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Brands: GRAVIMOV Diverter Power Train, NEVEXseal energy saver technology, RESONABTOR Silencer Technology, quiteCOOL insulation, PACK & GO Exhaust System, JACK


  • Bypass Exhaust System
    Compact Global is capable of providing a completely engineered Turnkey Bypass Exhaust System that will allow your Cogen / CCPP the flexibility to respond to ever changing electricity demands....

  • Whether new unit construction or existing Cogen / CCPP, Compact Global is capable of providing you with the right engineered solution for your application.
  • RESONABTOR silencer technology.
    The RESONABTOR is a very complex and highly effective labyrinth system, a combination of a resonator with an absorber with two different absorber depths, for attenuation of both low and high frequencies....

  • The RESONABTOR requires less room, is lighter, easier to maintain, more economical, has less thermal growth, has higher attenuation performance over the entire frequency spectrum, and has a tremendous reduction in pressure drop compared to historical silencer baffles.  With RESONABTOR we have revolutionized the silencer baffle design.  The RESONABTOR is a very complex and highly effective labyrinth system.  The 3-D sound dissipating system utilizes the physical feastures of reflection, diffraction and refraction.

    Additionally, because of the flow straightening effect of the RESONABTOR, the pressure drop is reduced tremendously (up to 50%) when compared to historical silencer baffles.  Less pressure drop means more power and better Gas Turbine efficiency.

  • NEVEXseal Diverter Seal Technology
    Lamella seals are history. Stop Losing Megawatts with NEVEXseal technology. The touch free seat saves huge maintenance cost....

  • Every 8000 to 16000 hours a shut-down is required to exchange lamella seals.  The necessary frequent exchange of lamella seals produces huge maintenance cost due to material cost, changeout cost, and mainly due to shut-down time to perform the repair.  This is definitely no solution for modern power plant equipment.  NEVEXseal solves all these problems and stays forever gas tight with 100% sealing efficiency.  NEVEXseal is the ultimate next generation of diverter seals.  This patented system consist of solid vibration free adjustable seal ledges.  Once installed and adjusted, they never need to be exchanged.  

  • GRAVIMOV Diverter Powertrain Technology
    The GRAVIMOV Diverter Powertrain technology allows for unlimited modulation, balanced flow distribution, and vibration free operation in any modulating position....

  • GRAVIMOV diverter technology is a pivot diverter that eliminates the internal toggle linkage, hot bearings, and cold shaft when in the bypass position.  A counter weight balanced power train allows for balanced & vibration free operation in any modulating position. The diverter flap design provides overflow openings in any modulating position by a given distance between the top end of the flap and the shaft.  The modulating efficiency is drastically increased by a flow at the diverter flap tip and by flow crossing over the diverter flap shaft.  The effect on the HRSG is tremendous because the flow distribution is balanced over the entire surface of the HRSG for an optimized and stress free pre-heating process.  The result is a shorter pre-heating period for the HRSG, and enormous fuel savings for those power stations frequently cycling.  

    Low friction technology and optimized aerodynamics of the Diverter Flap reduces the required torque for actuation to less than 100,000 Nm across the entire range of controllability.  The power consumption of the actuator is only 4.0 KW, approximately 1/10th of the traditional units.  This allows the GRAVIMOV diverter to be offered with either a Hydraulic Power Unit or an Electric actuation.

  • quietCOOL Internal Insulation
    A internal insulation cladding system delivers 99.95% gas tightness with a sound attenuation capability > 9dB....

  • We did it differently from the beginning by doing it systematically, frame by frame.  We reduced the number of studs to the cold casing by 50% to minimize heat transfer and structure-born sound.  The COMPACT cladding system is about 99.95% gas  tight.  Each cladding sheet is secured by clamping the circumference allowing it to expand freely in it's frame.  The cladding sheet is back side stiffened by an angle profile which also serves to hold the insulation in position as well as dampening to effectively attenuate frequencies between 16 Hz and 500 Hz.
  • PACK & GO
    Modular Panel System. Exhaust System designed in a panel system arranged for transport in sea-freight containers

  • Separating a bigger part into pieces is not really sophisticated, but making it systemized is sophisticated.  The sophisticated internal insulation system is the basis for the panel design system. 

    Ease of Installation shortens Installation Time and Cost

    The panels are based on a bolted design with flanges all around.  The Panels are completely insulated with cladding attached.  The panels arrive on site in a transport rack, whether for round or rectangular sections, they are ready to assemble.  Only at the corners will the panels be bolted with a special gasket in between the flanges to make it gas tight.  Build up the exhaust system, stack one section on to the other and bolt them together.  No welding work is required.  This makes installation time shorter and of course much more cost efficient.  

    Ease of Transportation

    The Pack & Go System is ideal for optimized transportation.  5 to 6 panels are loaded in a transport rack which allow for simplified lifting/handling and protetcion, as well as transportation in a shipping container or by truck.  

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