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United States
  • Booth: 3835

Pall - Your Asset Protection Partner in Power Generation

Pall Corporation is a filtration, separations and purification company providing solutions to meet critical fluid management and asset protection demand across the wide spectrum of the Power Generation industry.  We protect what matters; preventing unscheduled downtime or system failures to help maximize your equipment performance and output.

Brands: filters, fluid condition monitors, Athalon, Crixus, condensate, purification


  • Crixus® Fluid Monitoring Platform
    The Crixus Fluid Monitoring Platform continually monitors fluid cleanliness, filter performance and remaining filter life conditions to help prevent system upsets before they happen.

  • Pall Crixus Platform for Intelligent Fluid Management

    Pall’s Crixus-enabled technology acts as your 24/7 intelligent fluid management guardian. It uses a series of in-line sensors to continually monitor filter performance and fluid condition. RFID technology, built into Crixus-equipped filter elements, helps pinpoint, identify, and verify the performance of every filter in a system. And, as part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), all of this data is transmitted via a wireless network to a gateway node connected to the Crixus Cloud. Here, intelligent software translates the data, maps it against historical trends, process variables and predictive algorithms, then presents it to you through a reporting and notification system.

    Fluid condition, filter performance and remaining filter life can be monitored via desktop and mobile applications anywhere there’s an internet connection. This helps streamline the maintenance process and improve site efficiency. And alerts and warning levels can be set, so you can act as soon as issues start to occur.

    Additionally, Crixus can be used to undertake analysis of historical data trends to help determine more effective maintenance procedures, set user-programmable alarms for individual system requirements and identify the location of filter housings via an integrated 360˚ LED beacon. It is simple to install and easy to set up so you can be quickly predicting maintenance upsets before they occur.

    Key benefits from using Pall Crixus-enabled technology include:

    • Reduced risk of serious damage to parts and machinery
    • Productivity enhancements
    • Fluid cleanliness monitored and managed 24/7
    • Reduced direct fluid management costs 
    • Increased overall value of every fluid management activity

    For more information visit the Pall Corporation Stand, booth # 3835 to discuss integrating Crixus into your predictive maintenance programs

  • Athalon® Hydraulic and Lube oil filters
    Pall’s Athalon® hydraulic and lube oil filters combine Betax(c)≥2000 rated, anti-static and stress-resistant filter technology to provide the greatest overall filter performance and value available in the Power Generation industry today....

  • Athalon - The Ultimate in Filter Performance

    Pall’s Athalon hydraulic and lube oil filters combine Betax(c)≥2000 rated, anti-static, stress resistant filter technology and a full range of housings to provide the greatest overall filter performance and value available in industry today.


    • Greatly reduced static charge build-up
    • Optimum performance for the full service life of the filter for consistently cleaner fluid
    • Low element pressure drop for small envelope size and long-life
    • Laid over pleat filter media configuration increases filtration capacity by up to 50%
    • Resistance to cyclic flow and pressure conditions for cleaner fluid

    With ever increasing flow rates per unit surface area of filter media in less conductive oil formulations, there is an increased incidence of static charging / discharging which can lead to significant operational problems and the formation of 'varnish'. With the Athalon filter design we’ve improved the filter’s ability to consistently maintain fluid cleanliness, reduce the clean pressure drop, increase the filter area and significantly reduce static charge generation to prevent the formation of varnish.

    The result: cleaner fluid, better, more consistent system protection combined with long filter service life.

    The Athalon Design Advantage

    Laid-over Pleating

    • Allows more filtration area to be packed into a given filter element envelope
    • Creates uniform flow distribution through the filter element
    • Protects against pleat collapse and bunching

    Betax(c)≥2000 Stress-Resistant Technology

    • Maximum control of damaging particles
    • Consistent, superior performance over the full service life of the filter
    • The ultimate protection against contaminant induced costs
  • HLP Series Oil Purifiers
    HLP Oil purifiers combine the water removal performance of mass transfer purifiers with high reliability and ease-of-use to help ensure maximum equipment uptime and lowest cost of ownership...

  • Water in hydraulic, lubrication, power transmission and insulating fluids adversely affects fluid performance and is a threat to system reliability.

    The HLP Series of oil purifiers combines the water removal performance of mass transfer purifiers with high reliability and ease-of-use to help ensure maximum equipment uptime and lowest cost of ownership— enabling you to focus on your process, and not your equipment.

    The Pall HLP purifier uses vacuum dehydration to remove 100% free water and as much as 80% of dissolved water. Unlike other methods it will not burn or otherwise significantly alter the properties of the oil. It will also remove 100% of free and entrained gases and up to 80% dissolved gases and removes solid particulate contamination with an efficiency of 99.9% (Beta ≥ 2000) down to 3 microns.

    It is designed for use with medium sized hydraulic and lubrication oil systems with 1500 – 2000 gallon (5680 – 7570 liter) reservoirs, particularly where high viscosity fluids are employed.


    HLP Series oil purifiers showed a 40% faster dehydration rate when compared to a commonly used, similarly sized purifier.

    Ease of Use

    The HLP10 series offers the following features to increase versatility in service and lower cost of ownership:

    • Low maintenance

    • Able to work with wide range of oil viscosities (3 cSt to 1000 cSt)

    • No utility water required for cooling or pump

    Focus on Your Process, Not on Your Purifier

    HLP Series purifiers requires the minimum of user interaction, which allows users to focus more on their process and less on the maintenance and upkeep of their purifier. The HLP purifier is one of the easiest purifiers to operate. Simply connect the purifier to the reservoir, power up, and press the start button. In fact, many HLP users are able to just “press the button and walk away”.

    For more information, see the HLP10 Series purifier at the Pall Corporation booth # 3835 and meet our team

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