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Celebrating 110 yrs. of service to the Global Power Industry

John R. Robinson Inc. manufactures and supplies maintenance, outage and service equipment for Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, and Boilers. Your one stop shop for all your Tube Cleaning, Leak Detection, Plugging, and Re-tubing needs. Products available in metric sizes.

Brands: ROBINSON Tube Plugs, Foam Leak Detector for Condensers, Vacuum Leak Detector, Coil Nylon Brush, Scrapers, Tube Inserts, GC11 Tube Cleaning Gun, Rotary Cleaning Machine, Expanders, Cutters, Descaler


  • Tube Plugs
    John R. Robinson, Inc. offers tube plugs in a vast array of styles, types, and material. We stock plugs other companies mark as special. If it is in stock, we can ship it the same day....

  • Tube plugs seal leaking tubes or tube sheets in condensers, heat exchanger, chillers, and boilers. Robinson manufactures the plug you need for your job; high pressure, low pressure, rubber expandable, metal tapered, phenolic tapered, military specifications, and even custom tube plugs. We have an extensive stock of tube plug styles, sizes, and in various materials to suit our customers needs. Tapered tube plugs kits are offered as a convenient way to test plugs in a tube for accurate sizing before ordering or for emergeny purposes.
  • GC11 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun
    The Robinson GC11 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun is lightweight and easy to use. The GC11 cleaning gun is GUARANTEED to outlast any other tube cleaning gun. Used with Robinson shoot thru brushes and scrapers, tubes are cleaned of all debris in seconds!...

  • The Robinson GC11 tube cleaning gun is the preferred choice of many service crews because of its simple to use operation. The GC11 cleaning gun has the ability to easily and quickly reach all tubes in a condenser, heat exchanger, lube oil cooler, or elevated exchanger. One light squeeze of the trigger allows water to lubricate the tube and brush, and a further squeeze of the trigger propels the brush through the tube, cleaning the condenser or heat exchanger tube in seconds.

    GC11 Benefits:

    • Heavy duty gun
    • Light weight
    • Simple to use
    • Ability to reach all tubes
    • High water and air flow
    • Easy replacement of worn parts
    • Palm trigger reduces operator fatigue
    • Allows simultaneous gun use
    • No pump required

    GC11 Tube Cleaning SYSTEMS

    Cleaning systems include GC11 tube cleaning gun(s) and the appropriate accessories to suit your application.

    System 1000 is just right for small heat exchangers

    System 2000 is the right choice for larger heat exchangers, air conditioning condensers, and all HVAC units. This system allows crews to shoot 2 guns simultaneously for faster tube cleaning where no aditional pump is required.

    System 3000 is for use on larger condensers or when time is a major factor. The use of 3 guns simultaenously allows for the most time effecient tube cleaning of large condensers. The job gets done fast with no additional pump needed.

  • The Robinson Heat Exchanger Hinge
    NOT JUST FOR HEAT EXCHANGERS! It can be used on chillers, condensers, boilers, pressure vessels, manways, and all other access covers. Simplifying opening and closing covers in difficult areas....

  • There is no longer a need to completely remove, lower, or lay down the cover when performing maintenance. The standard hinge is available for 10" - 70" DIA covers, larger models are also available. After the hinge is installed it will fully support the cover/bonnet, allowing it to swing open like a door saving time and money. 


    • Chiller and condenser covers and bonnets
    • Heat exchanger covers and bonnets
    • Elevated surface condensers
    • TEMA heat exchanger channel covers and bonnets
    • Pressure vessel and equipment access covers
    • General access covers
    • ASME flanges
    • Manways
      • API manways
      • Pressure vessel manways
      • Atmospheric tanks and vessel manways 


    • Save time and money 
    • Reduce down time 
    • Increase safety
    • No welding 
    • No recertification required 
    • No rigging needed
    • One person can install and operate in under ten minutes 
    • Compliant with ANSI and AWWA flange and cover mating standards 
    • Permanent hinge kit available (optional)
    • Cover swings open to the right OR left 


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