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Come by Anvil EPS to see our latest support innovations!

Anvil EPS has over 150 years of engineering excellence and pipe support product innovation with experience serving commercial and nuclear power, oil and gas, LNG and solar. Come by booth 4937 to learn more about our new XLT line of insulated pipe supports, view our free 3D design software & discover how we can help you be successful on your next project.

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  • XLT Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports
    Anvil XLT (extreme low temperature) provide an ideal solution to cold temperature piping applications, engineered to support the specific loads & temperature requirements for the production, transportation & distribution of LNG....

  • Anvil XLT, extreme low temperature pipe shoes are available in pipe OD’s from 2½” to 20” standard as well as larger OD’s up to 72” for custom applications.  A critical component in a low temperature pipe support is its PIR (Polyisocyanurate) and PUR (Polyurethane) insulation material, which are manufactured to the diameters of ASTM C 585 under carefully controlled conditions to ensure proper density, dimensional uniformity and stability. Anvil’s PIR/PUR materials are available in single and multilayer systems and have clean, sharp edges which are critical to ensure tight fit up. 

    Multilayered insulation features a ship lapped design that has stepped radial and offset longitudinal joints. These features guarantee perfect fit up with the pipe run insulation and prevent formation of a direct vapor path from the environment to the process pipe.

    Also of importance is a pre-bonded vapor barrier consisting of a nearly impermeable fire retardant membrane that covers all exposed surfaces of the insulation and prevents moisture ingress. Such a vapor barrier can be sealed with pre-applied adhesive on overlapping segments of the vapor barrier. To cover the foil and provide additional protection and support to the PIR/PUR insulation assembly, a galvanized metal jacket can be added.

    The standard pipe shoe base is manufactured from ASTM A-36 or A-515/516 Gr. 65 or 70 carbon steel. Slides can also be made available in ASTM A-240 Type 304 or 316 stainless steel. Standard Slides are available in three finishes standard primer, carbon-zinc, or hot dipped galvanized finish for corrosive environments.

    All Anvil PIR/PUR pipe support assemblies include:

    · PIR/PUR saddle(s)

    · Vapor barrier

    · Metal jacket

    · Fabricated steel casing

    · Low friction slide bearings, if specified by owner

    · Guide and axial stops, if specified by owner

    · Tagging

    · Any associated pipe hanger hardware or structural members, if specified by owner

    · All units are asbestos free

    · 100% made and assembled in the USA

    Anvil PIR/PUR has the following properties:

    6lb/ft³ PIR Foam:

    · Thermal Conductivity , ASTM C518, - 0.20 BTU·in/hr2 · deg·F

    · Thermal Resistance, ASTM C518, – 5.0 hr· ft2 · deg-F/BTU

    ·  Density, ASTM D1622, – 6lb/ft3

    · Ninety two percent of the cells  are closed, ASTM D2856

    10lb/ft³ PUR Foam:

    · Thermal Conductivity, ASTM C518  - 0.28 BTU·in/hr2 · deg·F

    · Thermal Resistance , ASTM C518,– 3.57 hr· ft2 · deg-F/BTU

    · Density, ASTM D1622, – 10lb/ft3

    · Ninety two percent of the cells  are closed, ASTM D2856

    15lb/ft³ PUR Foam:

    · Thermal Conductivity, ASTM C518  - 0.32 BTU·in/hr2 · deg·F

    · Thermal Resistance , ASTM C518,– 3.13 hr· ft2 · deg-F/BTU

    · Density, ASTM D1622, – 15lb/ft3

    · Ninety two percent of the cells  are closed, ASTM D2856

    Anvil PIR/PUR Saddle has the following properties:

    · The insulation I.D. and the O.D.dimensions shall be manufactured in accordance with the ASTM Specification C 585 unless otherwise specified.

    · The saddle will be provided fully assembled with sufficient insulation extending beyond the support outer metal jacket in order to enable the insulator to make standard butt joints.

    · The exposed surfaces may be coated with mastic to protect the foam from ultraviolet light degradation and moisture by the contractor.  All mastic used shall have a minimum perm rating of .02 in accordance with ASTM E-96.

    · A vapor barrier shall be provided between the jacket and the high density PIR/PUR insulation with a maximum per rating of .02.

    · PIR/PUR pipe support assembly will be designed to provide for sufficient clamping force on the pipe to assure that the pipe support assembly will move axially with the pipe.  The axial loading conditions shall not exceed the design loads for which the pipe support assembly has been designed.

    · All structural shapes and plate shall be ASTM A-36 unless otherwise specified.

    · All bolts and nuts shall be ASTM A-307 unless otherwise specified.

    · All pipe support assemblies selected with low friction slide plate assembly shall have two slide plate surfaces at each support point.  Each slide plate assembly shall consist of a mating slide plate as follows:

    • Top – 3/32” thick glass filled reinforced PTFE bonded to a 10 ga. carbon steel plate unless otherwise noted.
    • Bottom – 3/32” thick glass filled reinforced PTFE bonded to a 10 ga. carbon steel plate unless otherwise noted

  • Anvil XRPS - Rapid Production Low Cost Pipe Slides
    Anvil XRPS slides have the ability to be customized for specific support needs while still being able to be produced with minimal lead-times, XRPS is your complete project support solution....

  • Anvil XRPS are an ideal solution for meeting all types of pipe slide support requirements.  Anvil XRPS utilize our latest ForgeWorx Pro™ ETO™ technology and modern DFMA methods which allow our Engineers and Designers to create a semi-custom, cost effective and rapid production pipe slide. Our innovative program generates and optimizes the slide design based on your parameters, ensuring that the slide meets the required technical specifications while reducing cost and production time.

    Ideal for the rapid pace of the Oil & Gas market as well as others, this slide can be produced “just in time” to meet construction schedules and optimize construction costs while reducing the expense and risks associated with on-site storage. 

    Standard slides can be made with the following materials:

    · ASTM A36 or A515/516 Gr. 65 or 70

    · ASTM A240 Type 304 or 316—Stainless

    · ASTM A387 Gr. 22 Class 1 or 2—Alloy

    · Others as required.

    Available with a variety of clamping options, hold down lugs and PTFE slide plates, this slide can be used in a variety of applications and on a wide ranged of pipelines including insulated pipeline and extreme temperature lines.  Drawings and 3D models in a variety of formats are available upon quotation.

    Fully custom slides can be designed to handle extreme loading conditions and temperatures and are available in additional materials upon request.  Please note:  Lead-time for custom slides may be slightly longer depending on specifications.

    Standard Features:

    * Rapid lead-time for standard loads optimizing budget and timeline constraints.

    * Standard line capable of supporting loads up to 16,182 lbf.

    * Standard line capable in temperatures ranges from –20⁰F to 1110⁰F.

    * NPS from 1/2” to 24” standard.

    * Length of Shoe: 1/2” to 5” pipe OD L=6”

          6” to 12” pipe OD L=8”

         14” to 24” pipe OD L=12”

    Custom Features:

    * Custom line available for extreme applications for lower and upper temperature and in a variety of extreme loading conditions.

    * Pipe OD’s up to 42”.

    * Welded or bolted base plate attachment options.

    * No maintenance with PTFE slide plates.

    * Stainless Steel available upon request.

  • Variable Springs
    Anvil variable springs are made in the USA with high quality steel and exceptional craftsmanship. Anvil springs are utilized in a large variety of applications in the power, petrochem, oil & gas, marine, defense and commercial construction industries....

  • Variable spring hangers provide economical support for piping systems with vertical thermal expansion. This product is typically used where variation between the operating and installed loads can be tolerated. Anvil's spring hangers can be utilized in a variety of situations where adaptation is just as important as durability.

    Design features:

    • Precompression.

    Precompressing the spring into the hanger casing provides the following advantages:

    (1) Saves up to 50% in headroom by reducing the length of the hanger.
    (2) Reduces the installed height of the overall hanger assembly.
    (3) Prevents the spring supporting force from exceeding the normal safe limits of variations.
    (4) Saves valuable erection time because spring is precompressed close to 1⁄2" of the working range.

    • Calibration: All Anvil Variable Spring Hangers and supports are calibrated for accurate loading conditions.
    • Load indicator is clearly seen in the slot, simplifying reading of the scale plate. Load is read from bottom of indicator.
      • Cold set at the factory upon request.
        • Spring and casing are fabricated of steel and are rugged and compact.
    • Piston cap serves as a centering device or guide maintaining spring alignment.
    • Casing protects the spring from damage and weather conditions.

    Standard Finish: Painted with semi-gloss primer.

    Corrosion Resistant: Anvil offers corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant Variable Spring Hangers to fill vital needs in the chemical and refinery industries as well as in modern outdoor power plant construction. For protection against severe weather conditions or moderate corrosive conditions, the parts of the hanger are galvanized per ASTM A-153, except the spring which has a protective coating and the load column for Type F which is electro-galvanized.

    Advantages of a Protective Coating:

    • Protects from a wide range of corrosives.
    • Does not affect the flex life of the spring.
    • Recommended for ambient temperatures up to 200° F

    Travel stop: The functional design of the pre-compressed variable spring hanger permits the incorporation of a two-piece travel stop that locks the hanger spring against upward or downward movement for temporary conditions of underload or overload. The complete travel stop, the up travel stop only for cold set purposes or the down travel stop only which may be employed during erection, hydrostatic test (Anvil permits a hydrostatic test load of 2 times the normal operating load for the spring hanger) or chemical cleanout will be furnished only when specified. The travel stop is painted red and is installed at the factory with a caution tag attached calling attention that the device must be removed before the pipe line is put in service. Permanently attached travel stops available upon request.

    Approvals: WW-H-171E (Types 51, 56 and 57), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Types 51, 52 and 53).

    Specifications: Anvil Variable Spring Hangers are welded in strict accordance with ASME Section IX.

    Size Range: The Anvil Variable Spring Hanger in five series and seven types is offered in twenty-three sizes (Fig. B-268 only is offered in twentyfive sizes). The hanger can be furnished to take loads 10 lbs. to 50,000 lbs

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