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International® Brand Protecting Your Assets from AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel’s International® protective coatings range has a long history of protecting OEM assets in the power generation market worldwide. From transformers and radiators to gas turbines and HRSGs, we have the know-how and product range to deliver exceptional quality, globally consistent products.

Brands: Operating within the power generation market, across a range of submarket areas, International Protective Coatings boasts a significant and global track record.


  • Interzone 954 and the Series
    A low VOC, high solids, modified epoxy that can be immersed in water or sea water within 30 minutes and continues to cure and provide superior protection in a single coat. It has been uniquely formulated to be a solution for application to damp surfaces...

  • A favorite of specifiers and applicators alike, it has been protecting steel for over 25 years; the trusted industry solution for protecting and maintaining structures operating in the most severe environments. A unique blend of properties gives Interzone 954 long term performance in environments that combine a high potential for mechanical damage, chemical attack, atmospheric corrosion and immersion conditions. This versatility makes Interzone 954 the all-round heavy duty coating of choice.

    In addition to the ever popular Interzone 954, there are two other key members of the Interzone family for offshore wind. Interzone 1000 is the workhorse of the Interzone range and is a glass reinforced epoxy coating which contains greater than 30% chemically resistant glass flake in the dry film. Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, abrasion and corrosion makes Interzone 1000 the choice for long term protection of offshore structures, up to and beyond 25 years.

    Interzone 485 is an ultra-high build, high volume solids, two component catalyzed epoxy, capable of being applied up to 3000 microns (120 mils) dry film thickness, and providing excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance and adhesion properties. All of this makes the Interzone series the most appropriate solution to problems found in splash zones, tidal areas and the harsh offshore environment in general.

  • Ceilcote Series
    The Ceilcote product line has been optimised to deal with all the scenarios encountered within a FGD system, and has demonstrated real world performance within FGDs over the last 30 years....

  • Ceilcote 282 Flakeline

    Ceilcote 282 Flakeline is a flake-filled, corrosion resistant lining system specifically designed for flue gas desulphurisation environments.

    Ceilcote 222HT Flakeline

    Ceilcote 222HT Flakeline is a glass flake filled novolac vinyl ester coating which exhibits excellent resistance to both aliphatic and aromatic organic solvents and to concentrated organic and inorganic acids.It offers outstanding chemical resistance with quick turn around for service and also high temperature resistance.

    Ceilcote 140 Flakeline

    Ceilcote 140 Flakeline is a heavy duty, glass flake reinforced, chemically resistant vinyl ester lining for protection of steel against aggressive chemicals in immersion service.

    Ceilcote 6640 Ceilcrete

    Ceilcote 6640 Ceilcrete is a trowel-applied vinyl ester system designed specifically for the protection of steel and concrete against corrosive chemicals. The system includes a synthetic or fibreglass reinforcing layer.

  • Coatings for Fossil Fuels Market
    We will be in the right place at the right time to support you throughout the construction timeline, making us the trusted coatings supplier for both specification and end use....

  • Structural steel and coal handling

    Our new construction systems for ambient, immersion and abrasion conditions have seen extensive use and are simple and effective to use - the 4.5 hours ultra fast overcoating time of the inorganic Interzinc® 22 series is one such example of delivering innovative solutions with your needs in mind.

    FGD and water treatment systems

    Unlike alternative coatings suppliers, we have the complete linings offer to satisfy your complete linings requirements. Our Ceilcote® range of linings have been trusted since 1972 to protect both steel and concrete FGD systems from chemical attack, including acids and alkalis such as <98% Sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide, as well as abrasive limestone slurries.

    High heat

    One shop, no stops. Our range of products can protect all your areas of high heat and offer reduced complexity at new construction, insulated or un-insulated.

    Water Intakes

    Our market leading Intersleek® foul release system has been proven to prevent fouling adhesion to both concrete and steel inlet piping. Installation at new construction can save you time and money on regular clean up costs , helping to ensure operating efficiency is maintained.

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