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Shell Lubricants is the global number-one lubricants supplier supporting customers in more than 90 countries and employing over 10,500 people.  We have research and development centres on 4 continents with more than 700 technical staff amongst Shell Lubricants and our distributors. Shell’s lubricants are recommended or approved by over 3,000 OEM’s.

In the Power Sector, we work alongside power generation and transmission companies around the world to supply power plants with lubricants and fuels. Bringing the company’s experience as an owner–operator of rotating equipment to our customers.

Shell combines continuity, consistency of supply and product quality with services that leverage the expertise of our people. This is how we deliver lubrication management that helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for power generation, transmission and distribution companies.

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  • Shell Turbo S4 X and Turbo S4 GX Turbine Oils
    Premium based turbine oils for use in industrial steam, light- and heavy duty gas and combined-cycle turbines and turbo-compressors. Approved by major turbine manufacturers including GE, Siemens, MHPS, MAN D&T and Alstom...

  • Shell’s range of turbine oils enables power companies and process plant operators to select an oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced protection, long oil life and high system efficiency. Shell Turbo T oil has established a strong track record in power generation in hydro, coal fired power plant steam turbines, light duty gas turbines, geothermal power plants and turbo-compressor applications.

    To meet the demands of the latest high-efficiency turbine systems, Shell Turbo S4 X and Shell Turbo S4 GX oils have been introduced.  These products use Shell gas-to- liquids base oils with a specially developed additive system to help extend oil life, reduce varnish formation and protect components. The products are designed to offer outstanding, long-term performance under the most severe operating conditions and will help to minimize deposit and sludge formation, even under cyclic peak loading conditions. Minimizing the formation of sludge and bearing deposits reduces wear and can help to reduce the risk of an unplanned turbine shutdown. They provide high resistance to foaming and rapid air release, with good water shedding and corrosion protection.

    Shell Turbo S4 X and GX lubricate high temperature gas turbine bearings with minimal deposit build-up or sludge formation. This reduces the potential for critical component failure and the risk of unplanned turbine shutdown. Low deposit formation has been demonstrated in demanding tests such as the Dry TOST test, and resulted in approvals for Shell Turbo S4 X 32 from MHPS and with both Shell Turbo S4 X and Shell Turbo S4 GX 32 being recognized by GE Oil & Gas as low varnishing type turbine oils. Such oils demonstrate the lowest tendency to form varnish and the highest performance in terms of oxidation stability and thermal stability.

    Demulsibility, air release, resistance to foaming and viscosity index are critical performance factors for oil in the latest turbine designs, especially turbines that operate at higher temperatures and have smaller oil volumes with shorter oil reservoir residence times. Shell Turbo S4 X and Shell Turbo S4 GX offers excellent performance in all four areas. Shell Turbo S4 GX turbine oil has been developed to meet the demands of the latest high-efficiency turbine systems with gearboxes, offering additional high load carrying capability relative to Shell Turbo S4 X.

    Shell Turbo S4 X and S4 GX are approved by major turbine manufacturers, including MAN D&T, Siemens, GE, Alstom, MHPS (Shell Turbo S4 X) and Alstom.

    To complement the range of Shell Turbo S4 X, Shell Turbo S4 GX and Shell Turbo T oils, a high performance, fire-resistant EHC fluid Shell Turbo DR 46 is available for use in control systems of steam turbines.

  • Shell Diala S4 ZX-I Inhibited Transformer Oils
    Premium inhibited transformer oil developed to meet the demands of your transformers. Enabled by Shell gas-to-liquid technology, delivers performance supporting extended life of your transformer under conditions of increasing oil stress....

  • Shell Diala S4 ZX-I is the latest offering in the Shell Diala range of transformer oils. These oils have been supplied to the power industry for more than 50 years and Shell Diala S4 ZX-I has been engineered to cope with the severe stresses imposed by the higher voltages and harsher operating conditions of the latest transformers.

    Shell Diala S4 ZX-I offers enhanced protection, longer oil life and greater efficiency. It helps to meet the specific demands of today’s transformers such as reduced sizes, increased loads, higher voltages and longer operational lifetimes.

    The product is manufactured from zero sulphur base oils produced using Shell’s gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology which helps to keep your transformer working more efficiently and for longer than conventional oils do. It offers improved transformer reliability due to its resistance to degradation while having effectively zero Sulphur removes the risk of oil-related copper corrosion. In addition, Shell Diala S4 ZX-I can enhance your transformer’s operation with its excellent thermal properties under conditions of overload and low temperature start up.

    Shell Diala S4 ZX-I exceeds the requirements of IEC60296: Edition 4 (2012) high oxidation stability and low sulphur specification. It meets the requirements of most major equipment manufacturers and utility companies. Oxidation stability is up to 5x better than the industry highest oxidation stability standard requirements.

    The product is simple and easy to use. It is fully miscible with traditional oils. In fact, adding it to some conventional naphthenic grades can improve their performance. It contains hydrocarbon base oil and antioxidant (DPBC), and is free from PCBs, DBDS and other additives. Shell Diala S4 ZX-I is specially dried and handled to achieve a low water content and high breakdown voltage at point of delivery.

  • Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 Wind Turbine Gear Oil
    Advanced synthetic wind turbine gear oil for the lubrication of main, yaw and pitch gearboxes in wind turbines. Protects wind turbine gears and bearings against wear and micropitting, maintains fluidity at low temperature and minimize foam formation....

  • As operators look to improve their wind turbine reliability and extend the lives of gearboxes and bearings, the use of high-performance gear oils to help reduce total cost of ownership is vital. Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 advanced synthetic wind turbine gear oil has been developed to address the common challenges equipment manufacturers and operators face.

    Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 synthetic gear oil provides a balance of excellent performance in key areas is critical for wind turbine gearbox applications:

    • Protection for gears

    • Protection for bearings, even when contaminated with water

    • Control over foaming with rapid air release

    • Compatibility with seals and paints

    • Suitability for a wide range of operating temperature environments

    • Long oil life in service

    • Cleanliness control and fine filterability

    The product has excellent low temperature flow characteristics making it suitable for use for wind turbines in extreme climatic conditions. Shell Omala S5 Wind delivers improved flow at low temperatures for improved heat transfer efficiency and reduced time to grid and for improved gear, bearing and system protection at low temperatures.

    Shell Omala S5 Wind demonstrates superior oxidation and thermal degradation resistance leading to extended oil-drain intervals.

    The product has been designed to reduce scuffing wear and micropitting to gear surfaces and to reduce the rate of wear for bearings in wind turbine gearboxes. With turbines located in coastal or off-shore environments, exceptional protection against saltwater corrosion is key, and Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 demonstrates exceptional corrosion protection to help to extend equipment life.

    Advanced foam control and superior filterability make Shell Omala S5 Wind 320 suitable for use in turbines using off-line fine filtration. High levels of fluid cleanliness are maintained throughout manufacture, offering the stringent levels required by leading wind turbine and gearbox OEMs.

    The product has demonstrated excellent performance in service with demonstrated resistance to wear, excellent viscosity control and low levels of deposit formation.

  • Shell Mysella S5 Gas Engine Oils
    The Shell Mysella S5 N and S5 S gas-engine oils have been developed to deliver optimum value to equipment operators through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency....

  • The Shell Mysella range of gas-engine oils has been developed to enable equipment operators to select the oil that will help deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency. Shell Mysella S5 N is a premium-tier product designed to meet the challenges posed by the latest high-brake-mean-effective-pressure engines.

    Shell Mysella S5 N is a long-life, low-ash product designed to meet the challenges posed by the latest high brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) engines. It offers an extremely long oil life to help extend maintenance intervals and excellent engine protection. It also provides superior deposit control, even in the latest generation of high-output engines that operate in very severe conditions with very high piston temperatures and pressures. This helps to maintain excellent ring belt cleanliness and cylinder liner protection.

    Shell Mysella S5 N 40 grades (a 15W-40 grade is also available) is approved for use by leading manufacturers including Wartsila, GE Jenbacher, Cummins, MAN D&T, Guascor, Caterpillar, MTU, Rolls Royce and Waukesha. Recently, Shell has been named as GE’s recommended global oil supplier for its Jenbacher Type 4 and Type 6 gas engines. Every new GE Jenbacher Type 4 and Type 6 gas engine sold will feature a plate recommending Shell Mysella as its engine oil.

    An increasing number of stationary gas engines are fueled by sour gases. Sour gases derive from the decomposition of matter in, for example, landfill sites, biomass digesters and sewage. These gases offer a unique set of challenges to the engine operator: acids in the gas can cause corrosion and the rapid reduction of oil life. In addition, siloxanes, which are commonly found in landfill gases, can cause excessive deposit formation. Shell Mysella S5 S is a long-life, low-ash product designed for engines burning sour gases. The product has good anti-wear properties and offers superior control of oil-related deposits.

    Shell Mysella S5 S 40 is approved for use by leading manufacturers including GE Jenbacher, Caterpillar, MAN and MWM.

  • Shell LubeAnalyst Oil Condition Monitoring Service
    Shell LubeAnalyst is an oil condition monitoring service which helps you to keep your business running smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical. It is a health check for your lubricants and machinery....

  • Shell LubeAnalyst will help your business to save money and time on maintenance and potential lost production caused by equipment failures. It is an early warning system which aims to give you peace of mind knowing that both your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order. Shell LubeAnalyst has tailored solutions for all applications that utilize lubricants in industrial, power generation and transport equipment.

    Analysis of used oil is widely acknowledged as a key tool in the armory of preventative and predictive maintenance tools. Many leading companies leverage Shell LubeAnalyst as an important part of their planned and predictive maintenance strategy. The following are some of the benefits of using Shell LubeAnalyst:

    • Reduces your downtime and lost production

    • Enables you to spot potential problems at an early stage

    • Allows you to plan and schedule maintenance in advance

    • Helps you save money

    • Lowers repair and labor costs

    • Allows you to optimize maintenance intervals

    • Allows you to potentially extend oil drain intervals

    • Aims to offer you peace of mind

    • Reassurances of the condition of the oil

    • Shows the condition of the equipment

    Oil condition monitoring test suites designed specifically for lubricants used in the power generation sector are available. This includes dedicated packages for gas engine oils, turbine oils and wind power gear oils. When using Shell LubeAnalyst together with the Shell Lubricants for the power generation sector, operators can help reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Shell Argina S5 Engine Oil
    A high detergency grade engine oil designed for the latest, high-output and dual-fuel engines from MAN and Wartsila. It has improved base number (BN) retention and viscosity control, and has been evaluated in the most demanding applications....

  • Industry demands on trunk piston engines are increasing. Operators are demanding best-ever fuel efficiency so new generation engines are being designed to provide enhanced efficiency and overall emissions performance, granting better and better fuel economy.

    Shell Argina S5 oils are designed to withstand higher stress. Compared to market representative products, Shell Argina S5 oils offer improved engine cleanliness and better deposit control increase filter life, lacquer control and provide less fuel pump sticking.

    The excellent base number retention and viscosity control reduce the need for maintenance and sweetening. Longer oil life and outstanding extreme temperature performance reduce downtime.

    In tests to measure performance compared with a competitor’s oil, Shell Argina S5 demonstrated

    • 18% better base number retention

    • 22% less oil consumption

    • resulting in a reduction in overall oil consumption

    Shell Argina S5 40 is approved by Wartsila and MAN and demonstrated excellent performance in recent evaluations in Bangladesh.

  • Shell Gadus S5 V Wind Turbine Greases
    Shell Gadus S5 V110KP and Gadus S5V460KP greases are high-performance synthetic wind turbine blade bearing and main bearing greases (respectively) for use in on- and offshore multimegawatt wind turbines including those operating at ultra-low temperatures....

  • Shell has a long history of working with the world’s leading wind farm operators and wind turbine manufacturers. We draw on our deep understanding of your industry challenges to develop technology-leading wind turbine lubricants.

    Shell Gadus S5 V110 KP and Shell Gadus S5 V460KP are the latest addition to Shell’s high performance range of wind turbine greases. Shell Gadus S5 V110KP is a high-performance grease for use in wind turbine blade bearings. Shell Gadus S5 V460 KP is primarily for use in wind turbine main and yaw bearings and is suitable for use in blade bearings as part of a simplified maintenance approach. The products have been designed to withstand high loads and have excellent low-temperature performance and long-life characteristics, which can help to extend grease life and reduce maintenance costs.

    Both products have been designed for use in all ambient operating temperatures, including extreme winter climate. One of the most critical requirements of a wind turbine grease is its ability to perform reliably, even at extremely low ambient temperatures. Shell Gadus S5 V110KP and Shell Gadus S5V460 KP have excellent pumpability, even in tough winter conditions, and can be used at lower temperatures as low as -40°C.

    Because wind turbines are increasingly located in coastal areas or offshore, it also offers exceptional protection against saltwater corrosion. Offshore and coastal wind farms are exposed to highly challenging conditions: in addition to the increased risk of component damage, the impact of equipment failure is usually higher. Shell Gadus S5 V110KP and Shell Gadus S5 V460KP help to protect bearings from corrosion damage and related failure, even in saltwater environments, because it stays in place and prevents water from entering the bearing.

    Wear in turbine blade bearings is caused by both high dynamic loads (impact wear) and vibration (fretting wear). Shell Gadus S5 V110KP provides best-in-class protection from both (*based on Shell technical testing of three similar competitor products). Both products provide long grease service life due to unique thickener and synthetic base oil combination and so offers the potential to reduce grease consumption.

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