Abstract Submittal Instructions & Guidelines 


Please read this page in full before submitting an abstract

Before submitting your abstract online….
Make sure all information submitted is spelt correctly. If your abstract is selected for presentation, information supplied, including author names, biographies, the abstract title and the abstract itself will be published.

The person submitting the abstract is the point of contact and will receive all correspondence in relation to the abstract / presentation unless instructed otherwise. Please note that only 1 person can be nominated as point of contact.

All abstracts must be submitted in English and if selected for presentation at the event, all required documents (speaker forms, mansucript & presentation) will also be required in English. However, simultaneous translation Indonesian/English will be available during the conference so speakers will be allowed to present in Indonesian if preferred.  


  • In the top drop down menu, under the "Conference" tab, click on "Submit or Modify Abstract"
  • Log-in.  If you have previously submitted an abstract for Asia Power Week, POWER-GEN Asia, Renewable Energy World Asia or another PennWell event, you should already be registered in our system and will have an password. If you cannot remember your password, you can easily retrieve it using your email. 
  • If this is your first time to visit the new website you will be asked to create a new profile.
  • To start submitting a new abstract, enter the abstract title (max. 100 characters) in the box "STEP 1 Abstract Title"  just below the list of previously submitted abstracts (if any) and click NEXT
  • The abstract and its status will be added to the list of submitted abstracts at the top of the page

To complete the abstract submittal, you need to complete these 5 STEPS :

STEP 1: Abstract Title

  • Review / Amend the abstract title as required.  Please use Title Case.

STEP 2 : Add Speakers / Authors

  • You will need to add the speaker’s information as well as information for all authors associated with the abstract.Remember, all names, job titles, company names and biographies entered will be published if the abstract is selected for presentation so please be sure to enter all information accurately and as you would like to see it published.
    Also ensure all mobile number’s and email addresses provided are correct, in case we need to make contact.
    (contact information will not be distributed to third parties)
  • There are three ways to add authors, read this list to see which applies to you.

 Option 1: Add me as Speaker/Author - Use this option if you (the submitter) are also an author or speaker

Option 2: Search existing contacts in our database - Use the ‘search’ function by last name to find the speaker's or authors' information if you think they have been previously entered into the system.
- A drop down list of names will appear. Choose the correct name and press ‘Add’.
- Review the information stored for this person then add missing details or update old information.    
- Continue using the search function to add additional speaker/authors.

Option 3: Add new speaker/author
 – Choose this option to make a new entry/entries if the search function has not found the names you are looking for.
Note – you will not be able to use the ‘Add new speaker/author’ function if the person’s contact details you are trying to enter are already in the system. If either you or your colleagues have ever entered an abstract into this system for any PennWell event in the past, their contact information will be stored and saved for future use. Be sure to use the search function first to check if speaker/author names are already in the system.

  • Remember to specify the "Type" for each contributor (speaker or author). Please note that we can accept ONLY ONE SPEAKER per presentation

STEP 3 : Abstract details
  • Abstract Text: 
    Enter the abstract text only. Do not include the abstract title, co-author information or contact details. Use sentence case, do not use all capital letters or only lower case.
    Note there is a strict 2000 character limit. Perform a word count in Word to check how many characters you have used. Do not format your abstract or separate it into paragraphs. Simply submit it as one paragraph.

  • Select the Theme:
    Select the theme you believe your abstract best fit into. Please CLICK HERE to check the full list of themes and topics.
  • Select the Topic:
    Select the topic you believe your abstract is the best related to. Please CLICK HERE to check the full list of topics and subcategories.

  • Has this abstract been presented or published before? If yes, where 
    Please answer this question honestly. Your entry will not be excluded if the abstract was previously presented. 
  • Confirm Speaker Name:
    Enter the name of the person (x1) who will deliver the presentation if the abstract is accepted into the program, this person will receive (x1) complimentary delegate pass to attend the event.
    Enter the speaker’s name only, first name followed by surname. Once again exclude contact details and use sentence case.

  • How did you hear about the Call for Papers:
    Please let us know how you heard about our event and our Call for Papers by selecting one of the options proposed.

  • Provide your Twitter Handle to join the Asia Power Week community:
    Share your Twittle handle (@...) with us to receive news about Asia Power Week 

 STEP 4: Terms & Conditions

  • Click to confirm you have read and understood the Abstract Requirements & T&Cs. Please CLICK HERE to review.
  • Once the box is ticked , the option " Submit Abstract" will become availbale

STEP 5 : Submit abstract

  • When you have completed all the relevant fields press " SUBMIT ABSTRACT" at the bottom of the page.
  • You will be redirected to the summary of your abstract and will have a chance to print it
  • You will also receive an automatic email confirming the submittal.

Note: If the "Submit Abstract" button is unavailable, and/or the status of your submittal is noted as incomplete, check back through the submission form and add in any missing information, before pressing ‘Submit Abstract’ again.


  • Click on "Submit or Modify Abstract" in the top drop down menu. You will be asked to log-in.
  • You will see a list of the abstract(s) that are associated with your log-in. On this page you will see the status of your abstract(s). "In -Progress" means you have not yet submitted your abstract and it will not be reviewed by our Advisory Board unless you click " Submit abstract" at the end of the submittal form. The status report will then show " Submitted". You are also able to withdraw you abstract(s) at any time .
  • To modify an abstract, click on "Edit" next to the correct abstract title.
  • To confirm the modifications, tick once again the box in SETP 4 and press " SUBMIT ABSTRACT" once again. If you make amendments, even  to an abstract previously submitted, you will need to press “Submit Abstract” again, otherwise it will show as " In Progress" and will ne be considered for the conference. You will then receive the confirmation your abstract has been submitted, including the amendments.
  • After the deadline no further revisions can be made and abstracts will be submitted to the committee for review in their final format. 



To modify your personal details (job title, company, password and other details):

  • Click on "Submit or Modify Abstract", under the conference tab. You will be asked to log-in.
  • Click on your name, at the top of the page
  • Amend all required information. 
  • Press "Save" once the modifications have been made

To modify a biography

You can only modify your biography if you have added yourself as a speaker or co-author when submitting an abstract. 

  • Click on "Submit or Modify Abstract", under the conference tab.You will be asked to log-in.
  • Click "Edit" next to one of the abstracts you have submitted and to which you are contributing as speaker or co-author.
  • Go to STEP 2: Add Speaker / Authors(s) and click on Edit in the Actions tab under your name. 
  • Amend all required information
  • Press "Save" once the modifications have been made

To confirm any modification, click on the  button "Submit Abstract". If you make amendments, even to a biography, you will need to press “Submit Abstract” again, otherwise the abstract will be listed as " In Progress" and will not be considered for the conference. You will then receive the confirmation your abstract has been submitted, including the amendments.

If you have any problems or concerns regarding the submission or modification of an abstract please contact Mathilde Sueur at  mathildes@pennwell.com or at +44 1992 656 634

For Technical Support with this webpage, please contact support.