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Welcome to JET- The Global Leader in Air Pollution Control!

JET is a global leader in air pollution control which provides integrated engineering, construction and operation solutions for SOx treatment for flue / tail gas using ammonia as absorbent.

SO2 emission< 35 mg/Nm3

Lower OPEX

Smaller Footprint

By-product being ammonium sulfate fertilizer

Zero waste generation

Brands: SO2 emission< 35 mg/Nm3 OPEX only 50% of that of limestone-gypsum process By-product being ammonium sulfate fertilizer Zero waste water, solid waste, CO2 discharge 100+ projects with 300+installations


  • Efficient Ammonia Desulfurization (EADS)
    SO2 emission< 35 mg/Nm3
    OPEX only 50% of that of limestone-gypsum process
    By-product being ammonium sulfate fertilizer
    Zero waste water, solid waste, CO2 discharge
    100+ projects with 300+ installations...

  • The integrated Ultra-clean Desulfurization and Particulate Removal Absorber is the core patented equipment of JET's  desulfurization system. It integrates the functions of flue gas absorption, oxidation, concentration and crystallization, demisting and fine particulate removal. The in-site saturation crystallization utilizes the heat from the flue gas to concentrate and crystallization ammonium sulfate, which significantly reduces the energy consumption of the system.

    Technical advantages:

    Rich engineering experience and excellent performance

    Customized technical solutions

    Waste ammonia recycling technology

    Integrated desulfurization and denitrification technology

    PM emissions ≤ 5mg/Nm3
    SO2 emissions≤ 35mg/Nm3
    Ammonia recovery≥ 99%
    For mist droplets≥ 1μm, the removal efficiency is over 98%...

  • JET's ultrasound-enhanced desulfurization and particulate removal technology is capable of controlling SO2 concentration in the treated gas to be lower than 35 mg/Nm3 and PM lower than 5 mg/Nm3. It has been proven to be an effective approach to achieve ultra-low emissions.

    Technical Advantages:

    A small footprint, integrated with the absorption system
    A simple process flow, installed within the FGD absorber
    High reliability, less maintenance work
    30%-40% less capital cost
    50% less capital cost, approximately 50% less power consumption
    No extra process waster cost, no waste water disposal

  • De-NOx technology
    SCR: Denitrification efficiency: 70-95%, Ammonia slip ≤ 3 ppm
    SNCR: Denitrification efficiency: 40-65%, Ammonia slip ≤ 10 ppm

  • JET offers SCR, SNCR and low-NOx combustion technologies for NOx control. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, we can also provide integrated SCR+SNCR technology which has an excellent cost-performance ratio.

    JET's SCR technology guarantees less than 1% SO2/SO3 conversion, less than 800 Pa system pressure drop and over 98% equipment utilization.

    JET's SNCR technology guarantees less than 0.5% boiler efficiency reduction and over 98% equipment utilization. The overall NOx removal efficiency is improved through optimization of the flow field design. The quantity and position of the ammonia injectors are optimally configured, and the ammonia injection quantities and concentrations are precisely controlled by the in-situ ammonia dilution system. This guarantees a high ammonia utilization and low ammonia slip without affecting the NOx removal efficiency.

    Depending on the unique design criteria for each project, SCR-only, SNCR-only or the integrated SNCR+SCR process can be selected to meet specific denitification requirements, which provide our clients with the best denitrification solutions.

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