuts cost through smaller crews, quicker operation
    • Site gear without compromising aesthetics. Pleases customers and saves money through reduced trenching, shorter cable runs
    • Up to six switches and single- or three-phase tripping fault interrupters. Saves money by handling more loads per unit
    • Superior coordination, flexibility, reliability. Innovative TCCs can be optimized using a PC. No knobs or dials to challenge security
    • Exclusive arc-resistant construction meets requirements of IEC Standard 298, Appendix AA
    • Contamination- and corrosion-proof. Sealed SF6 design handles any environment . . . even subsurface
    • Consistent operating practices. Same gear for subsurface, vault, and pad-mounted applications. Cuts inventory and operator-training costs
    • Easily upgraded to SCADA operation

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • Vista® SD Underground Distribution Switchgear
    S&C now offers another choice in metal-enclosed gear. Economical new Vista SD Underground Distribution Switchgear is the first practical solid-dielectric switchgear with a visible open gap and field-replaceable bushings....

  • Vista SD Switchgear can be furnished with up to six “ways” (load-interrupter switches and/or fault interrupters), in ratings through 29 kV and 16 kA symmetrical interrupting. By handling more loads per assembly, fewer Vista SD Switchgear assemblies are required. Each load-interrupter switch and fault interrupter includes a manually operated, two-position isolating disconnect to provide a visible open gap.

    With Vista SD Underground Distribution Switchgear, routine operation, such as isolating a downstream cable for repair, is easy. Just one person, using either the manual handle or a suitable user-furnished universal pole equipped with a standard fitting can operate.

    Vista SD Underground Distribution Switchgear is furnished with the same microprocessor-based overcurrent control used in S&C Vista® Underground Distribution Switchgear. This proven reliable device offers special, customizable “coordinating” speed time-current characteristic curves that provide complete coordination with upstream relays and downstream fuses. Conventional “E”, “K”, and "T" speed curves are available too.

    Learn more at sandc.com

  • S&C TranShield™ Transformer Protector
    The NEW S&C TranShield™ Transformer Protector is the first of its kind. It allows utilities to tackle temporary faults that lead to permanent outages at the end of a utility’s lateral lines, avoiding unneeded truck rolls and saving on O&M costs....

  • The TranShield™ Transformer Protector eliminates nuisance fuse operations at the grid’s edge and drastically reduces unnecessary maintenance expenses. Industry data show that up to 70% of overhead distribution transformer fuse operations are classified as nuisance outages, where no other repair work is needed aside from fuse replacement. These instances are typically caused by a temporary fault.

    The TranShield Transformer Protector determines whether a fault is temporary or permanent prior to operating. Learn more about the TranShield Transformer Protector at S&C booth #6015.

    Learn more at sandc.com

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