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Nice to meet you. DONGYANG F&C is Valve Manufacturer.

DongYang F&C Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1995 with the name of Dong Yang Chemical.

As a Lined specialty manufacturer, our corporation has put all efforts to developing the ON-OFF valves.

Our production items are Glove, Ball, Butterfly and Diaphragm valves and these are worked by Control, ON-OFF or manually.


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  • Globe Valve
    • SIZE 1" to 20"(optional / up to 36")
    Standard Materials
    • Body Materials WCB, CF8M, ALLOY, MONEL, etc.
    • Trim Materials CF8M, F-11, Others special materials
    • Pressure Rating ANSI, JIS, DIN...

  • General Valve

    The range of Valves was developed to provide a cost effective, reliable and

    easily maintained control valve capable of working in rigorous environments.

    The quick change trim option provides for easily accessible seat and trim

    components to minimise fitting and parts replacement times.

    Stem guided contoured trim in both balanced and non balanced configuration

    gives excellent rigidity and resistance to vibration and service wear.

    The valve is designed to accommodate other products within the Dong Yang

    F&C Unbalanced Style / Contoured Port Type / Micro Flow Control / Cryogenic

    Service / Teflon Body / Teflon Port / Quick Change Type / Single Port


    Body : 1“ to 12”

    Body style : Teflon body, Globe, Micro Flow, y-Globe, Cryogenic

    Pressure Rating : ANSI 150 to 2500, 3000, 4500 / JIS, DN

    End connection : Flanged, Socket welded, Butt welded, Ring joint type, others.

    Trim Design : Unbalanced

    Bonnet Type : Bolted design, Pressure seal design

    Seat Leakage : ANSI B16.104 / FCI 70.2

    /-/Class Ⅳ(Standard), Ⅴ(Optional), Ⅵ(Optional, Soft seat)


    Velocity Control Trim : Multi-Hole, Cascade %, Custom engineered

    Standard Materials

    Body &Bonnet : A216 WCB / A105, A217 WC6, A182 F11, A217 WC9 / A182 F22, A182 F91, Stainless steel, Titanium, Monel, Aluminium, Hastelloy, Aulloy, Others

    Trim : 316SS,410SS, 420SS, 420J2 SS, 630SS, F-11, F-22, F-91 with Stellite overlay lnconel, Others special materials.

    Rangeability : 15:1, 30:1, 70:1

    Actuator : Spring Diaphragm, Spring Cylinder, Double Cylinder, Motor, Hydraulic

  • Diaphagm Valve
    • SIZE 1/4" to 16"
    Standard Materials
    • Body Materials WCB, CF8M, ALLOY, MONEL, etc.
    • Body Lined Teflon, Rubber, Glass, PE coating, Non Lined
    • Diaphragm Materials PTFE + EPDM, EPDM
    • Pressure Rating ANSI, JIS, DIN...

  • Diaphragm Valve

    The Diaphragm valve structures with 3 major parts(Body, Diaphragm, and Bonnet).

    The mechanical structure of this valve is so simple that the complete isolation of fluid from the metal parts of valve body and trim. The diaphragm valve is mainly used in Chemical Plant using lot of corrosive liquids.

    These Diaphragm valve may be used for weir, angle and straightway styles. and Diaphragm valve be classified body or non-lining type.

    PFA Lined Diaphragm Valves

    The range of applicable fluid is very pure water for semi-conductor production to

    the sticky and contaminated sewage, from corrosive liquid with many contaminants to gas.

    Because as such a flexibility of valve configuration can keep the inside of the valve extremely clean with PTFE or PFA (Non-Elastic Fluoropolymer), the diaphragm valve is used as the key component in the process line requiring high pure gas, liquid and water line in semi-conductor plant and pharmaceutical industry.


    *The price is lower than steel valve due to material can be selected in consideration of fluid, and chemical proof inside of valve.

    *Economical costs of installation and spare part.

    *With change of parts, the goods can be used as a new one, and the Life style would be a long

    *Since the fluid can be adjusted, it can be used as a control valve

    Complete the block leakage is possible

    *Structure of contacting between non-ferrous, it can be blocked the leakage completely

    *With no stuffing box structure, blocking 100% of leakaging of vacuum pressure

    Efficient structure

    *It has body and cover without dead space

    *Since the cover is seperatable, fluid is contacting with diaphragm and Iining fluid can be protected it form contaminate stuffing box, therefore it is suitable for semiconductor medicine, food and beverage and GMP process

    Excellent structure for flowing of fluid

    *Due to less contect between the parts and flowing tube the bic and Cv is high

    *With pocketless structure, flowing fluid is smooth

    *With fluid chanal is streamline, the resist is less, and structure of working of resistance, it can keep manual flowing of fluid

    *Due to straight type in which the direction of fluid is close to straight, loss of pressure and gethering of fluide is small

    Diaphragm Valve for biotechnology

    Dongyang F&C Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and Exporter of fine quality products for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical &fermentation manufacturing industries. we specialize in products used for sterile fluid processing in cell culture and protein purification.

    Due to the diaphragm Valve’s streamlined flow path, absence of cavities and minimal contact surfaces, the valve is considered the “cleanest” valve or the valve least likely to cause contamination.

  • Ball Valve
    • SIZE 3/4" to 6"
    Standard Materials
    • Body Materials WCB, CF8M, ALLOY, MONEL, CF8+PFA Lined, etc
    • Ball Materials WCB, ALLOY, MONEL, CF8+PFA, etc.
    • Pressure Rating ANSI, JIS, DIN...

  • Ball valve


    The Dongyang F&C products have solutions to your requirements through the conception of which provides the appropriate to various applications.

    The Dongyang F&C valves haves have proved the tightness in accordance with the clean Air Act.

    -One piece ball with stem or floating of PFA or FEP. non-abrasive ball.

    -Cavity – ferr “TF Ball” available.

    -Live loading packing system.

    -Full lining 3mm PFA.


    Body Size : 20A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 80A, 100A, 150A / other sizes are option.

    Body Type : Two piece

    Body Pressure Rating : ANSI 150LB, JIS 10K

    End Connection : Flange(RF)

    Packing Box: Live loading Packing System

    Seat Leakage : ANSI B16.104, FCI 70-2 Class Ⅴ

    Characteristic : Quick-opening, Modified.%

    Standard Materials

    Body : A351, CF8+PFA Lined

    (Option / FEP, PVDF)

    Ball : A351, CF8+PFA Lined

    (Option / FEP, PVDF)

    Actuator : *Manual Handle

    *Spring return

    *Double action

    *Electric Motor

    Options : Positioner, Solenoide Valve.

    Limit Switch, Air Set, Others.

    Note : Actuator and Accessories are

    subject to change according

    Buyers’ specification


    -ball universally chemically resistant of PFA. non-abrasive ball of AI² O3³ on request

    -Permanent tightness of the new inner flange connection

    : Tight even during frequent cycles of hot and cold effected by an almost metal to metal flange contact in the circumference area close to the flange bolting

    :Full lining thickness in the sealing zone provides security against permeating media.

    :Labyrinth-like seal with increased surface by means of moulded sealing lips.

    -Live loading packing system

    :As to the design of the seat ringe, a permanent tightness is ensured in the seat covering the entire pressure / temperature range incl.

    :vacuum live loaded spring washers provide constant, uniform packing pressure.

    -PTFE Cushion-Seating and easily replaceable.

    *Lining Description

    -lining materials and methods.

    The choice of lining materials and the method of lining are critical

    We begin with the purest fluorocarbon materials.

    To assure lining integrity and maximum corrosion resistance, Tufline uses only PFA and FEP fluorocarbon.


    PFA is the standard lining material for all Tufine Lined Accessories.

    PFA is a fluoropolymer with extended temperature limits.

    It is a copolymer that combines the carbon-fluorin with a perfluoroalkoxy side chain

    PFA offers a variety of attributes and benefits.

    ·Handles a wide range of fluids

    ·Chemically inert

    ·Heat resistant

    ·Weather resistant

    ·Stress-cracking resistant

    ·Negligible moisture adsorption

    ·Better sealing and wear resistance between parts-because it is moldable and machinable to close tolerances.

    ·PFA is a true thermoplastic and is melt processible, so it can be locked to the valve components.

    Blow-out or liner collapse are virtually impossible.


    As an option, the Tufline 45˚ Lined Ball Check Valve and the

    Sight Flow lndicator are availble with a fluorinated ethylene(FEP)lining

    FEP offers benefits similar to those of PFA. The primary difference is the pressure/temperature ratings.

    PFA can be used in higher temperature applications than FEP.

    -Locked-in linings.

    Tufline Lined Accessories have cast dovetail recesses and machined groowes that lock the lining to the body casting.

    Blow-out or liner collapse are virtually impossible.

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