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  • Booth: 1755

CERREY, a leading Boiler manufacturer with global presence.

CERREY is an ISO 9001-2015 ASME certified Boiler company,  that designs and  manufactures Industrial Boilers and HRSG´s for the  Power, Petrochemical, Refining, Desallination and Process Industry with global presence. CERREY also provides aftermarket services to satisfy all customer needs for steam generation. CERREY has the capability to manufacture and shop assembly of Boilers with a very large modularization degree (including plug and play concept) at our main shop in Monterrey, Mexico and assembly shop in Altamira Port in Gulf of Mexico.



  • "Radiant" Boilers
    "Radiant" Boilers assembled in field or assembled in CERREY´s Plant....

  • The “Conventional” Modular Radiant Boilers and the "Box Type" ones are based on the concept of power boilers developed by CERREY in the early 90´s to be used in industrial applications. The Radiant boilers do not have rolled steel joints, but its construction is entirely based in welded joints making them ideal for power and cogeneration plants that require high and quick steam pressure and an efficient response to load changes.


    - Without limiting design pressure.

    - Excellent response time to load change demands due to a lower water volume in the boiler and welded joints.

    - Greater reliability in operation due to water / steam positive circulation provided by the arrangement of  downcomers tubes no expose to heat.

    - Superheater longer lifespan due to its operation under lower metal temperatures.

    - Shorter starting-up operation due to an arrangement of fully drainable superheaters.

    - Easier maintenance due to full accessibility in any part of the boiler.

    - Increased availability due to the absence of rolled steel joints or unions.

    - Low maintenance due to minimal use of refractories and absence of ash accumulation zones.

    - Design flexibility that allows adaptation to fit limited or unusual space requirements.

    - Excellent high efficiency operation response by reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

    - Possibility of shop assembly with high level of modularization allowing a reduction in cost and installation times on site.

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG´s)
    Single or multi-pressure designs...

  • CERREY´s Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG´s) produce low cost and high quality steam derived from exhaust gases from the most modern and efficient Gas Turbines (GT) today. The Natural Circulation designs use the latest tested technology worldwide to meet all the performance and space requirements in different Combined Cycle and Cogeneration Plants.

    CERREY provide designs with either single or multiple pressure to maximize the efficiency of the cycles for the full range of Gas Turbines available in the world.


    - Downcomers system not exposed to heat for each steam generation bank.

    - Proven design of casing and thermal isolation.

    - 3D software used for optimization of engineering time and to eliminate interference problems at field.

    - Casing doors conveniently located to access main flow gas path and pressure parts.

    - Supplementary Firing System when required for specific projects.

    - Effective use of SCR and / or CO catalysts, if necessary.

    - Gas passage bypass systems and chimney with silencers, if required.

    - Gas flow modeling capacity as requested.

  • "VU-40" and "VU-80" Field Assembled Boilers
    Designed to operate with biomass fuels...

  • The VU-40 and VU-80 boilers are field assembled, designed to operate on fuels such as coal, wood, bark, bagasse and other solid, liquid or gaseous waste. These units are efficiently used in a wide variety of industries such as pulp and paper, paper mill, sugar mill factories, power generation and cogeneration, steel, oil refining, etc.


    - A wide variety of combustion systems such as tangential or front firing systems, stationary or traveling stockers, among others, either for single or multiple fuels.

    - Flexible for any type of stocker, grates system as the Traveling, watercooled vibrating or stationary (pin hole).

    - Two drums design with steam generation bank of single and multiple flue gas pass generation section.

    - Boiler furnace fully water cooled as single or double stage Radiant Convective Superheater.

    - Welded membrane walls.

    - Proven design to stay online for long periods due to its high availability.

    - Uniformity in heat absorption, water level and steam release.
  • "VU-60" Field or Shop Assembled Boilers
    The VU-60 Boilers are bottom supported and natural circulation, available in capacities up to 1,000,000 pph....

  • The VU-60 Boilers are units adapted to meet customer needs and manufactured  based on predesigned modular components. They are used in applications with gaseous and liquid fuel and some waste from industrial processes.

    These bottom supported and natural circulation steam generators are available in capacities up to 1,000,000 pph.

    Among the special features that allow a high degree in availability and reliability are its combustion systems either front or tangential firing, welded membrane walls, and convective-radiant superheater in one or two stages and minimal use of refractory material.


    - Reduced installation time due to its modular construction.

    - Side walls with welded membrane.

    - Tangential or front firing.

    - Design flexibility.

    - Efficient operation.

    - Uniform gas distribution.

    - Minimum use of refractory.

    - Low maintenance

    - Shop assembly option with a high level of modularization allowing the reduction in cost and installation time on site.

  • "VP" and "A" Shop Assembled Package Boilers
    Boilers completely shop assembled...

  • CERREY offers "VP" and "A" type boilers completely shop assembled and in addition to the assembly of the pressure parts, insulation, external casing and galleries are also installed, which allows considerable benefits.

    Both designs meet the latest pollutant emissions standards.


    - Partition walls with welded membrane.

    - Side walls with welded membrane.

    - Water cooled front and rear walls.

    - Positive slope in all floor and roof tubes.

    - Downcomers not exposed to heat.

    - Steam drums with high efficiency internal moisture separators.

    - Superheater with flexible design, fully drainable and vented.

    - Low and Ultralow NOx Burners, flue gas flow recirculation and SCR and/or CO catalysts, as required.

    - Design tailored for each project.

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