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Welcome! WELLCO creating a better living environment.

WELLCO have the globalization of R & D team and rich experience in engineering area. Wellco is committed to provide professional dust treatment solutions for thermal power plant. We have three world's leading technologies. Smart Transfer Chute , Vacuum Conveying System, Electrostatic Precipitator Flue Gas Conditioning Technology.

Brands: environmental protection equipment,Smart Transfer Chute,Vacuum Conveying System,Flue Gas Conditioning


  • Smart Transfer Chute
    Smart Transfer Chute get rid of the traditional Transfer Chute "treatment after pollution" dust control concept,the technology inhibits dust and plugging problems production from the source....

    • Traditional Coal Chutes​ causes clog

    As for the traditional coal chute, the impact angle between the coal flow and the chute wall is too large, and the original kinetic energy is completely lost after collision. If the coal is of poor quality or high humidity, it causes plugging or buildup problems easily.  

    • Traditional Coal Chutes Generate dusts

    1.The dust forms because the impact of coal flow and the chute wall when the coal is dry and fine.

    2.The air inside the chute mixes the coal causes high pressure dust.

    3.The coal flow speed increase when it fall from the top to the belt, it result in a lot of dusts. 

    • Smart Transfer Chute Reduces Clog

    1.     The curve of the design makes the coal move smoothly inside the chute.

    2.     No mater how the coal condition is, it will not build up clogs because there is no impact point.

    3.     The accurate calculation ensures the coal flow speed at the outlet is as same as the belt speed.

    • Smart Transfer Chute Avoids dust

    1.     Because the coal flow is guided inside the chute,  there is no massive air and coal mixing.

    2.     No high pressure dust forms

    3.     The coal slides to the belt instead of drop/fall onto the belt.

    • Smart Transfer Chute Creates Better Working Environment

    1.     No Clogging --------by optimal design

    2.     No Dust--------by the design

    3.     Saving energy------by increased conveyor efficiency

    4.     Saving water --------by eliminating equipment cleaning , saving water 80%

    5.     Low capital invest-----by using less equipments and less infrastructures

    6.     Lower running cost-----by less maintenances of chute and conveyor

    7.     Less noise------by the design reducing noise up to 80%

    8.     Intelligent maintenance-----by using high-tech equipment to check and fix the chute liner regularly

  • Flue Gas Conditioning
    Founded FGC technology in 1972
    Over 500 successful installations on 200,000 megawatts
    75% of the world market
    More operating units than all others combined
    Largest database of coal characteristics in the world

    • SO3 FGC Background
      • Sulfur Trioxide Flue Gas Conditioning
      • Corrects Ash Resistivity to Improve performance of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs)
      • Small amount injected upstream of ESP
      • Approximately 1,500 units worldwide
      • Commercialized by Wahlco in early 1970’s
    • Air Heater Features
      • Over sized air Heaters
      • Rapid Startup
      • Operating watt density less than design of 20 watts/ sq in
      • Small easy to handle modules
      • Vertical design assures good air distribution
    • Advanced Ring Main Sulphur Pumping System
      • Constant speed centrifugal pumps
      • Robust low maintenance design, highly reliable, industry standard
      • Redundant sulfur pumps
      • Sulfur metered with Coriolis Flow Element
      • Controlled at each sulfur burner with flow control valve
    • 3.75% Gas Strength
      • Simpler System
        • No SO3 Cooler
        • No Converter Dilution Air Problems
      • Low Concentration improves conversion
        • Greater Injection Gas Flow
        • Higher Injector Temperatures
        • Larger injector orifices reduce plugging
        • Better mixing with Flue Gas
    • Low Energy Consumption Design
      • Significant Energy Savings
      • Air Flow Varies with Sulfur Rate
      • High Gas Volume for Rapid Startup
      • Air Heater off at about 60% of Design
      • No Blower Speed Control
    • FGC Experience
      • Over 1,500 FGC Units Installed Worldwide
      • Refined Over 40 Years
      • Many Units Over 25 Years Still Operating
      • New Systems Use Only 10% of the Energy of Older Systems
      • Guaranteed Performance Improvements
      • Successful and Competitive Ash Resistivity Correction
      • Typical Particulate Emission Reductions 50% to 95%
      • Systems installed in over 20 countries
      • Proven Technology First Installed in 1972
      • Lowest Cost Technology to Improve ESP Performance on Low Sulfur Coal

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