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 J&D is a market leader in current and voltage sensors.  Built with its advanced AI and IoT technology, J&D is launching products such as the Split-Core Power Quality Metering CT, a Split-Core Current Sensor Smart Meter combined with Wireless communication such as EnOcean, Wi-SUN, LoRa, LTE, etc. J&D's new products are the solution for Smart grid IoT.

Brands: Power Quality meter, , JPS series, JRFS-RM series, Current Transformer, Split-Core Current Sensor Smart Meter , Split core CT, , Revenue Grade Metering CT, EnOcean, Wi-SUN, LoRa, LTE


  • Power quality meter - JAGUAR 6300S
    High accuracy digital power quality meter with Class S (IEC61000-4-30 ed 3)...

  •  J&D new power quality meter, JAGUAR 6300S is a high accuracy digital power quality and energy meter. JAGUAR 6300S provides power quality information which enables management of energy use, power facility operation and high efficiency device analysis. It presents an energy management supervisor the analytic criterion on both energy use and power quality, which makes it possible to establish appropriate preventive or post measures.

     JAGUAR 6300S has two Ethernet ports which enables network connection just by direct STP/SFTP cabling between two meters without hubs. By RS485 communication, JAGUAR 6300S can be connected to other meters for multiple connection.

     JAGUAR 6300S provides 0.2% of accurate measurement for voltage and current. Active power/energy conforms to IEC61557-12 Class 0.2S, and Reactive power/energy does to IEC61557-12 Class 0.5S. It can measure various parameters for power quality such as Sag/Swell, Crest Factor, K factor and harmonics (up to 63rd).

     The more detailed information can be found from catalog; https://www.hqsensing.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/JAGUAR-6300S-Catalogcompressed.pdf

  • Power quality monitoring CTs - PQ-CT, PQ-RoCoil
    Certified UL61010-1, UL2808 standards.
    Designed for power quality monitoring....

  • 1) PQ-CT  JPS series

     PQ-CT JPS series is a high accuracy split-core current transformer, certified UL2808 and UL61010-1 Listed, Pollution Degree 3 with CAT4 600V (Altitude 3000m). The JPS series offer the high accuracy and low phase shift, and the easy two-handed opening and closing, with a safe output values of 100, 250, 333, 500, 1000mVac of voltage output and 50, 80, 100mA, 1A, 5Aac of current output.

     The JPS series fulfill the standards, IEEE C57.13 Class 0.3 & 0.6 accuracy and IEC 61869 Class 0.2S & 0.5S accuracy. Designed specifically for Revenue grade energy and power quality meters with the current measurements 5A to 1,500A. All models are available in standard and revenue-grade accuracies and offer a wide range of reading from 1% to 120% of primary rated current, wider than other standard current transformers.

     The JPS series revenue-grade split core CTs are optimized for Renewable energy power monitoring, Distribution circuit metering, and Power quality metering. They have a hinged opening mechanism for easy installation.

    2) PQ-RoCoil  JRFS series

     The JRFS series flexible Rogowski coil current transformer certified UL2808 and UL61010-1 Recognized Components, can monitor AC line current in circuits up to 1000 Vac and nominal currents up to 6000 Amps. They can be opened and are flexible for ease of installation around bus bars and multiple conductors. They are intended for field installation within distribution and control equipment such as panelboards, switchboards and industrial control equipment to measure the current on branch circuits and feeders.

     The JRFS series CTs may be used with electric energy meters, like the power meters, or for other current measuring purposes. PQ-RoCoil is different in a few key ways from standard CTs. They do not contain a ferromagnetic core, so they don’t saturate, they have excellent linearity, and they have very low phase angle errors. Because they lack a core, it is possible to make them flexible and lightweight. Furthermore, the coil output signal is low voltage (less than 1V AC) and low current (microamps or less), so they are safer than ratio CTs.

  • DC Current sensors for revenue-grade metering
    AOCT technology based on Hall effect technology.
    Designed for 0.5/1.0 class DC watthour meters....

  •  The demands of DC metering have been increasing upon the growing of Distributed generation market relating Solar power, EV charger and Energy Storage Systems and so on. Therefore, J&D newly developed the DC watthour meter and high precision DC current sensor and voltage sensor together.

    1) DC current sensor - the JCM series and JOM series

     J&D designed the two new DC current sensor for 0.5/1.0 class of DC single meters and 1.0 class of DC transformer-operated meters.


    JOM series

    JCM series


    Based on open-Loop technology

    Based on closed-loop technology

    Designed for

    Accuracy 1.0 class of DC single meter

    Accuracy 0.5 class of DC single meter, 1.0 class of DC transformer-operated meter

    Measuring range

    100A, 200A

    100A ~ 4000A

    Accuracy class

    0.5 class

    0.2 class


    ◆ Low power consumption with high accuracy

    ◆ Using high permeability core

    ◆ Using AOCT technology to remove the DC offset

    2) DC voltage sensor – the JCV series

     J&D’s new DC voltage sensor is a closed-loop product, utilized a stable isolation design and the AOCT technology from the DC current sensor. It achieves accuracy 0.3% in the 1500V~5000V DC range.

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