Nakul Patel

Mt Plymouth IGA Fresh Market


Nakul Patel owns and operates Sorrento, Florida-based Mt. Plymouth IGA with his wife Nisha. First generation independent IGA owners with modern and progressive take on grocery retail, Nakul and Nisha are highly involved in the day-to-operation of their 8,400 square-foot IGA and are always looking for next big thing to improve shoppers’ experiences in their store.

Nakul, who was born in Uganda, East Africa, has lived in India, Nigeria, the UK, and for the last 24 years, in the U.S. After completing high school, Nakul went straight into retail, owning and operating a liquor business for the next 13 years. In 1997 he moved his family to the U.S. and purchased a small, run down family-owned grocery store that would become Mt. Plymouth IGA. Over the last 18 years, Nakul has grown his IGA grocery store into a modern, thriving business employing 45 people. It has become a one-stop grocery destination in the heart of the small, upcoming community of Sorrento.

Nakul loves to meet with his peers and learn and share ideas to improve his skills in the grocery business, which, as the owner and operator of an independent grocery store, range from management and team building to marketing and store operations, and everything in between. In his spare time—which is few and far between—he loves spending time with his family, traveling, playing golf and “practicing” to be a red wine connoisseur.


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