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Welcome to your full scale O&G AI Experience with Nth DS!

AI is not a buzzword, it's your new standard in digitizing data. Imagine what it would be like to access a fully digitized Permian Basin sized data repository in only a matter of weeks. Our Nspect solution does just that. From metadata off of well log headers, core data to pulling gamma ray curves off of well logs into an LAS format...yes, the game has changed!

Brands: Well Logs, Core Data, Seismic, Digitizing, Nth DS, NSPECT, Metadata


  • Nspect
    Nspect is an AI solution that extracts data from images/documents. It transforms year long projects to a matter of weeks. Having processed over 200k well log headers and thousands of well log curves, it has passed production tests with flying colors....

  • Nspect uses a series of neural nets constructed on multiple frameworks, python algorithms and some other outside of the box methods on it's path to achieving Artificial Intelligence. Nspect receives the documents securely, sorts them according to their document type. Once the documents are "classified" they are then digitized. Using our ML based OCR, the text is extracted from the documents then relationships are formed using antoher neural net e.g. Date = 11/26/17. After this process concludes, data is packaged neatly and available in a variety of formats (.csv, JSON, .xml, etc.) and ready to be consumed by your application or database.
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