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Create a safer cleaner & more stable production environment

AIGI Environmental Inc. provides a  range of products, such as Patented Fishbone Gasket, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals, Graphic Packing Rings, Oil seals, Mechanical Seals, Semi-finished Raw Materials and Seal-N-C Machining Center, etc. 

Our mission is to create the safer, cleaner and more stable modern production environment. 

Brands: Fishbone Gasket, Safe-Cut Packing System, AIGI Split Rotary Seals, Mechanical Seals, Disc Spring, Seal Machining Center & Semi finished Material


  • Patented FISHBONE Gaskets
    - 1,000,000 times lower leakage than TA-LUFT Test limit
    - 25 times lower leakage than Chevron Fugitive Emissions Test limit
    - Pass API 6FB Fire Test

  • The International Patented FISHBONE is 1,000,000 times lower leakage than TA-LUFT Test limit;25 times lower leakage than Chevron Fugitive Emissions Test limit and Passed API 6FB Fire Test.

    The FISHBONE Gasket Design & Advantages:


    • Helical concentric bevelled ribs, each side covered with Graphite, PTFE or Mica
    • Unitary design with or without a centering ring
    • Rounded, non-sharp contact surface
    • Unique Stop-step design


    • Internally self-energized and by fluid pressure for better sealing performance
    • Interchangable with all spiral wound gaskets and Camprofile gaskets
    • Will not damage flange like Camprofile gaskets and spiral wound gaskets
    • Prevents over-compression of sealing element
  • Patented SAFE_CUT Packing System
    Patented SAFE-CUT Packing System that saves time, eliminates expensive cutting waste and protects workers from injury....

  • Cost Saving Innovation in Mechanical Packing Systems is a new system offers a safe but quick solution to cutting packings. It saves time, eliminates expensive cutting waste and protects workers from injury.

    • Feature 1: Convenient to Carry -Specially Designed Box Holds replaceable Packing Spools
    • Feature 2:Easy to Measure - Integrated Measuring and Cutting Tools for Fast, Accurate Ring Cutting
    • Feature 3: Safe to Cut - No worker Exposure to Sharp Cutting Tools

    While often not viewed as a significant cost driver, inefficient usage of mechanical packing can result in substantial unnecessary costs and wasted time. Since it is generally viewed and treated as a commodity, mechanical packing has not received much attention with regard to efficiency improvements. But with some innovative changes to the storage, handling and cutting of packing, users can find substantial savings.

    One company reviewed the process of packing in-situ equipment in plants and found certain time consuming, inefficient processes that can be eliminated. Maintenance mechanics usually have to find the appropriate packing, cut it to size in the maintenance workshop (a controlled environment with the proper equipment) and then bring the cut packing rings to the equipment to be serviced, which can be a significant distance and journey time if the plant is large. If on arrival to the equipment there are any issues with the cut packing rings that prevent their proper installation and performance—such as wrong length or too few rings—a return trip to the maintenance workshop is required. That trip consumes valuable maintenance man hours.

    One way to avoid this possible waste of time is for the mechanic to carry the packing to the equipment and cut the required rings in the field. This is generally a more efficient means of accomplishing the task. But it is rarely done because the mechanic has to carry all of the appropriate measuring and sharp cutting tools to the equipment and perform the operation in much less than ideal conditions. With a new packing system, the more efficient process of cutting packing rings in the field near the equipment can be accomplished quickly, accurately and, most important, safely.

    The new technology is a carrying, measuring and cutting system that incorporates an accurate measuring tool and a safe cutting head into a reusable container. A replaceable packing spool is inserted into the reusable container and the container carried to the specific piece of equipment to be repacked. Once at the equipment, the mechanic pulls out the retractable measuring tool to the appropriate ring length, pulls the packing through the cutting head and then safely and accurately cuts the packing to the appropriate length. 

  • AIGI Patented Double Split Rotary Seals
    The AIGI double Split Rotary Seal splits at 2 location, 55'and 05' as viewed on a clock face. It provides double security by maintaining the seal's elastic compensation ability as well as preventing leakage by the ID and OD faces....

  • AIGI has taken double split rotary seal design to a new level with the introduction of its patented duo-lock and wedge cutting technologies.These technologies allow for the incorporation of two independent seal surfaces into the design which dramatically improves sealing performance.The duo-lock design improves the overall elasticity of the seal while the wedge cutting technology signigicantly upgrades the integrity of the split joint. These improvements significantly extend the seal performance, life and range of use for split rotary seals.

    AIGI Patented Double Split Rotary Seals - AIGI 5505 Duo-Lock Split(Polymeric material for medium speeds) & AIGI 5505H Duo-Lock Split and Wedge-shaped Cutting (PTFE dynamic seal for high speeds)

    Features & Benefits

    • Easy & fast installation
    • No equipment disassembly required
    • Low friction
    • Reduces maintenance time by 80%

    Design (AIGI 5505H)

    • Two Engineered Split at 55' and 5'
    • Ball & Socket Duo-lock
    • Inner & outer ring structrure
    • Unique ball and Socket joint Design on OD Ring

    Benefits(AIGI 5505H)

    • Double Security - maintains Seal's Elastic Compensation; No leakage by the ID and OD​​ Faces
    • Creates reactive force to avoid relaxation
    • Effective, long life sealing performance
    • Duo-Lock split maintains joint integrity in vibrating equipment conditions


    • Low run out equipment 

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