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Camfil is a global leader in clean air solutions.

Camfil Power Systems is a global leader in providing high quality filters and auxiliary equipment for gas turbines and turbomachinery. Our complete solutions include air inlet, noise reducing systems and ventilation, as well as dampers and diverters, retrofit services, filter upgrades, and spare parts. 

Brands: 30/30GT, CamClose, CamFlo XMGT, CamFlo XLGT, CamGT, Tenkay, FARR, Campulse HemiPleat, Poytech HE, GTC, GTD, Cambrane, Dynavane, TurboPac, Riga-Flo GT, HP GT,


  • CamGT 3V-600
    With the longest life, high efficiency, & lowest pressure drop on the market, upgrading to the 3V-600 can eliminate costly compressor washes, achieve maximum power output, lower fuel consumption, extend turbine life, & reduce total cost of ownership....


    Air inlet filtration systems are essential for the operation of gas turbines and other turbo machinery. As the demand for gas turbine thermal efficiency escalates with firing temperatures increasing and machine tolerance decreasing, gas turbines become more sensitive to particles in the combustion air. This leads to requirements for more efficient and reliable air filtration equipment.

    Engine availability is also a main concern for power producers and operators in the oil & gas industry where frequent maintenance or unplanned stops are extremely costly. The need for longer service intervals and higher output is forcing operators to optimize their air inlet systems, in both short and long-term perspectives.

    To meet increasing demands for performance and power output, Camfil has developed a new design meeting all the requirements of the latest gas turbines, diesel engines and compressors while maximizing power output and minimizing costs – the CamGT 3V-600.

    The CamGT 3V-600 has a solid 600 mm deep frame, which allows for unparalleled media area. Each filter grade is aerodynamically optimized in order to provide the lowest possible pressure drop and longest available life.

    Upgrading your inlet system with (H)EPA CamGT 3V-600 can eliminate compressor washing, extend turbine life, and reduce total cost of ownership.


    The filter has a solid, airtight frame and a new technique for fixing the media to the frame; the double-sealing design. The same bonding technique is used in ULPA-class cleanroom filters, with the filter media packs glued onto a plastic container firmly fixed to a durable plastic frame. The double sealing prevents air bypass– a common phenomenon in ordinary inlet air filters that allows salt as well as coarse and submicron particles to bypass the filters. The end result is fouling, wearing down of turbine components and unnecessary and expensive downtime.

    Superior Engine Protection

    Operators typically specify a minimum of F9 efficiency or preferably stepping up to the EPA class range from E10 to E12 (EN 1822) which has a dramatic effect on engine fouling. With E12 efficiency we have taken the step into the "clean-room" world which enables operation periods of 2-3 years between shutdowns for water washing or filter replacement.

    The CamGT is available in a range of efficiencies to meet individual requirements from F9 to E10-E12 EPA grade filters.


    A gas turbine filter is sometimes exposed to extreme peaks in pressure drop, and so to prevent the media from bulging or bursting aerodynamic grids are added to the air exit sides.

    To ensure the best possible protection, the CamGT 3V-600 has been tested under extreme conditions. Our specialized gas turbine test rig simulates the harshest environment with simultaneous heavy dust load, high humidity and high salt concentration. Combined with the new solid frame, the filter withstands a continuous pressure drop of over 8000 Pa under these extreme conditions.

    On March 8th, 2016, Camfil Power Systems together with 3rd party testing facility DNV, witnessed the CamGT filters successfully withstand 8000Pa or 300kg of pressure (the testing rig’s max. cap.) during a wet strength/wet burst test (meaning they were submerged under water for 12 hrs before testing). The test is valid for the product families CamGT 3V-600 (E12 tested) & 4V-300 (E10 tested); both product lines were awarded a Wet Burst Test certificate each.

    Resistant to Humidity

    The CamGT’s large filter surface is based on Camfil’s patented construction featuring vertical pleating and hot melt separators for optimum water handling.

    The CamGT’s construction allows trapped water to drain freely from the filter during operation, thus avoiding re-entrainment of dissolved impurities and maintaining low pressure drop under high humidity conditions.

    Key Features

    • High filtration efficiency

    • Low pressure drop in wet conditions

    • Long filter life

    • Resistant to turbulence

    User Benefits

    • Increased turbine availability

    • Lower fuel consumption

    • Higher power output

    • Extended turbine life

    • Reduced life cycle costs (LCC)

  • CamPulse GTC
    The patented Hemipleat technology combined with high efficiency synthetic media has proven to reduce pressure loss, extend filter life with improved dust release, and decrease degradation with F9 high efficiency....


    Supplying filtered combustion and ventilation air in harsh environments presents a technical challenge. In addition to the high dust load, there are also industrial contaminants to contend with, such as hydrocarbons, cement, shot-blast sand, dust from construction work etc.

    Protection for Harsh Environments

    The climate also brings challenges, including salt-laden coastal storms or frequent ground fog. Solid particles, salt and other aggressive contaminants and aerosols can cause plugging and corrosion, resulting in deterioration in performance, higher operating costs and expensive shutdowns.

    In high-dust environments, a pulse filter system is usually the ideal choice, because the self-cleaning process allows for full and continuous operation with low, stable pressure drop. Self-cleaning or pulse filters were originally developed for use in desert or arctic environments where they pulsed off sand particles or snow and ice.

    Historically these types of filters have been judged on their ability to capture and release coarse particles. This feature is still important, but most installations have other problems to handle, such as daily humidity and fog variations.

    Some types of particle are hygroscopic and absorb humidity. Salt is traditionally one of the most difficult particles to filter, due to its ability to change drastically in size and also to transform from a solid to a liquid. A salt particle can increase five- or six fold in size purely as a result of humidity.

    In order to provide the best possible protection and optimize engine performance, the filtration solution must be adapted to the specific site conditions.

    GTC Synthetic has non-discharging fibre media with unique properties, giving the filter a high level of efficiency over its entire lifetime. The smooth synthetic fibres offer low resistance to airflow and, therefore, maintain a low pressure drop during the life of the filter. The combination of depth-loading coarse fibre media and a nano fiber core is the ideal solution for removing hydroscopic particles in areas of high humidity, such as coastal and wet tropical environments. The GTC option is the preferred choice for most installations.


    Site testing clearly shows that Camfil‘s unique pleating technology, the HemiPleat®, outperforms the competition. The HemiPleat® captures more air pollutants and releases more when pulsed. This results in less fouling and a longer filter life.

    Unique Pleating Technology

    Synthetic beads hold the pleats further open and the wider spacing in the HemiPleat® design gives greater media utilization and more effective filtration. The HemiPleat® cartridge has been subjected to multiple tests in the lab and in the field. During the tests, the HemiPleat® media showed properties that greatly enhance the effect of pulse-jet cleaning, together with other desirable characteristics.

    • The cartridge has a lower clean media pressure drop for a given airflow.

    • It holds a larger volume of dust before requiring cleaning than filters with more tightly packed media.

    • It has more available/usable media for filtration.

    • Particulate matter is ejected from deep within the pleats during pulsing.

  • Filter Housing
    Clean air and quiet surroundings are vital life quality factors in modern society. A well designed system minimizes turbine performance degradation and fouling, leading to lower operating costs, optimum efficiency and less environmental impact....


    Complete system solutions from the air inlet to the top of the stack.

    We have extensive experience in dimensioning, designing and manufacturing different system solutions for all environments. With our complete scope of air inlet filters and systems, we provide your gas turbine with the right solution; including everything from the air inlet system, enclosure and ventilation to the damper systems.

    You can also benefit from this expertise when you want to improve or retrofit old equipment to better match modern efficiency and performance requirements.


    Solutions tailored to your individual demands in line with application, ambient conditions, load and other specific parameters. Modular design facilitates easy transport and installation.

    The installation of a correctly designed air inlet system prolongs the life of the installation, cuts operating costs and raises the machine’s efficiency, while reducing the risk of costly unplanned downtime. Consideration for ease of installation and maintenance are also key to a well-designed air inlet system. 

    Cost Optimization Through Standardization

    Camfil has developed a standard module design for Air Intake Systems which enables the efficient construction of filter arrangements, regardless of turbine manufacturer or size. Using pre-engineered options, the complete system can be tailored to your individual demands in line with application, ambient conditions, load and other specific parameters.

    The innovative designs are modular for easy transportation and installation. Modules are interchangeable with external bolt interface reducing engineering and installation cost. The system can be designed from 20 filters to large inlets with several hundred filters.

    Solutions for All Environments

    We offer reliable gas turbine inlet systems for facilities to meet the different environments specific challenges, from offshore to desert or environments with a high degree of natural and human-generated pollution. 

    • Static Filter Systems

    • Pulse Filter Systems

    • Combined Filter Systems

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