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Samsung Control Valve supplies efficient and satisfactory services for our customers with the competitive price, high quality

and the shortest time, matching customers’ needs and satisfaction.

Also we enhance our customers’ fulfillment by making technique support and maintenance service available at their needs.

Brands: Flying Ash, Bottom Ash, Cement, Slurry, Coal Fired Power Plant, Transportation, Bulk Material, Dome Type Valve, Pinch Valve, Control Valve


  • Dome Type Valve ASBV-1000 Series
    ⦁Size: 80A~350A
    ⦁Maximum fluid temperature: +200℃
    ⦁Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +55℃
    ⦁Maximum operating pressure: 8bar
    ⦁Control air pressure: Min. 5bar Max. 10bar
    ⦁Materials: Cast iron, Ductile iron, Carbon steel...

  • ASBV-1000 Series are applicable to use for most lines of chemical plant, cement conveyer line, slurry lines, etc at the basis of excellent sealing effect and is a SHUT-OFF valve for dry, free-flowing and non-sticking bulk materials. It can be also used in pressurized lines.

    ASBV-1000 is used for material cut off below hopper for dry powder / granular material.

    It is designed to isolate the material and maintain a pressure tight seal while also eliminating any metal on metal contacting parts.

    During valve operation, there is no direct friction between seat and dome because of air inflatable seat and sealing against the dome surface, when in the closed position. In open position, full bore Spherical Dome is completely clear of the fluid conveying path. There is no obstruction for material flow & also spherical dome is protected from direct contact with the conveying material.  

    The valve is opened and closed using a pneumatically operated actuator and the supplying air to operate the actuator is also provided to inflate the gasket and Spherical Dome is seal completely. The rotary system and the inflatable gasket are controlled by a complete control box and a PLC control unit.

    ASBV-1000 Series are installed in field of industries such as Power plant, Mining/Mineral processing, Cement/Concrete plant(Pneumatic conveying system), Storage silo, Paper plant, Chemical plant etc.

    ASBV-1000 Series are capable of handling flying ash, abrasive, cohesive fluid, mineral/ores, chemical slurry, ash, granules or powder or (pneumatic)conveying lines with scale problems.

  • Pinch Valve PSV-1000 Series
    ⦁Size: 50A ~ 350A
    ⦁Working pressure: 0 ~ 10 bar(g)
    ⦁Fluid Temperature: -50℃ ~ +180℃
    ⦁Ambient temperature: -5℃ ~ +60℃
    ⦁Air supply pressure: Min. 4 bar(g) / Max. 9.9 bar
    ⦁Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron

  • Pinch valve is a full bore type of control valve which uses a pinching effect to obstruct fluid flow and designed to remove or solve process problem in connection with controlling the flow of cohesive, abrasive or corrosive fluids.

    Major components of  Pinch valve consists of body, a sleeve and actuator.

    Generally used for slurries or processes with entrained solids, because the flexible rubber sleeve allows the valve to close drop-tight around solids—solids that would typically be trapped by the seat or stuck in conventional valves such as globe, diaphragm, butterfly, gate, or ball valves.

    The sleeve material can be selected upon the corrosiveness and abrasiveness of the flow media. Rubber material sleeve provides the user leakage-free regardless of sizes of solid fluids. Same size Sleeve as pipe line also give the users lowest flow resistance.

    Pinch valve is applied to industries such as bulk and solids handling, cement industry, waste water industry, chemical industry, beverage/food, mineral processing, pulp/paper industry, power generation, ceramic/glass/plastic industry.

    Pinch Valves in aggressive fluid processes saves a lot down time, and guarantees a free flow through the valve, avoiding any blockages.

    A pinch valve may be the best valve for flow control application

  • Control Globe Valve SCV-1000 Series
    ⦁Size: 15A ~ 300A
    ⦁End connection: FF, RF, RJ, Welding, Groove
    ⦁Bonnet: Plain, Fin, Extension, Welded, Bellows
    ⦁Flow characteristic: Equal, Linear, Quick Open
    ⦁Materials: A216 WCB, A351 CF8, A351 CF8M...

  • SCV-1000 control valves is designed for heavy-duty service and provide a wide range of fluid solution.

    The durable and compact valve body allows a large flow capacity, rangeability and high accuracy flow characteristics.

    Comprehensively used in the automatically regulating and processing control system such as flow, pressure, temperature, gas, steam and liquid level, in chemical, oil refining, metallurgy industries and power plant.

    SCV-1000 globe  valves are widely applicable for reliable control of high or low temperature, high pressure or high differential pressure process lines where dynamic stability, low noise and cavitation / flashing resistance are required.

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