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DSE is a high quality manufacturer of Genset & ATS controls,  Pump & Engine controls, Battery Chargers & Power Supplies, and Control modules for Off Highway vehicles. We are proud  of our outstanding reputation for a wide range of expertly engineered products combining user friendly operation with an extensive range of sophisticated features.

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    DSE ‘s E-Series pump controls suit the demands of many different applications from small to large volume pump sets & other engine applications, and offer a wide range of protections and control features.

  • DSEE100 Engine/Pump Control Module

    The DSEE100  is designed for use with traditional mechanical engines for applications that have less demanding requirements, offering a highly cost effective pump control solution.  The DSEE100 possesses all the usual DSE high quality that comes from our attention to clever design and cutting edge manufacturing techniques, and the module provides a number of engine protections and alarms along with configurable I/Os for flexibility.

    DSEE400 Engine/Pump Control Module

    This well established pump control module continues to be a popular choice for pump manufacturers offering many sophisticated features in a user-friendly format.  Multiple flexible I/Os are configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software which provides  easy set-up so the module can be tailored to suit many demanding pump applications including automatic regulation control for Fill, Empty, Maintain Full and Maintain Empty.  Supporting Tier 4 engines the DSEE400 has the added benefit of being fully waterproof to IP67.

    DSEE400 Engine/Pump Control Module with NEMA 4 Enclosure

    The DSEE400 with NEMA 4 housing for added protection against environmental conditions or external hazards.  Includes all the features of the DSEE400.

    DSEE800 Engine/Pump Control Module

    The DSEE800 is the most sophisticated module within the family of pump controls offering a high number of flexible inputs and outputs, engine control options including clutch control and direct governor and AVR control, protections, alarms, remote control & monitoring and sophisticated diagnostics.   Suitable for mechanical and electronic engines including Tier 4.

    For further information on DSE’s pump controls, or other modules within the DSE ranges, please refer to the DSE Company website or call and see us at Booth 8019 where our technical staff will be waiting to help you.

    Building on the successful platform of the DSE86xxMKII and DSE73xxMKII genset control modules, DSE continues to push the boundaries of product design by adding a range of exiting new features.

  • Designed with powerful dual core main processors and large capacity memory, the modules offer sophisticated performance from synchronizing and load sharing features through the DSE86xx MKII modules, to auto start and utility monitoring through the DSE73xx MKII modules, for single genset applications.  The modules are all designed using the same housing and so are interchangeable, having the same look and feel across the range and utilizing the same user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC software. 

    Incorporating comprehensive engine, power and system monitoring, protection and control, many additional features have been added including:

    • Enhanced communications features to MSC link, CAN messaging and PLC

    • DSE intelligent battery charger interconnectivity

    • Cool-down in idle

    • Coolant temperature display

    • Oil pressure disconnect delay

    • Improved manual breaker control

    • Improved ramping when in parallel with the utility

    • Improved language displays

    • Enhanced alarms

    • Compatibility with multiple ECUs

    • Plus many more new features.

    *   NB. Features vary across the product range.  For features specific to individual products,  please call at the booth or visit our website.

    With a high level of flexibility for trips, alarms and warnings, settings are changed using the user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC software, which is provided free of charge.  Sophisticated remote communications and integration options are included via Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 making the modules suitable for the high demands of modern industries such as telecoms, airports, data centres, hospitals etc.

    The interchangeable nature of the modules allows easy standardization across key business areas such as genset production lines and training of Service Owners, Maintenance Engineers and End Users. Products in the family include the DSE8610 MKII Auto Start & Synchronizing module for up to 32 sets, DSE8660 MKII ATS & Utility control module for synchronizing and load sharing with the utility supply, DSE7310 MKII Auto Start and DSE7320 MKII AMF control modules.

    DSE has many other control modules for genset applications as well as their range of engine and pump controls, intelligent battery chargers, ATS modules and a range of programmable controls for the off-highway and vehicle industry, which are all on show at Powergen. 

    For further information on the new DSE8600 MKII or DSE7300 MKII modules, or other modules in the DSE ranges, please refer to the DSE Company website or call and see us on stand 8019.

    The new DSE A108 AVR controller offers outstanding accuracy and reliability...

  • The new AVR controller from DSE offers CAN connectivity and a range of outstanding features for a simple and extremely reliable solution to voltage regulation.

    Traditional analogue AVR designs can be sensitive to changes in ambient temperature, which can contribute to unstable variances in parameter settings.  The  new DSEA108 Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) from DSE is designed to digitally regulate the output voltage of an AC alternator using sophisticated electronic engineering.  The compact design reduces the need for discreet components making the product both heat efficient and able to cope with the demands of ambient temperature changes effectively, resulting in a much more stable and highly reliable method of voltage control.

    Compatible with a wide range of alternators, the DSEA108 is powered by either a stator auxiliary winding or a shunt system taking the supply from the output windings.  Changes to the settings are made via PC so are highly accurate and quick and easy to set up, making it ideal for OEMs and retro fit solutions. Alternative manual adjustment is also provided for situations where PC connection is not available.

    Digital AVR control ensures a smooth, stable, regulated AC output from the alternator and provides a number of desirable benefits:

    • The ramped or soft start feature helps to minimise voltage overshoot.

    • Protection for the alternator and load is provided for loss of voltage by automatically monitoring the voltage sensing connections.

    • Quadrature CT connection makes it suitable for synchronising and load sharing applications.

    • DIP Switch selection provides voltage, frequency and stability selection.

    • Potentiometer adjustment provides adjustments for voltage set points, droop, UFRO, proportional and integral gain.

    Call and see the A108 at DSE Booth 8019

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