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United States
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Modine CIS, formerly Luvata, manufactures Coiltech products.

Modine Commercial and Industrial Solutions (CIS), formerly Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, manufacturer of Coiltech Industrial Heat Transfer products is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of heat transfer solutions.  Coiltech products are used in industries such as renewable energy, power generation, power transmission and many other energy related heat removal / cooling applications.  The Coiltech Transformer Oil Cooler, a forced air and oil solution, has been designed for performance and serviceability.  The coolers are pre-designed and tested to assure performance specification are met while being configurable to order allowing a customized solutions meeting the customer specific requirements.  The coolers provide high cooling capacity in a compact design, are engineered for low sound level and low energy consumption.  Modine CIS employs over 10,000 people across five continents.   


  • Air Coolers
    Coiltech offers effective and high quality heat exchangers for heating and cooling air and liquids in industrial applications....

  • Modine Manufacturing Company, formerly Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions, has developed, manufactured and delivered coolers and condensers for installation throughout the whole world for more than six decades. We also sell spare parts and sprayers for our earlier cooler models and, when expansion comes into question, we can redimension old coolers using our calculation software.

    Our coolers are designed for recooling water coolants, oils or other liquids in industrial processes and machinery including refrigerating machines, diesel engines, gas turbine installations and others.

    We offer a number of options, sizes and various fan dimensions to satisfy different capacity requirements.

    The casing is manufactured of aluminium while loadbearing parts are made of aluzinccoated steel. The coils are manufactured of copper tubes and aluminium fins with steel headers. Connection headers are available as an option.

    The fans are separated by interior partitions, which permit incremental capacity control. The fan outlet is equipped with a contact protector that can be removed easily for inspection and service. Each fan is connected to a lockable safety switch. The motors can be equipped with frequency converters.

  • Generator Cooler
    One of Coiltech's specialist areas is in producing cleanable coolers for electric motors and generators which are used in sea or river water, or in offshore and nuclear power plants....

  • Our coolers are produced either with single or double tubes. The single tube version is suitable for almost any environment, whilst the double tube version has been designed for more critical applications, such as offshore platforms, marine installations or power stations.

    Preventing damage from leakage
    In the double tube version, any leakage from the inner tube enters the outer tube, where a leakage detector sets off an alarm. The outer tube then captures any leaked liquid, and prevents it from causing damage to the rest of the installation.

  • Pumps
    Our oil circulation pumps are of centrifugal type and are designed for circulating transformer oil in connection with cooling equipment....

  • Two sizes VMOA 100 and VMOA 150 are available. They are provided with threephase motors for 50 or 60 Hz. Motors can be
    selected for different voltage between 95 and 630V.

    Pump parts
    The motor and all moving parts in the pumps are completely enclosed with the motor and pump housing forming a sealed unit. The pump impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft. The pump housing (1) and the motor housing (5) are manufactured of cast iron and joined together by bolts. The joint is sealed by an Oring.

    The stator (6) and the winding (8) are directly mounted in the motor housing. The motor shaft (9) which supports the rotor (7) as well as the pump impeller (3) is suspended in ball bearings in two spiders. The ball bearings (4) have buffer springs in order to prevent damage, when the rotor is stationary and the motor housing is subjected to vibrations. The pump impeller is manufactured from light alloy and has been carefully machined and balanced. The connection flanges have same size on inlet and discharge side of the pump. Drilling according to ISO PN6, 10 and ANSI 125 are available. On delivery the flanges are covered in order to prevent moisture collecting in the pump during transport or storage.

    The motor used is a three phase cage induction according to IEC 341, insulation class F in four or six pole versions. The terminal box is splash proof IP54 and provided with a tapped hole for the cable glands. On delivery the hole is sealed by means of a plastic plug. Holes of other dimensions can be drilled adjacent to entry holes. The terminal box is provided with an external earthing screw. The motor and pump are externally painted with an epoxy primer. Finishing coat has to be added. Internally the pump is protected with an oilresistant epoxy.

  • Steam Coil
    Coiltech steam coils are specifically designed with condensate management in mind. Tube and connection size are combined to limit condensate retention in the coil, preventing water hammer while delivering even distribution of steam on the entire face....

  • With single-tube coils, the steam supply and condensate return headers and connections are normally at the opposite ends of the coil. Uniform steam distribution to each of the coil core tubes is accomplished through careful header-assembly design. The steam supply connection should be located in the centre of the header, with a perforated plate-type baffle located directly behind this connection. Carefully sized orifices are located in each of the core tube entrances into the header.

    Dual-tube coils utilise a smaller inner tube, with precisely spaced, directional, orifice-type perforations. This helps to direct condensate flow to the return header. The steam supply, condensate-return headers, and connections may be fabricated in 'sam-end' or 'opposite-end'

    Steam Coil Application
    􀀀 Commercial and industrial heating systems
    􀀀 Commercial and industrial drying and processing applications

    Steam Coil Specifications
    Tube material
    􀀀 Copper
    􀀀 Copper nickel
    􀀀 Carbon steel
    􀀀 Stainless steel
    Additional tube material available upon request

    Fin material
    􀀀 Aluminum
    􀀀 Copper
    􀀀 Stainless steel
    􀀀 Carbon steel
    Additional fin material available upon request

    Standard or steam distributing construction is available for high and low pressure applications. Standard steam type is 5/8" or 1" tube steam coil, known as the single-tube design.

    Any steam coil can freeze when exposed to subzero temperatures without the proper drainage of the condensate. Steam-distributing
    5/8" and 1" tubes are "freeze resistant", known as the dual-tube design.

  • Transformer Oil Cooler
    Transformer Oil Cooler Specifications...

  • Coil features High heat exchange efficiency
    Removable headers, manufactured from anticorrosion coated steel
    Rubber Orings
    between the headers and the tube plates, for an effective seal
    High resistance to corrosion
    Good resistance against clogging
    Plugged vent and drain connections at each header
    Casing features Coil casing: hot dipped galvanized steel
    Fan deck and fan ring: aluminium
    Externally painted for colour matching (on request)
    Fan motor features Three phase, with squirrelcage
    Various speeds depending on acoustic requirements
    Axial fan geometry
    Direct drive
    Protection grade: IP 55
    Class of insulation: F
    Impeller dynamically balanced
    Impeller blades in aluminium
    Hub in anticorrosion
    coated steel
    Fan guard features Easily removable

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