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Energy efficiency and Renewable Energies

Solutions for Energy efficiency & Renewable Energies.

AQYLON designs, manufactures and installs complete ORC solutions (Organic Rankine Cycle) for the production of electricity from high temperatures heat sources, at a competitive price. AQYLON proposes 3 standard ORC modules with ATM-1000H, ATM-3000H, ATM-5000H. AQYLON proposes standards and tailor made solutions up to 15MWe, addressing two main sectors:
Energy Efficiency, to recover heat from industrial waste heat (fumes or process), or from power gensets (flue gas).
Renewable Energy, to produce power from biomass, geothermal, or solar thermal.

Brands: ATM-1000H ATM-3000H ATM-5000H

 Press Releases

  • (Aug 23, 2017)

    AQYLON, a French company located in Paris and active all over the world, designs, manufactures and installs high efficiency and cost effective ORC solutions. This technology recovers heat into electricity. AQYLON proposes a range of products for solutions up to 15MWe, addressing two main sectors:

    • Energy Efficiency, to recover heat from industrial waste heat (fumes or process), or from Power Gensets (flue gas).
    • Renewable Energy, to produce power from biomass, geothermal, or solar thermal.


    AQYLON's team is composed of highly-qualified, multidisciplinary and experienced Engineers and Business Development Managers who have strong international experiences.

    It is possible to value heat sources ranging from 85°C up to whatever is required. We can propose the ORC alone or the complete turnkey solution, including the heat exchanger on the exhaust fumes for the hot loop, and the coolers of the cold loop.

    AQYLON has 4 offices. In Paris, the headquarters hosting the R&D and the sales for Europe and Middle Est, in Casablanca to cover Africa, in Miami to cover Latin America and Caribbean, and in Jakarta to cover South East Asia. 


    Southeast Asia

    • AQYLON has signed a contract for a 3 MWe turnkey biomass power plant in Sumatra to PT Karya Energi Jambi, a private Indonesian company.  This project will be powered by the biomass waste from a palm oil plantation in Sumatra. AQYLON is building an ATM-3000H high temperature ORC module for this project. PT Karya Energi Jambi would like to implement two further projects in the same way.


    • Two geothermal power plant projects of 7.5 MWe to transform geothermal heat into power.
    • One biomass project of 1MWe for a glass factory. 

      Latin America

    • Three biomass projects of 3 MWe to be closed in 2017.


    • One project for a 3 MWe biomass power plant with a second thermal oil loop, in order to maximise the boiler efficiency.

    • One geothermal power plant project application, including the finalisation of an order for a 5MWe.


    After 5 years of Research and Development, that allowed us to get several patents, we came up with very cost optimized and high level conception solutions. 

    We have 3 strong competitive avantages :

    - We propose complete turnkey solutions, in addition to the sales of our Equipment alone.

    - We propose our standard high temperature ORC modules in containers. This brings easier transportation (ISO standard containers), easier and faster on site installation (everything is pre-piped and pre-connected), and finally, this avoids heavy civil works (only some concrete plots are needed to put the containers on).

    - We propose also complete financed solutions, where the end-user does not need to invest. This is our "Zero Capex-Opex solution". In this case, we work through a SPV with a PPA.

    Aqylon offers two business models. Customers may inverst through the usual purchasing process. For customers not willing or able to invest, we have a "ZERO CAPEX-OPEX solution" with fully financed turnkey solutions in exchange for the sale of the produced electricity. The electricity produced by our ORC is sold at a price below the grid electricity price or production costs (PPA - Power Purchase Agreement)

    Turbine video:

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    Sales and Marketing Director Antonio MENDES NAZARE


  • ATM-1000H / ATM-3000H / ATM-5000H
    ORC Modules are available for solutions up to 15MWe....

  • AQYLON designs, manufactures sells and installs complete Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) solutions for the production of electricity from heat sources.
    AQYLON proposes standard ORC solutions for applications up to 15MWe for two main applications, with or without a cogeneration system :
    o Energy Efficiency
    • Recovery of industrial waste heat (cement, glass and steel factories)

    • Recovery of engines waste heat  (diesel and gas/biogas engines)

    o Renewable Energy
    • Biomass
    • Geothermal
    • Solar thermal

    Operational temperature range starts at 85°C
    Low temperature ORC cycle (<200°C and up to 14% efficiency)
    High  temperature ORC cycle (> 200°C and up to 24% efficiency)

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