Innova Global (formerly ATCO Emissions Management)  

Cambridge,  ON 
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40 years of experience in gas turbine auxiliary products.

INNOVA Global (formerly ATCO Emissions Management) is a recognized leader in noise control and gas turbine auxiliary products. In October 2017, INNOVA purchased Braden Manufacturing LLC (BUSA) in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Consolidated Fabricators (Confab) in Auburn, Massachusetts; and Braden-Europe (BEUR) located in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Together we supply gas turbine intake and exhaust silencing systems, filter houses, bypass systems with diverter dampers, catalyst systems, anti-icing systems, HRSG/WHRB's, acoustical buildings/enclosures/barriers, acoustic consulting, site installation services, and aftermarket parts and services.

Our noise reduction products and services guarantee compliance using proven silencing systems. Our supply, design and installation in any regulatory and physical environment sets our teams apart.

Combining our Power. Aligning our Strengths. INNOVA + Braden + Confab + Braden Europe

Brands: Intake/exhaust silencing, filter houses, bypass, diverter dampers, catalysts, anti-icing, HRSG/WHRB’s, acoustical buildings/enclosures/barriers, acoustic consulting and site installation services

 Press Releases

  • INNOVA Global expands global reach by acquiring Braden

    CALGARY, AB (October 12, 2017) INNOVA Global Ltd. (INNOVA), an international leader in emissions and noise control, announced today that it has acquired the shares of the multinational gas turbine auxiliary equipment specialist, Braden, from Global Power Equipment Group. The acquisition includes Braden Manufacturing LLC (BUSA) in Tulsa, Consolidated Fabricators (CFI) in Auburn, Massachusetts and Braden-Europe (BEUR) located in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

    The acquisition of Braden allows INNOVA to expand its global reach with added market presence in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, China and, Australasia.

    INNOVA’s President and CEO Harry Wong said the combination of INNOVA and Braden brings together strong project experience and the product offering of two global leaders in their fields. “As a result of this transaction, INNOVA will expand its international footprint into Europe, China, the Middle East and North Africa as well as strengthen its presence in the US and the Americas”, Mr. Wong said. “Importantly, the clients of the combined entity will benefit greatly from the breadth of prequalified product designs and solutions to service its clients worldwide.”

    “We look forward to strengthening our operations through extension of the technical capabilities, global supply chain, and expansion of product offerings through the combined INNOVA-Braden team,” he said.

    “Similarly, we also plan to work with the strong CFI team to strengthen its product offering to existing clients and to manufacture some of their current specialized parts.”

    “Braden Europe provides INNOVA with an important base within the European Union and a pathway to offer additional products and services to clients within BEUR’s geographical markets.”

    Braden has a unique gas turbine aftermarket retrofit and parts business, which offer clients the option of upgrading and improving auxiliary equipment requiring repairs or replacement - from filter houses to exhaust silencers and stacks, diverter dampers, and a complete line of in-duct products. “This aftermarket and retrofit operation will add a new dimension to INNOVA’s product and service offering which we plan to support with our in-house construction group and grow into a much larger business,” Mr. Wong said.

    The Braden transaction, follows INNOVA’s acquisition earlier this year of the liquidated intellectual property assets of Express Integrated Technologies (EIT) a leader in Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems and Once Through Steam Generators (OTSGs).

    About Braden:
    Braden, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Heerlen, the Netherlands, is an international leader in the power generation industry for the design, manufacture, installation and retrofit of auxiliary equipment for gas turbines including filter houses, inlet cooling systems, anti-icing systems, intake silencers, expansion joints, diverter dampers, exhaust silencers, exhaust stacks and Selective Catalytic Reduction systems.

    Its in-house engineering capabilities also include: 3-D solid modeling of complex shapes; computational fluid dynamics; structural design analysis; thermal, buckling and vibration frequency analysis; finite elemental analysis; and acoustical testing and analysis.

    The company was founded in 1923 by Glenn T. Braden and now has more than 160 employees with specialized engineering staff in the United States and the Netherlands, and relationships with fabrication specialists in over 30 countries. Consolidated Fabricators has been in business since 1971 and operates 50,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space in Auburn, Massachusetts.

    About INNOVA Global:
    INNOVA Global, formerly ATCO Emissions Management, ATCO Noise Management and Higgott-Kane, is an international, fully integrated engineering, fabrication, procurement and construction management company that primarily serves clients in the power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and industrial sectors. Over the past four decades, the company has developed a full-service suite of specialized solutions involving air and noise emissions control, acoustic consulting, gas turbine auxiliary systems, heat recovery systems, oil and gas facilities, and turnkey buildings.

    INNOVA Global has offices throughout North America and overseas, with in-house fabrication facilities in Monterrey, Mexico and St. George, Utah. 

    About TriWest Capital Partners:
    TriWest Capital Partners is a major shareholder of Innova Global. Founded in 1998, TriWest Capital Partners is one of Canada’s leading private equity firms with over $1.25 billion of committed capital. Based in Western Canada, TriWest makes significant investments in established, well-run companies with a proven track record of success and a sustainable competitive advantage, with experience in a broad range of industries, including the service, manufacturing and distribution sectors. The TriWest team consists of a group of  professionals with significant operational, financial and transactional experience. TriWest works closely with management and Limited Partners, proactively putting in place a strategy that maximizes growth potential and value creation by emphasizing operational excellence and an efficient capital structure.

    For more information, please contact:
    Harold (Harry) Wong, President & CEO of Innova Global Ltd.
    T: 519.220.0600 Ext. 224


  • Acoustic Buildings
    Premier provider of full-scope acoustic metal and steel buildings for power plants, custom-designed to meet your specific requirements....

  • Innova Global offers extensive experience in the design, supply and installation of acoustical buildings. Our engineers prepare a full acoustical model and mitigation design then utilize their extensive project and pricing experience and our proprietary line of Noise Management™ assemblies to deliver the most cost effective acoustical treatment for the proposed or existing facility.

    Acoustic Building Applications

    • ​Compressor Stations
    • Oil Pump Houses
    • Processing Plant Buildings
    • Oxygen/Nitrogen Manufacturing Plants
    • Fertilizer Plant Buildings
    • Mining Process Buildings
    • ​Power Houses
    • Fuel Gas Compressor Buildings
    • GIS Buildings
    • Petrochemical Plants
    • Natural Gas Storage Facilities
    • More

    Noise Management™ Acoustical Assemblies

    The foundation of our buildings’ performance guarantee is our suite of proprietary Noise Management™ acoustical wall and roof assemblies up to Sound Transmission Class (STC) 68. Imbedded within each assembly are vibration isolation and decouplers for effective control of noise over the entire noise spectrum (with particular attention paid to low frequencies and tones). Each assembly is strictly tested to the ASTM E90-90 standard in each octave band in a National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) or other accredited laboratory, then field tested and verified in actual projects.

    Full scope includes structural, mechanical, acoustical, and electrical engineering using Revit and 3-D modeling capability.

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  • Acoutical Consulting Services
    In-house acoustical engineers and consultants bring specialized knowledge and expertise to investigate and solve noise issues at industrial facilities....

  • Innova Globals' acoustical consultants provide professional acoustical consulting services for power generation applications. Our acoustical consultants have completed hundreds of noise survey and modeling assignments across the globe, and own one of the most comprehensive libraries of measured power plant equipment noise levels in North America. Our complete range of consulting services includes:

    • Ambient Surveys - Performing short or long duration sound level surveys to document the existing noise environment in terms of Ldn, Leq, L10, or any other descriptors required by applicable regulations.
    • Regulatory Review – Analyzing and interpreting all applicable ordinances.
    • Noise Impact Assessments - Preparing the acoustical sections of environmental impact statements.
    • Occupational Noise Exposure - Monitoring in the workplace to quantify worker’s exposure to noise (dosimetry) and creation of workplace noise maps around stationary noise sources in industrial facilities to aid reduction strategies.
    • Acoustical Compliance - Investigating compliance with noise by-laws, codes and ordinances; developing testing procedures; conducting and reporting the compliance survey.
    • Noise Prediction - Predicting noise levels from existing and future planned facilities or sites using mathematical and empirical modeling techniques.
    • Specification Development - Review of vendor equipment noise levels and development of the equipment noise level specifications for purchasing purposes.
    • Design and Implementation of Noise Control - Modeling of cost-effective mitigation options, performing the detailed engineering, preparing as-built or fabrication drawings, and installing the noise control.
    • Expert Testimony - Supporting clients at public hearings and open houses with acoustical engineering expertise.

    Areas of Specialization:

    • Low Frequency Noise
    • Noise Propagation Modeling (Indoor and Outdoor)
    • Optimization of the Noise Control and Costs
    • Interpretation of Complex Regulatory Environments
    • Practical, Cost-Effective Mitigation Designs

    Reducing the impact of noise can start with just a conversation. Our professionally accredited acoustical consultants are the willing ear and knowledgeable.

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  • Anti-Icing Systems
    Prevent ice formation damage using an anti-icing system that recovers heat from the exhaust and transfers it to the inlet to raise air temperatures out of the icing risk range....

  • Innova Globals’ anti-icing system design is based on hundreds of hours of CFD and FEA modeling and analysis. It features zero pressure drop impact on engine performance.

    The Innova Global anti-icing system is unique in the industry. Our system recovers hot exhaust air from the turbine, warming the air in a heat exchanger then transporting it to the inlet face via a blower. Our straightforward design is adaptable to any gas turbine application, and the simplicity of our system allows for its activation at any time during operation— providing the protection you need where and when you need it.

    1. The blower forces ambient air into offset arrays of circular tubes just inside the exhaust duct shell.
    2. Air flows through the heat exchanger counter to the exhaust gas path, warming as it travels.
    3. The heated air is then transported through ducting to distribution rakes at the filter house inlet, where it flows evenly across its face.
    4. The warm air is introduced upstream from the first stage of the inlet filter, raising the overall temperature of combustion airflow to shift air conditions out of the icing risk range.

    Innova Global also offers an alternate inlet heating designs that allow for as much as a 59°F temperature rise. This allows for safe operation of the gas turbine under the lowest ambient temperatures. In particular, some gas turbines emit higher NOx levels under low ambient temperatures. Installation of our system to act as an inlet heating solution allows for effective operation of the gas turbine year-round.

    With over 100 active units, our anti-icing system has proven that it is an effective, low maintenance, low-cost operation and high performance solution to combustion turbine icing.

    We are so confident in our design that we include a two-year mechanical performance guarantee on every anti-icing system installed.

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  • Bypass Systems and Diverter Dampers
    Robust and effective designs to meet any system and compliance requirements....


    Robust and effective designs to meet any system and compliance requirements.

    The Innova Global team understands the need for custom solutions that work, are dependable and will improve your bottom line. We have the expertise and knowledge to design and deliver a bypass system solution to meet any of your requirements:

    Fully Actuated Diverter Damper:

    • Fast switching from combined to simple cycle

    • Allows GT operation during steam turbine trip

    • Controlled ramp-up of steam cycle during combined cycle start-up

    Tee Box with Blanking Plates:

    • Lower initial cost

    • For one time or infrequent conversion

    Retrofit-able Tee Box:

    • Pre-designed for conversion into a diverter damper

    • When future conversion to combined cycle may be a possibility

    We can create reliable, robust and effective designs to meet any system and compliance requirements, as we take into account such critical areas as:

    • Thermally compensating diverter blade and blade supports

    • Robust diverter toggle drive systems

    • Baffle support systems and silencing baffles

    Engineering Innovation

    A traditional problem with diverter dampers are the “hot spots” at the seal land area, which result in issues with personnel safety as well as diverter damper functionality. Innova Global has created a patented seal land system that solves the “hot spot” issue, resulting in a more robust and cost-saving system.

    Innova Global uses in-house CFD and 3D modeling, as well as finite element analysis to ensure that all design limits for pressure drop, local velocity limits in critical silencer sections, and non-cyclonic flow requirements are met.

    Whatever your needs are, we can offer the optimum solution, balancing capital costs, construction time/costs, and operational flexibility.

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  • Filter House
    Protecting your turbine from harmful environmental particulates and optimized to provide low pressure drop for better turbine performance....

  • Innova Globals’ static or pulse-jet air filtration systems are custom designed and engineered to provide maximum protection for your gas turbine. Our system protects the turbine from harmful environmental particulates that can damage the internal components and reduce turbine life. Our filter houses are optimized to provide this protection with low pressure drop which means better system performance. 

    Filter House features:

    • Static or pulse-jet air filtration

    • Hi-efficiency filter packs

    • Pre-filter pads or pleats for large particle removal

    • Insect screens and pre-filters available

    • Available for all makes and sizes of gas turbines

    • Designs available for heavy particulate environments

    • Access to removable filters that can be inspected and serviced in-situ

    • Self-cleaning, low maintenance pulse system

    • Vertically or horizontally mounted filter designs available depending on your specific site requirements

    Innova Global provides additional products that can be integrated into the filter house such as silencing, anti-icing, evaporative cooling, fogging systems or flexible joints, all from one point of supply.

    With many options to choose from, let Innova Global design, supply and install the filter house that will provide you with years of reliability and performance.

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  • Gas Turbine Silencing Systems
    Intake and Exhaust Silencing Systems that meets the most stringent of noise regulations while surviving under the stress of this harsh environment....

  • Innova Globals’ Higgott-KaneTM gas turbine silencing systems include the following high performance solutions:

    Intake Systems:

    • Intake silencers

    • Filter houses

    • Intake anti-icing systems

    • All associated ducting, flexible joints, steelwork

    Exhaust Systems:

    • Exhaust silencers for the most stringent requirements

    • Lined/unlined ducts and stacks

    • Bypass diverter dampers

    • Expansion joints

    Our silencing systems are used on simple cycle, combined cycle and cogeneration applications for power generation, natural gas compression and offshore platforms. They are available for gas turbines ranging from 1.5 MW to 300 MW and can be designed to suit any environment – land or sea. We specialize in meeting difficult or unusual requirements – our tallest stack extends 248 ft. above grade.

    Innova Globals’ Higgott-KaneTM gas turbine silencing systems are rigorously tested:

    • In-duct flow and noise measurements, exhaust system integrity analysis

    • Low frequency analysis, vibration analysis, finite element analysis

    • Computational fluid dynamic analysis

    • Inventor and 3D solid models

    • CADNA and in-house silencer acoustic modeling

    Our gas turbine silencing systems are backed by our performance guarantees.

    Learn More - Intake Systems
    Learn More - Exhaust Systems

  • HRSG and WHRB's
    Improve your plant's efficiency, increase power output and reduce noise and NOx / CO emissions with a custom engineered heat recovery system from Innova Global....

  • Custom-engineered for any – and every – application, our Heat Recovery line is the product of years of design and in-field experience. Designed and built with the quality only Innova Global can bring, the Heat Recovery line continues the tradition of a guaranteed solution – every time.

    The optimal solution is rarely a ‘cut and paste, one-size-fits-all’ piece of equipment. True cost-efficiency involves tailoring the design to your specific and unique application. Our Heat Recovery Systems take into consideration all applicable codes, the plant layout, equipment placement – even the climate – to create exactly, and only, what you require. From the smallest to the largest requirement, you can be assured your Heat Recovery system is built with you in mind.

    Proven HRSG and WHB Expertise

    Our Innova heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s) and waste heat boilers (WHB’s) are designed and fabricated by a successful product team with over 120 years of combined experience, using state-of-the-art software and equipment to create the right design for your plant:

    • Advanced thermal modeling

    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    • Structural analysis

    • Hydraulic design

    • CadnaA and in-house proprietary acoustic propagation modeling

    • 3D drafting for detailed views and integration with plant & equipment drawings

    Find out more about our product team.

    Fabrication and Supply Guarantees

    Innova Global successfully manages fabrication facilities around the world, meeting the most stringent OEM and ISO 9001 requirements. Our worldwide base continues to grow, providing you with the highest quality material and the most-cost effective fabrication. Our remarkable delivery record (100% delivery on our generator enclosures) ensures you receive your product whenever and wherever you need it – guaranteed.

    Learn More - Heat Recovery Steam Generators
    Learn More - Waste Heat Boilers

  • Retrofit and Turnkey Solutions
    Older, failing equipment and non-compliance to stricter regulations can quickly result in revenue loss. Our retrofit solutions provide cost-effective, guaranteed results....

  • Innova Global provides retrofitting and turnkey solutions backed by in-depth analysis and in-house engineering with over 30 years of gas turbine exhaust system design experience.

    Silencer failures, noise complaints, worker safety issues and environmental problems demand attention fast. Older, failing equipment and non-compliance can quickly result in large-scale revenue loss and costly legal issues.

    No matter where your plant is located, what turbine is in use, or whose silencer system is causing you problems, Innova Global can take care of all your retrofit requirements by providing:

    • Complete gas turbine exhaust and intake systems

    • Silencers for all applications

    • Lined and unlined stacks and ducts

    • Acoustical building and enclosures

    • Noise absorbing barriers

    • Quiet ventilation systems

    • Acoustical consulting services

    As your single source of responsibility, we can take your acoustic retrofit project from planning, design and fabrication to installation and post construction testing, with results guaranteed.

    Our full range of services includes:

    • Design, fabrication and supply

    • Site installation

    • Complete acoustical consulting

    • Regulatory analysis

    • Comprehensive site noise surveys

    • In-duct measurements

    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

    • Finite element analysis (FEA)

    • Acoustical modeling and design

    • Structural and mechanical adequacy check

    • Cost estimating

    • Post-construction testing.

    Our reputation and repeat client list prove that Innova Global consistently delivers services and products exceeding customers’ expectations, on time and within budget.

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  • Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR)
    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) & Catalytic Oxidation (CO) systems with optimum NOx and carbon monoxide conversion with minimum pressure drop and turbine efficiency....

  • Reduce the NOx, CO and noise from your gas turbine with our simple cycle catalytic reduction system (SCR) and catalyst oxidation system (CO).

    Backed by over 30 years of gas turbine exhaust system design experience, we have designed our SCR to reduce your costs, minimize the system pressure drop and provide a more compact system footprint.

    Benefits of our SCR system include:
    •        Noise attenuation: low frequency and/or octave band
    •        Increased efficiency of exhaust gas/ammonia mixing through unique ammonia injection grid design
    •        Fast-start ammonia vaporization system development
    •        Compact system footprint
    •        Low pressure drop
    •        Extensive quality control process
    •        Low cost operation with dependable performance
    •        In-house team of SCR/CO experts and acousticians ensure the most acoustically balanced design possible

    Features of our SCR systems include:
    •        Unique and patent pending ammonia injection grid for more efficient exhaust gas/ammonia mixing
    •        Prevention of untreated exhaust gas bypass through superior sealing of catalyst to frame and liners
    •        Aqueous/Anhydrous ammonia or urea based systems available
    •        Modular construction

    Effective NOx and CO reduction starts with a balanced design approach to ensure the overall plant's needs are taken into consideration and the most cost-effective solution is developed.  Complete technical knowledge of all the critical variables is key to the design and performance of the SCR/CO system.  Our engineers will work with you to fully design a SCR/CO catalyst system that encompasses all your emissions needs.

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  • Sound Barriers, ACC Unit & Cooling Tower Silencing
    Quiet your facility with confidence with Innova Globals' noise abatement solutions....

  • Innova Global supplies industrial-grade metal sound barriers which are an economical solution to lowering noise from industrial equipment. Strategically placed, our acoustic barriers can work with other acoustical measures to limit emissions from multiple noise sources at your facility.

    Innova Global also designs baffles and sound barriers to lower noise from ACC units and cooling towers, carefully matching materials with the type of cooling and surrounding environment.

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