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Samsung Control Valve established in 1990 started to develop globe control valve and has grown into a leading control valve company by introducing dome valve, pinch valveand. Based on extensive experience, advanced technology and quality control accumulated through power plant and project construction for 27 years, we produce perfect products.

Brands: Bulk Material Transportation, Power Plant, Fly Ash, Bottom Ash, Lime Stone, Dome Valve, Pinch Valve, Globe Control Valve


  • Dome Valve
    Dome valves are valves optimized for powder transport. Material most commonly used in powder transport are powder, ash, limestone and cement. Production material is mangan alloy, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and aluminum....

  • 1. Standardized products and parts are easy to be installed directly on SILO and replaced for maintenance

    2. Top flanges are designed in accordance with ISO 5211 for direct assembly with pneumatic actuators without additional bracket & coupling

    3. The valve is designed to be sealed and completely closed by using inflatable gasket that is inflated by air supplied.

    4. Air injection and ventilation is controlled by inflatable gasket and solenoid valve to minimize the friction between gasket and spherical cap.

    5. Inflatable gasket is easily replaced for maintenance.

    6. Gasket and Air are utilized simultaneously for high sealing.

    Maximum fluid temperature : +200℃
    Ambient temperature : -10℃  ~ +60℃
    Maximum operating pressure : 8bar  
    Control air pressure : Min. 5bar / Max. 10bar
    Flange connection : JIS, ANSI, PN
    Size: 50A-250A
    Housing:  Manganese Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
    Spherical Cap: Manganese Alloy, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
    Bearing Busing: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel or Stainless  Steel
    Shaft: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
    Inflatable Seat: Rubber or Viton
  • Pinch Valve
    Pinch valves are valves optimized for pipeline for powder transport and for flow control of fluid containing slurry. Production material is cast iron, cast steel, stainless steels and aluminum....

  • 1. Compact design (Body + Sleeve + Actuator)

    2. 100% air-tight (Best application is for pneumatic conveyer lines)

    3. Stable and reliable sealing effect by using fixing bar and  moving bar designed for linear operation.

    4. Size of sleeve is designed to meet pipe lines for minimizing flow resistance.

    5. No leakage by the unique design for fluid contact making inside Sleeve.

    6. Easy maintenance  (Replacement of SLEEVE)

    7. Rubber material Sleeve prevent valve troubles like fluid stuck and leakage.

    Size: 50A ~ 250A

    Working pressure: 0 ~ 10 bar

    Fluid Temperature: -50℃  ~ +180℃

    Flange End: ANSI, JIS, PN

    Air Supply Pressure: Min. 4 bar(g) / Max. 9.9 bar(g)

    Body: Aluminum Alloy, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron

    Shaft: SS41/A283-C, SUS304/A240-304

    Guide Bushing: PP or BRASS

    Sleeve: CR , EPDM, NBR

  • Globe Control Valve
    The glove control valve is a valve optimized for gas, steam, water and liquid transfer and PID control and on-off control is available...

  • 1. SCV-1000 control valves is designed for heavy-duty service and provide a wide range of fluid solution.

    2. The durable and compact valve body allows a large flow capacity, rangeability and high accuracy flow characteristics.

    3. Comprehensively used in the automatically regulating and processing control system such as flow, pressure, temperature, gas, steam and liquid level, in chemical, oil refining, metallurgy industries and power plant.

    4. SCV-1000 globe  valves are widely applicable for reliable control of high or low temperature, high pressure or high differential pressure process lines where dynamic stability, low noise and cavitation / flashing resistance are required.

    Size: 1/2"(15A) ~ 12"(300A)

    Pressure Rating: JIS, ANSI, PN

    End Connection: FF, RF, RJ, LG

    Bonnet: Plain Bonnet, Fin Type, Extension Bonnet Type, Bellows Type

    Flow Characteristics: Equal Percentage, Linear

    Plug: Unbalance, Balance

    Leakage Allowance: Metal seat - ANSI Class IV, Soft Seat - ANSI Class VI 

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