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Combustion and emissions solutions for the power industry.

Proven Solutions from John Zink Hamworthy Combustion.

Through our Coen and Hamworthy Combustion brand products, we are world-renowned for reliability, efficiency, and innovation in combustion system applications and installations.

With our comprehensive turnkey service, we'll install the equipment we design and manufacture.

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  • ECOjet® Ultra-Low NOx Burner
    ECOjet burners are proven to deliver low emissions with minimal flue gas recirculation (FGR) while offering extremely stable flames, high turndown and reduced boiler maintenance....

  • Proven NOx Reduction.

    The ECOjet® ultra-low NOx burner can help you meet stringent emissions requirements year after year. Developed using decades of combined combustion experience and the latest CFD modeling techniques, the ECOjet can achieve ultra-low NOx levels. ECOjet ultra-low NOx burners are proven to deliver low emissions with minimal flue gas recirculation (FGR) while offering extremely stable flames, high turndown and reduced boiler maintenance.

    Easy to Install, Operate, and Maintain

    + Reliable, self-cleaning High Energy Spark Ignition

    + Staged gas design provides extremely stable flames, up to 20:1 burner turndown, for furnace warm-up and hot standby

    + Ultra-low NOx with gaseous fuels (natural gas, propane, refinery gas, landfill gas, off gasses)

    + Low NOx with liquid fuels (light gas oil, heavy fuel oil, and ultra-heavy fuels such as pitch and bitumen) + Applicable to package, industrial, and utility boilers ranging from single to multi-burner wall-fired, turbo, and other boiler types

    + NOx levels <9 ppm (18 mg/Nm3) with minimal FGR

    + CO levels <50 ppm (62 mg/Nm3)

    + Fast burner ramp rates

    + Easy to retrofit into existing plants

    + Capacities to 400 MMBtu/hr (120 MW) per burner

    Designed, Tested and Proven Ideal for Many Applications.

    ECOjet ultra-low NOx burners are tested under a wide range of operating conditions and heat inputs using a diverse variety of fuel gas compositions, fuel oils and other fuels. Real-world equipment performance is calculated using cutting-edge simulation and modeling techniques including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, statistical experimental design and first principles derivations validated with bench-, pilot- and full-scale testing. The final product has proven ideal for a variety of applications including:

    + Packaged boilers

    + Multi-burner boilers

    + Air heaters, dryers, incinerators

  • Variflame™ Burner
    Low NOx, High-Efficiency Burners for Watertube Boilers....

  • Proven NOx Reduction for Single-Burner Boilers

    The Variflame™ burner delivers high-efficiency performance in gas-fired package boilers with NOx emissions as low as 20 ppm (41 mg/Nm3) at 3 percent O2. Using advanced air-fuel staging techniques, the Variflame burner can operate with or without flue gas recirculation (FGR).

    + Reduces NOx, CO, VOC and particulate emissions

    + Robust and reliable combustion performance

    + High turndown for maximum operating flexibility

    + Reliable flame with a wide range of excess air operation

    + Simultaneous gas and oil firing capability

    + For gas- or oil-fired boilers with heat inputs from 30 to 400 MMBtu/hr (8.8 to 117 MW) per burner

    + Advanced air-fuel staging and FGR for cost-efficient low NOx performance

    + Advanced oil tip design with low atomizing steam usage

    + Quick ramp rate provides a rapid response to load swings

    Clean Combustion Made Simple

    With no moving parts during operation, the Variflame burner utilizes a simplified design that delivers reliable performance, even in the toughest applications.

    + Air Register: Turbulence-free axial airflow, the optimized shape minimizes pressure loss through the burner and maximizes velocity.

    + Swirler: Produces stable flames and enables thorough mixing.

    + Throat: Precisely matched with the register and swirler design to provide an aerodynamically stabilized flame.

    + Gas Burner: Unique injector orientation provides fuel staging within the flame envelope, reducing thermal NOx formation.

    + Oil Burner: Advanced oil gun tip designs achieve precisely controlled flame geometry

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