Chris Greco

Chief Executive Officer


In business, as in life, one thing is certain: most of us will face adversity. In both situations, having a solid support system is crucial to not just dealing with challenges, whether professional or personal, but coming out stronger on the other end.

All across this great country of ours, independent grocers are competing with big box stores like Walmart, Aldi, Dollar to keep and attract customers while embracing technology that will make their stores more efficient. At Storewise, we make independent grocers better by automating manual tasks and catching errors, before they even happen, thereby generating a 1% increase in profits and a 4x ROI within weeks after implementation. This results in these hard working owners and employees protecting profits, gaining back time and making labor more efficient. 99.9% of grocers who try Storewise, stick with Storewise.

Christopher Greco’s career is best summarized by having the privilege to build `high-performing teams under budget, turning around corporate departments and small businesses, and being an integral part of a leadership team that scaled a start-up to a $220M exit.

Christopher has always brought an entrepreneurial mindset to every organization he’s led because he knows how to deal with obstacles and setbacks, helping people reach their full potential. A husband, father, CEO, and author of “8 Steps to Overcoming Everyday Adversity, Christopher loves to spend time with his family and resides in Overland Park, KS.


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